Review for And Here We Go Again!

And Here We Go Again!

(#) lolhai 2011-06-25

You probably don't need this yet but you told me to do this for every other chapter so THERE.

-Killjoy Name- Tarnished Fire
-Real Name- Fredrick Sprink (male)
-Background- He became a Killjoy because his much admired older brother became one shortly after BL/ind rose into power, unfortunately his brother died when they rammed their car into a Drac on a motorcycle, but in his mind his brother is still alive and with him
-Appearance and Clothing (includes your ray gun and mask) He's about 6'0, with pale skin and dark brown hair. The left side of his face was horribly burned during the accident that killed his brother, so he always wears his mask or puts his hair over that side of his face. His eyes are amethyst purple. He wears a faded green t-shirt with a dinosaur on it, red trousers, and usually thin fingerless gloves. His mask is a dark dark red gasmask with spikes on it. His gun is green with purple dots, shoots purple
-Likes- He LOVES animals, the night sky, and his brother
-Dislikes- Animal cruelty, homophobia, meat
-Pluses (Anything good about your character) He's very smart and often serves as the voice of reason
-Minuses (Opposite of pluses, obviously) He's the kind of person that the rest of the group needs to look after constantly, gets sick often
-Anything extra (this may be a car or a pet, or whatever you deem worthy of this catagory) He frequently has hallucinations of his brother and "talks" to him often

-Killjoy Name- Falling Storm
-Real Name- George Sprink
-Background- Killed when he rammed his car into a Drac on a bike
-Appearance and Clothing (includes your ray gun and mask) He wore baggy black jeans with knee high riding boots with a red t-shirt with the Nike swoop on it, had dark brown hair and bluish-purple eyes, about 6'2. His gun was purple with green spots, shot green
-Likes- Reckless driving, smoking, loud music, his brother
-Dislikes- BL/Ind, running out of gas/smokes
-Pluses (Anything good about your character) He was a really friendly guy despite his tough exterior, always looked after Tarnished
-Minuses (Opposite of pluses, obviously) Could be an asshole if he got irritated, had anger issues
-Anything extra (this may be a car or a pet, or whatever you deem worthy of this catagory) He was about two and a half years older than his brother when he died.

So there ya go xD If you want me to stop this than say so xD