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Morning Gee

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i re did the chapter because it kept getting deleted

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its short again because i really wanted to put this in my story but it just sort of develops the characters more etc

Frank POV
“Frank.” I heard someone whisper. “Frank, are you awake?”
“Mmm,” I mumble opening my eyes to see Charlie smiling at me. She was wearing the same dark grey skinnies and American flag t-shirt she was wearing yesterday
“I have an idea.” She gave me a mischievous grin.
“Go on.” I smile back only to be pulled up onto my feet.
“I’ll explain in my room.” We creep into her room so not to wake anyone.
“Ok, explain.” I say once we are sitting on her bed.
“Mum bought me some face paint when I was younger and I was thinking since they’re asleep-” she left the sentence unfinished but I knew what she was thinking.
“Yes, but do you have a permanent marker?” I giggle.
“I'm not getting involved with this, but please don't use it on Andy, I have my own plan for him.” She handed me a dark blue pen.
“Fine, but Gerard’s mine.”
An hour later we had finished the `makeovers` for the five sleeping friends and started on each other. I drew a yellow star on one of Charlie’s cheeks, a red heart on the other and `I < 3 U` on her forehead in purple.
I looked in the mirror to see she had made my face resemble that of a tigers. She was so goddamned artistic. I looked around the room. Colt had bright red lips, pink cheeks and blue eyelids courtesy of me. I had also drawn on Jaz’s face, just a massive dick. Martha looked more like a zombie than a teenager and Andy had black painted around his eyes in a feathery pattern, tears and a scar on the right side of his face that curved upwards from the corner of his mouth.
My personal favourite was Gerard. It was simply paedo written across his forehead, but it was in permanent marker. Only I had spelt it `peedo`.
“You’re dead when he wakes up.” Charlie says to me.
“Yup, let's go eat.” As I say this, my stomach growls sounding as my face looks.
After another half hour, we were In the living room on the ground floor watching `Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow`. (A/N I know it's not on anymore, but I fucking loved that show I used to get up at half eight every Saturday to watch it!)
“I fuckin’ love this song. I don't care how childish it is.” I grinned as someone walked away with a massive sticker of Dom’s face on his chest and didn’t even realise.
Even when the show was finished the others were still asleep. I was curled up on the sofa with Charlie leaning on me. I didn’t think anything could ruin the moment until-
“Frank I'm gonna kill you.” Martha screamed from upstairs.
“I'm gonna drop you in it because she’s less likely to punch you.” I told Charlie with a kiss on the nose.
“Frank.” the four people in the doorway glared at me then burst out laughing when I turned to them.
“You painted your own face?” Jaz asked us through the hysteria.
“My artistic abilities apply only to yours, Colt’s, Charlie’s and Gerard's face. Speaking of the devil, where is he?” of course, he was still asleep so I waited patiently for him to come down.
“I just love your make up.”Andy giggled to Colt. “Actually, I quite like mine, what inspired you?” he asked Charlie.
“Well, you like Kiss and your hair looks like feathers.”
At about lunch time Gerard strolled down the stairs and into the room.
“Guys, have you looked in a mirror?” he chuckled to himself. We just simply laughed at how oblivious he was.
“Go take a look at yourself.” Andy replied.
When Gee came back from the bathroom he simply glared at me.
“Does anyone watch `Russell Howards Good News`?” I ask randomly, I knew Gee did.
“It’s hilarious!” Andy shouted across the room.
“Have you seen the one when he says about falling asleep on the train and his friends had written across his face?”
With that we all cracked up, except from Gee who was always grumpy in the mornings before coffee.
“Aww, I'm sorry Gee, here you go.” I handed him a mug of the steamy hot liquid and offered him a seat.

ok, so it took me a while and thank you andreajp for telling me what wass wrong and i hope i havent written thisjust for it to get deleted again.
now youve actually been able to read it please R&R xXx
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