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Getting Away With Murder

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the title doesnt have much to do with the story, i was just listening to papa roach when i typed this up xD

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i always feel i shoud say something at the start of each chapter, dunno why its just a little ocd thing i have

Frank POV
The sound of my phone vibrating on my desk woke me up. I was about to go back and read the text later when it continued to make the annoying sound, meaning someone was calling me.
“Hello?” I say groggily.
“Hello sweetie, guess who I just had the pleasure of meeting.” The calm, threatening voice startled me. I had expected it to be Charlie asking if I wanted to go out or something. “That’s right, your girlfriend. Bt, oh no!- she was with some other guy and I know she has no relatives around here at the moment. He’s been there a lot this month, yep I've done some detective work.” The man continued. “The other kid, pretty. I wouldn’t want you to find out your girlfriend’s a whore the hard way, would I?”
“H-how d-did you ge-get m-m my number?” I stammer eventually.
“Oh, that’s none of your business. Let's just say one of your friends has a few missed calls and texts to reply to. Back to the matter at hand. Are you gonna come crawling back to me now you know that slut is with some tall, blue eyed stupid haired guy?” The voice now sounded slightly agitated.
“Like you could talk. Just remember that restraining order.” I spit pulling some clothes on quickly.
“Well, I got me some shit to sort out so I guess we’ll talk later baby.” He said it like it was the most normal thing ever, like he had said it every day of his life.
I immediately call Charlie and after telling her and Andy (who was obviously the guy with stupid hair) I told them to lock their doors and windows. I left my house at lightning speed. My mum had taken the car so I ran. If it had been for any other reason, I would have stopped after five seconds, but what had been said sounded threatening and I was not going to let him ruin yet another relationship.
When I arrived, I didn’t notice anything unusual. The drive was clear, the sheep in the field were calm (A/N it's set in Wales-more importantly the area I live in and it seems we can't raise any other animal here) and the door was locked. I fish out my phone and call Charlie.
“Frank! are you ok?” she said panicedly.
“I'm fine. Is he there? Come open the door for me.” I asked.
“Sure, two seconds.” She said before hanging up.
I stand and wait at the door, I noticed a page of paper fluttering in the breeze under a plant pot.
It read:-
`WATCH UR BACK I ALWAYS GET WAT I WANT` in the scruffy handwriting I knew to belong to a certain Ray Toro. He had been here again.
“Frank! oh, baby are you ok?” Charlie threw her arms around me.
“Get back in the house.” I ordered her, Toro could still be out here.
We sat in the kitchen and I showed them the note.
“We need to call the cops.” Andy said calmly. I crossed the room and picked up the phone. I realised after dialling 999 that the phone was completely dead.
“He’s cut the phone.” I picked up my mobile again and called them that way.
“I need the police. There’s someone stalking me and threatening my friends.” I say calmly, surprising myself.
“Sir, are you safe for the moment?” The woman on the other end of the line asked me.
“Uh, I think so. The doors and windows are locked, but he’s left a note outside threatening my girlfriend.” I explained.
“Ok, sir, I'm sending someone over now.”
“Thank you.”
Less than ten minutes later the doorbell rang and a male voice called out “It’s ok, I'm officer Sean smith and I'm with my partner officer Matthew Gubler. (A/N high-fives to anyone who knows who this is!!!) can you open the door for us please?”
“Sure.” Charlie said with a shaky voice and opened the door to reveal the two men.
The one in front had a slightly angular face, blonde hair and a moustache that made him look a little like an unshaven teenager (A/N yeah, I don't like Sean’s new haircut and facial hair. he looked better before.). The one behind him was pretty cute. He looked a little nerdy with hair long enough to fall into his eyes. And he had a pair of glasses.
When we were all sat down with a coffee I explained the situation.
“So you’re sure it’d this Ray Toro?” Smith asked in a very welsh valley accent.
“He came to the house.” Charlie explained her part of the story with Andys help.
“So when Mr. Biersack spoke to him, he was fine yet when Ms. Harries appeared he changed?” Matt asked thoughtfully, scribbling down notes at a million miles an hour.
“Yes, he got angry, then blamed me for everything.”Charlie continued.
“Ok, well would you mind if we took the letter for evidence?” Smith asked.
“Um, sure. But what am I supposed to do? I have my psychopathic ex threatening my girlfriend.”
“He was your boyfriend?” Matt asked.
“Yeah, why does that make a difference?” I reply.
“Well, you see I'm from a criminal analysis unit. I find out as much as I can to help catch them. It's sort of like a shrink but I don't charge by the hour.” He said matter of fact-ly, still scribbling on a note pad.
After Charlie’s mum got home we went to the police station and they sorted it all out. There was an officer who volunteered to look after us. His name was Jared Letto, and if I wasn’t with Charlie I would be all over him.
We went back to living like we had before. Our mothers and Jared on the first floor and me, Charlie and my brother on the second floor.
The peace only lasted a few hours. By this time it was eleven o’clock and Charlie and I decided to go to bed. Matt followed us shortly. Jared had been napping because he said he would be ready at any point if something were to happen.
I was sitting on Charlie’s bed saying good night when the phone rang. Only a few minutes later Jared come up to fine me and Charlie attached at the lips.
“Kids, down in the kitchen now.” He ordered before running to tell matt the same thing.
“What’s wrong?” I asked when Jared had finished his search of the house.
“That call was from Him.” My mum answered.

there hope it was ok and i have the best plan ever for this now i cant see it changing direction at all from what i have planned
im sorry if it takes me longer to update but im more likely to write the chapter at the moment because im in that kind of mood and you can go read the thing i posted yesterday if you want to know but it dont really matter too much.
then again i could keep up my ocd-ness that i have about posting a chapter before i start writing the next one.

hope you enjoyed it and please R&R

night all xXx
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