Review for But Would Anyone Notice

But Would Anyone Notice

(#) andreajp 2011-06-25

Yay I made Ray a creeper! Sorry I didn't read this until, I think you got me sick from over the pond, I have tonsilitis....oh joy! I just think it's funny how my brother who is a giant is Frank's brother lol. He probably would even come up to his chest. I kinda want to see that in real life lol

Author's response

i love short people (seriously i have 2 bestfriends and they are 4`10ish and 5` and they complain but i think its really cute yeah, i like frank partly for that reason) and i love it when they are next to tall people (always wanted to see frank and andy sixx back to back xD) yeah, im actually fine now it was hayfever related and the rain is back to its usual constant-ness so im not ill