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just a little something and a rant about my nan

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ok so i told you i was at my nans for the weekend bt i went home thismorning and then had to go back tonight for sunday dinner
thismorning my nan had a go at me about my weight and told me to diet yet tnight she loads up my plate with shit she knows i dont like and all i ate was the chicken but my mum gave me a dirty look so i ate the potatoes too
then my nan has a go at me for not eating enough and literally tries to force feed me she was standing behind me holding my chin with one hand and a fork full of food in the other and if it wasnt for my dad she probably would have stabbed me in the face.

also i was watching myv rocks because it was a panic at the dicso thing and the had nanana and i was like yay xD but then my nan comes along and wal all like `this is shit the music is too loud and that girl cant sing and why are there guns you shouldnt be watching this its too violent` and i was like screw you but then there was a foo fighters song a blink 182 song a paramore song and i turned over to kerrang and it was greenday americain idiot and each song my nan picked up something to critisese like `its a bad influence` or `they cant sing` or thats not music its noise` and i was like if i ignore her, maybe she'll dissapear into a blackhole but it didnt happen
sorry i just wanted a rant about how much she annoys me

anyway on a positive note two updates in one day you lucky people xD

Frank POV
“Frank! Frank, here are you?” She yelled from some unknown place.
Then suddenly I heard an ear piercing scream. I look around where I am. I only see the dark cloudy sky and the black rooftop I'm standing on. The cold and bitter wind sends me into fits of shivers.
“Frank! I need you!” I heard Her cry again sounding even more panicked.
I awake to a cold empty bed. The window and curtains are open showing the bright late morning sun.
“Charlie?” I call out softly even though the room is clearly open. So I decide to go downstairs to try to find her there.
“Hi Matt.” I greet the officer outside my room.
“Hello Frank. How are you, did you sleep well?” he replied in his usual formal tone. I don't think he can speak any other way.
“Not too bad. Is Charlie downstairs?”
“Yes. Are you sure? It sounded like you were having a nightmare.” Wow. He really was a profiler.
“Uh, yeah but nothing unusual.”
“Tell me about it. Uh, please?” So I did. I told him it was the third time I’d had that dream this month.
“It sounds like you’re worried about losing someone, probably Charlie considering the circumstances.”
“Uh, yeah, I guess. Thanks.” I say before going downstairs.
“Mornin’ hun.” Charlie says as she jumps up and wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck then she planted a kiss on my lips.
“Hey babe, want some coffee?” I smiled into her neck.
“Sure.” She says and I carry her as I turn to the kettle. She was light enough for even me to carry.

R&R btw next chapter there will be some shit going down, it will be a big part of the story so look forward to it and i will try to make it good xXx
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