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Truth Or Dare?

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we meet the mysterious man at the door, martha strips and they all eat pizza xD

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so i got this written at my nans house while we ate tea

Andy POV
I walk up to the big house. My mum had sent me around to welcome our new neighbours. I brought a basket with stuff like cookies, homemade bread, and flowers. I thought it was cheesy, but she said it was the best way to welcome our only neighbours. Our houses were only ones close enough to walk to. There was a field between them but it was only small and there was a path along one side.
After knocking on the door a few times, I decided they were not in. I guess it was still school time, I wasn’t used to it because I had left what felt like an eternity ago. I had always known what I wanted to be. I wanted to be in a band. My teachers always said “It doesn’t work like that, you need a real job!” but I proved them wrong. Ok, I wasn’t exactly famous, but I had a band and I would be.
I settled down next to the door and waited for their return. I took out my notepad and started writing. I often wrote, if I felt sad, or happy, or anything really. I guess I like writing. I was bent over my notepad, exposing only my leather pants and a white tee.
“Can I help you?” I heard a sweet voice chime from above me. I look up to see a beautiful girl with long black hair that fell smoothly past her shoulders. her eyes were a beautiful sparkling blue, like a bubbling, sparkling mountain stream. She was wearing dark grey, slightly worn, skinnies, an American flag t-shirt and red converse. I looked to her side to see a short boy dressed in skinnies, misfits shirt and vans. He had a flattened Mohawk dyed black and straightened in front of his eyes. He also had red eyeliner that was slightly smudged.
“Hi,” I smiled, standing up. The boy was really short, the girl was about 5`7 which would make him about 5`4. “I’m Andy Biersack.” I extended my hand.
“Charlie Harries.” She smiled and took my hand in hers. She was very pretty, although I caught a glance of some pink scars.
“This is my boyfriend, Frank.” she turned to the short boy and I shook his hand too.
“Nice to meet you.” I smiled as the rest of the group arrived.
“Mum, this is Andy.” Charlie explained awkwardly. I realised I was gawping at one of her friends with red hair.
“Hello dear.” Mrs Harries addressed me.
“Hi, I'm your neighbour. My mum sent me with this.” I produced the strange basket.
“Oh, thank you honey. Do you want to come in?”
“Thank you,” I replied.

Martha POV
He was gorgeous. His leather pants were tight against his long legs, his white top was fitted perfectly. His hair was shiny black and fluffed up to frame his face beautifully. He had gorgeous blue eyes that I could get lost in forever, they were framed with thick black liquid eyeliner.
He ended up staying the night with us.
“So,” I was sitting on the floor next to Andy in Charlie’s games room. “how old are you?”
“Nineteen, you?” he replied in the voice of a god. It was deep and sexy, but also soothing.
“Seventeen.” We all replied except from Gerard who replied with “Eighteen.”
“Cool.” He smiled.
The four love birds were on the sofa. My twin was practically all over Colt. The seat was reclined and they had their legs enter-twined. Frank and Charlie were in a similar position and Frank was playing with her hair.
We were watching Gerard and Andy get owned by Charlie at COD. I think Jaz had fallen asleep and Colt was watching her lovingly.
“Are you hungry?”Charlie asked sitting up. “My mum made pizza.”
“Sure, I’ll help you.” Frank followed her out of the room.

Charlie POV
“Mum?” I called out to the empty first floor. No answer. I repeat it again on the ground floor.
“I guess they’ve left.” Frank smiled from my side, clasping my hand. “You ok?”
“Yeah, it's just, I'm going to sound so stupid. I'm kinda scared of the dark.” I smile warily.
“It's ok. I’ll keep you safe.” Frank kissed me quickly before we went to my kitchen, flicking on lights as we went. “There, you're safe from the dark, it's not going to hurt you now.” He giggled, pulling me closer.
“I'm not scared of the dark, just what could be hiding in it.” I shy into his shoulder.
“C’mon, let's get the food.” He pulled me to the oven where the pizzas were waiting. Two cheese and tomato, two pepperoni, and two barbeque chicken.
We shared the cheese ones between me, Frank and Andy as we were vegitarians. The other pizzas were demolished between the other four.
“Let's play spin the bottle.” Andy suggested.
“Ok, here.” Gerard placed a bottle in the middle of the room that we then formed a circle around. Frank was on my left, Gerard next to him then Colt and Jaz, to my right was Andy, then Martha.
“You go first.” I said to Andy as it was his idea. It landed on me. Great. “Truth or dare.” He asked me mischievously, hoping that I would pick dare.
“Aww, ok.” He paused to think.
“Ok, are you a virgin?”
“Yes.” I say, it wasn’t a big deal. Being the outcast I always had been, Frank was my first boyfriend.
“Reall? A pretty girl like yourself? I could change that for you.” He smiled seductively at me before looking past me and bursting out laughing. “Sorry Frank. you should see your face.”
“Don't worry baby, I would have said no.” I kissed him quickly.
I spun next and it landed on Gerard. “Dare.” He said before I could ask
“Make out with Andy.” I wanted to get my own back on him for that.
Gerard threw himself across the circle and sat on top of Andy. He crushed their lips together forcing Andy back on the floor. It was quite funny because Gerard was only my height and Andy was at least 6 foot and he was completely helpless.
“Ok Gerard.” I say gasping for breath in my fit of hysteria. “I think that's enough guys.”
Gerard whispered loudly to him “Call me.” Making a phone signal with his hand.
The only other memorable thing was Andy daring Martha to go to his house and ask to borrow some toilet paper ... in her underwear.
“There, you fucking happy?” She asked holding up the roll of white paper, still in her underwear.
“Very.” He wiggled his eyebrows.
“Mar, put your clothes back on before Andy jizzes all over the place.” Jaz said from beside Colt.
We decided to watch a film and we all settled back down. Me, Frank, Colt and Jaz resumed our previous positions on the sofa. Gee was lounging across one of the beanbags and Martha and Andy were couched up in the armchair.
That’s where we all fell asleep for the night.

yeah, thats andy from black veil brides btw i have recently developed an obsession with them xD
what did you think? hope you liked it and i kinda feel sorry for gee in this chapter, he's (bursts into song)all by his-seeeeelf
R&R please xXx
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