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Chapter 16

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frank meets up with his old friends. another short one sorry guys

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“Hey Bob.” I call as I met him in the little coffee shop on the corner. I took a seat on the large table and wait for the others. There would be five of us today, Frank was back. I knew things were ok now because he had been here for a while now and the only incident was ages ago. But I was still worried what the kid I used to know would be like now.

“Dude,” Bob said. “here they come.

“Hey, Guys. Over here.”I waved to them.

“Ohmygod!” Frank exclaimed when he saw us and ran over. “Ray! It's been forever!” he hugged me, I forgot how short he was. “Bob, man your looking good.” He hugged him too.

“So, you remember us?” I chuckled.

“How couldn’t I? Remember that time we went to New York and you tee-peed the whole fuckin city from our window?” he asked Bob whose reply was lots of laughter.

We spent the day like that, just remembering all the fun and crazy times we had when we were younger.

Frank POV

“You remember us then?” Ray chuckled to me.

“How couldn’t I? Remember that time we went to New York and you tee-peed the whole fuckin city from our window?” I asked Bob. He just laughed and nodded his head.

“Wasn’t that one of the times that Mikey stuck a fork in the toaster?” Bob asked and we all turned to my boyfriend’s brother.

“It was burning and the toaster was weird!” Mikey tried to defend himself.

“Whatever, remember when Bob somehow dropped his drum on my head?” Ray asked.

“Dude, you got concussion.” Gee said giggling

“And when Frank used to beat you up with his guitar.” Mikey added.

“Yea, that's when you figured out not to give me skittles.” I giggled and subconsciously took Gerard's hand in mine.

“So you guys are back together now?” Bob asked us.

“Yes.” We both said at the same time.

“Awesome, just remember how fragile you both are.” Ray gave us both warning glances and just daring us to break each others hearts. I then remembered how before, when I was with Emma, my heart still didn’t feel complete. Now it was almost as if I had been here the whole time. It was the best relationship I had ever had. I didn’t have to go through the awkwardness of boundries or getting to know each other better. I already knew Gee better than the back of my hand. I knew that I could get away with murder but not to ask about family issues, Mikey was the one to ask those questions. Also, I knew how to cheer him up, how to avoid grumpiness and what would make him unhappy.

And he knew me just as well. He knew he would also get away with murder, and I was fine with family affairs. The only subject off limits to him was most past relationships. It was only because I wanted to forget them myself and explaining to someone else would not help me.

“I think someone stayed up past their bed time.” Mikey chuckled quietly, swapping his poker face for a smile showing all teeth for a moment as I yawned widely.

“I think we’d better go home Frankie.” Gee said in my ear. “Are you gonna come back with us?” he asked his brother.

“Nah, I’ll see you later though.” He replied.

“Ok, see you guys some time.” Gerard said.

“Bye guys.” I mumbled hugging all three before saying “It was nice catching up.

When we got back to our house, Gee carried me up the stairs to our room and laid me on the bed. We lay there holding hands and our legs intertwined, just inhaling each others beautiful scents. That's all I remember of the night before I fell asleep.
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