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Stranger At The Door

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just a quicky

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just wrote this quickly, i will post a proper chapter later tonight.

Charlie POV
Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep.
The bell rang out on Friday afternoon, signalling the end of the week. I had been surprised at how much I liked school. I guess it was down to the five people I had met. Oh yeah, yesterday I met Colt. He was a nice guy. He had long, shaggy, platinum hair. He was almost as pale as Gerard but he was taller and lankier. His eyes were an icy blue and he always wore a smile that showed his cute crooked teeth. He had a weird obsession with some flower. I also found out he was with Jaz.
“Come on guys.” I call looking for my mum. I had arranged for them all to stay at mine, even though Frank and his family were still there. Our mums were going back to his tonight with his brother.
“Hi mum.” I chirped.
“You realise it’s only a five seat car?” She looked at the six of us.
We managed it. Geared was in the front seat next to my mum. Frank sat on the left of the back seat with me snuggling into him on his lap. Colt and Jaz were a similar picture on the other side with Martha in between us.
When we pulled up, I noticed something by the front door. I quickly walked over with Frank at my side. I realised it wasn’t something, but someone.
“Can I help you?” I asked the curled up person. All I could tell at this angle was they had shiny black hair.

oohh i left you on a cliff hanger there xD
R&R and i will update asap xXx
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