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its time for the amazing ray and his fro to apperar now XD

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ok, so i am ill and i had the day off school but i slept till about 1pm and it took me a while to acctually get up but here you go, another chapter xD
btw im sorry for not updating sooner it seems i get distracted by other peoples stories

Frank POV
“Frank?” I hear my mother in the back room.
“Yeah, it's me.” I reply. “I was at Gerard’s.” I go up to my room to put Pansy away.
“Someone called for you.” Mum said.
“Who was it?”
“I don't know. He said you should remember him, although he sounded quite drunk.”
“Oh, shit. What's the date?”
“17th of June, why?”
I left her wondering as I ran up to my room again, just to check he hadn’t been there again this year. I searched my room for something missing or moved or that I hadn’t put there, but all I could see was a pile of clean clothes my mum had left me.
Suddenly my phone rang. Shit. How did he find my new number? He must have been stalking me again.
I picked up my phone and saw who it was.
“Thank fuck it's you.” I say answering it.
“Hello to you too Frank.” Charlie replied.
“Sorry, I just thought you were someone else.”
“Oh, ok.”
“So what's up?”
“I don't know, the sky?”
“Funny, how’s it going with your mums job?” I didn’t know what to say but I really needed to talk to her.
“Well, I found out she's a PA for a producer. I thought when I can actually play for you, we could maybe get signed by his company.”
“Let's ask the others tomorrow.” I smiled at the thought.
“So who did you think I was?”
“Oh, um, well. My ex.” I stuttered.
“Why would I be your ex?” She asked.
“I broke up with him two years ago, he did this last year. He was wasted for about a week and called me 24/7 and he would come to my house and he even stole some of the band’s songs. It really creeps me out.” I felt myself getting more and more paranoid. I went to check my window was shut properly.
“So he came to your house, snuck into your room and stole your stuff?”
“Yeah, it really freaks me out. He rang earlier but my mum didn’t recognise or she's forgotten about last year already and Matt is working.” I was now shaking, looking around for any sign that he was here or had been here.
“Look, as long as your doors and windows are shut, you’ll be fine. Oh, and don't go watching any scary movies, you’ll scare yourself shitless.” She laughed
“Thanks for that amazing advice.”
“Sorry, who is this guy anyway?” She sobered up.
“Ray Toro. He’s about 6’1 brown eyes and an unmissable afro. He used to be a great guy.” I remembered back just over two years ago, I had only just come out and most girls in the area were disgusted and treated me like shit and he had been there for me when I needed him.
“Why did you break up?”
“He was too clingy. I couldn’t do anything without him, not even go for a shit. He was obsessed.” I felt my voice border on the edge of hysteria.
“Do you want to stay at mine tonight Frankie?” She asked sincerely.
“I would, but I can't leave my mum, not with Matt at work.”
“She can stay too, we have enough room.”
“Ok, I’ll go ask. I'll call back in a bit.”
“Ok, bye.”
When I hung up I went to ask my mum.
“Um, mum,” I started. “do you remember last year?”
“What about it?”
“When my ex broke in and stole some of my stuff?” I was serious.
“Oh, yes, why?” she looked worried, I was always so happy around her.
“I'm scared he’s gonna do it again. That was who called earlier and I've already got a load of texts from him and I just spoke to Charlie and she said we could stay at hers tonight because I'm really scared for us.” I sat down on one of the armchairs in our living room.
“If it makes you happy, then I guess we could.” She replied with a false smile.
An hour and a phone call later I was driving up Charlie’s long winding driveway. She had given me directions and I found it easily enough. The trees on each side of the narrow road reached up high, creating a green leafy tunnel for us to travel safely through.
When we arrived my mum went to get the bags and I knocked on the door.
“Hello?” A woman, who I assumed was Ms Harries, answered.
“Ms Harries?” I asked and when she nodded I added “I’m Frank. Charlie invited me over.”
“Oh, of course you are, Charlie has told me so much about you.” She pulled me into a big hug. “Please, call me Jane. And is this your mom?” she motioned to mum carrying our rucksacks from my car.
“Jenny Iero.” She said passing me my bag and then holding out her hand.
“Frank.” Charlie chirped happily, appearing from a room down the hallway. “Come on in.” She ran over and, for the second time in two minutes, I was pulled into a hug.
“Thanks for this.” I quickly kissed her on the cheek while my mum was distracted. She didn’t know that I was with Charlie yet. She would probably freak because that last person I went out with was currently stalking me.
“I'll show you your room.” She pulled my up the stairs. That was when I realised just how bug her house was. There was a basement, the ground floor, ion the first floor was her mums room, the room my mum would be staying in, a massive white bathroom and a soon-to-be-office. The second floor had Charlie’s room, two guest rooms a bathroom and a games room.
“You can have this one.” She took me into a room with a single bed with blue sheets, a plain closet and a large window looking over some fields. The carpet was a soft cream colour and the walls were painted my favourite colour, mauve.
“Wow, I love it.” I say.
“Just come into my room when you’re done settling.” She left me in the cosy room.
A few minutes later I walked into her room. It had a red carpet and bed sheets on the bed, the walls were black, but I could barely see them because of all the posters. There were three Black Veil Brides, two Green Day, two Paramore, a Dave Grohl and some other smaller ones from Kerrang! Her stack of CDs were next to a TV along with a few DVDs. There was also a big box that looked to have even more CDs in it.
She showed me the rest of the house, there were often random boxes in room that hadn’t yet been unpacked but they were mostly in her basement with her drum kit. We then went into the games room. There was just about every games console you could want, and god knows how many games to go with them all.
“I bet I could beat your ass on Black Ops.” She smiled picking up a controller.
“You’re on.” I replied picking up my own.
We played until Matt arrived at about 11 o’clock. She was right, she had kicked my ass. Once Matt had made himself at home in his room, we sat down and watched my favourite movie. Nightmare Before Christmas.
After that, we all went to bed. I liked Charlie's house, I felt happy and safe here.

so now you have met this Ray, i told you AJ, its all your fault!!!
like i said im ill but im not gonna get another day off because its just headaches and my mum thinks im faking it
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