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its set about a month later

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hey guys i got this chapter done pretty fast which is why its short but the next chapter will hopefully be longer

Charlie POV
`Wow` I thought to myself. `What a month`.
First the move! I was so worried about school. Then on my first day I had managed to get sent to the headmasters office after punching someone in the face. Which reminds me, he should be back in school soon. In my first week, I had managed to get my first boyfriend who Is absolutely amazing. Next I find out his ex was a crazy stalker so he lived at my house for a week. Gerard still had that marker on his face.
My thoughts were interrupted by my door bell. I get up to answer it.
“Hey Andy. Come on in.” I say to the tall man. “What’s up?”
“Not much, mum’s gone out and I got bored.” He replied. We practically shared each other’s houses, one good thing about having only one neighbour.
“Fair enough.”
“Do you know what’s up with Mar?” He asked with a concerned look .
“No, why?”
“She’s not answering me calls or replying to my texts.” He pulled out his phone to prove his point.
“I’ll send Jaz a text in a minute. Do you want a coffee?”
“Sure, thanks.” He leaned back in the chair to watch TV.
Just as I was pouring the coffee, the door bell rang. Andy got up to answer it.
“Hello?” I heard him say faintly (The house is very big remember.) followed by a voice I didn’t recognise.
I picked up the two mugs and brought them into the living room. I then went to see who was at the door.
“I'm sorry sir, Ms harries is at work.” Andy said to the man who was onlt a little shorter than him, but he had a rather impressive afro that made up the difference.
“Can I help?” I offer.
“YOU!” the man yelled at me. “You’re the reason he left me. You're the reason I'm gonna die alone.” With that, fro man ran off.
“Umm, nice meeting you?” I say confused as hell.
“Do you know him?” Andy asked me with a bewildered expression.
“Never met him before, kinda creepy though.” I say and we go back to doing what teenagers do best – nothing.
“Hello?” I answer my phone a short while after.
“Hey, it's Frank.” He replied bluntly.
“Oh, hi honey, wha-”
“Has Ray been to your house or something?”
“Who? Oh, God that was him!” I suddenly realised the creep at my door was my boyfriends ex/stalker
“Andy’s there too right? Put me on speaker.” Frankie instructed.
“Andy, come here.” I said putting the phone down. “Go ahead Frank.”
“Andy,” he started dryly.
“Yes, what's going on?” Andy replied.
“you need to take care of Charlie, at least until I get there. Lock all your windows and doors then check he’s not already in there.” Frank was breathing like he was in a marathon.
“Ok, but who’s `he` and why?”
“Charlie will explain. I'm running over, mum took the car today.” Frank explained before saying a quick good bye and hanging up.
“Come on.” I say going to check the front door was locked securely. We did as Frank told us but we also picked up everything that could be used as a weapon in case such a thing would matter. We then waited in the kitchen and I explained everything to Andy.

ok so i still have the problem mentioned pervious and my cousin was a dead end and only managed to say `awww` because she thinks im too innocent

anyway R&R telling me what colour shirt your wearing? (idk i watch tobuscus too much)

thank you all my lovely readers xD
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