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A little something from a cop

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ok so it's Saturday and i only started typing this up today because I'm at my nans house and it's boring as fuck never mind the fact that their coffee supplies consist of this stuff called camp (which tastes worse than horse) or fuckin Tescos value shit which tastes worse than horse SHIT
I haven’t finished writing it yet but I don't have the brain power to finish it tonight and I wanted time to think of what’s gonna happen in what order and how it's gonna happen exactly
Oh I had a really good day today btw I got a free ride from the stables and I basically didn’t have to deal with any of the little kids at all
Ok, my Nan just asked me to fix her computer??? All I know about computers is word, powerpoint, how to use the internet, how to download stuff, how to listen to said downloaded stuff and how to put stuff on my phone
Turns out all she had to do was press the enter button xD
Yeah any way umm I really bored and I probably won't actually post this for a few days but I just feel like I should tell you guys that I do have good days and I'm not a depressed teenager that sits in their room listening to depressive/`rude` (as my Nan calls them) songs
Oh wait I am


Charlie POV
My mum had answered the phone call which was basically a death threat. He told her that we sould `all suffer` for what `that fucking whore` had done to `his man`. I had to admit, I was really scared.
The cops moved us to two houses: the mums in one and Frank, Matt and I in another. They thought our mums would be safer not around us and that I would be safer if I was with Frank because he wouldn’t want to hurt him. Gubler had figured it all out, he was really smart. Altogether there were five cops in our house. Two on `day duty` and three on `night duty`. There were three bed rooms in the house. One for the cops, one for Matt and one for Frank and I. There was always an officer with us, except from using the bathroom . at night there was one outside our room, one outside Matt’s room and one just around.
It wasn’t too bad. The two day officers were Letto and Gubler. They were very friendly and I had a few intellectual (A/N - fuck yeah I can spell that word!) conversations with Matt G. And I don't think anyone would mind living with Jared. Yep that's right we were on first name basis with them. However it is confusing having two Matts in the same house.
“A/N – Matt G is the cop and Matt is franks brother as of now xD)
The others were Smith, Bob Jones and Jessica Davies. Jones was a lot like Smith, they had known each other for ever. He had really short hair, almost none, but he was fn because he would always talk to you.
It was nice having another girl around. Jess became a good friend fast. She had long-ish ginger hair, green eyes and a fairly pale complexion. She didn’t have the same taste in music or clothes as me, but she was so nice and always knew what to say or not to say.
We had been here for three days and, strange as it sounded, I miss school. I miss Gerard's scepticism. I miss Jaz’s hyper rants and our little conversations about horses. I even miss Martha’s obsessive compulsive texting. I miss the way the other kids had smiled at me and thanked me now and again. I missed Andy too. He was like a brother to me, I couldn’t stank it if something happened to him.
“Charlie.” I hear Jess from the other side of mine and franks door. “Can I talk to you?”
“Sure, come in.” I say from the bed I'm lying on with Frank.
She opened the door and said “I meant just you, Charlie.”
“Sure.” I reply before turning to Frank and saying “I’ll be two seconds.” And kissed him quickly on the cheek.
We went down to the kitchen. (it was always full and we didn’t even have to pay for it.)
“What’s up then Jess?” I ask cheerily. I was in a surprisingly good mood, considering the circumstances.
“I’m worried,” she started, staring at the fruit bowl on the table. “about you and Frank.”
“Ohmygod! Is it Him? He’s found out we’re here, hasn’t he?” I panicked
“OH, no. I mean your relationship.” I stared at my new friend not saying so she continued. “You two seem pretty serious. How long have you been together?”
“Uh, about six weeks. Why are you worried exactly?”
“Like I said, you’re serious and I don't want you to feel pressured about-”
“Whoa!” I cut her off. “I’m sorry. It's just, well, I don't think like that. To be honest, Frankie is my first boyfriend. I'm not going to ruin it for sex.”
“Ok, I just wanted to make sure you were being safe.” She assured me.
(A/N I'm watching the Criminal Minds where is crazy and thinks he’s a woman and rapes and murders a load of guys. I mean dark haired Jackson Rathbone and Matt Gubler!!! Freaking jizz everywhere!)
“Ok, ew! But please don't worry. I'm not planning on losing my virginity right now. There are a few more important things on my mind right now.” I couldn’t believe I was saying this, even more so to a cop.
“Ok, just wanted to make sure. Go on, it's late and you should get some sleep.”
When I got back to my room I lay back down next to Frank.
“What was that about then?” he asked.
“Just talking to me about sex. Kinda embarrassing.” I snuggled closer to him.
“Sounds interesting.” He smiled.
“Yeah, absolutely intriguing.” I closed my eyes as he stroked my hair.
“I love you babe.” He said with a smile audible in his voice.
“I love you too hun.” I sigh before drifting into a deep and peaceful sleep. I forgot all about the reason we were here.

ok its sunday not bad im home now so i have decent coffee and im in a good mood xD

i have the best plans for this story and its all written down and by that i mean the massive note boook thaat i write in in has scribbles all around it xD
R&R and i shall update when i can xXx
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