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a little bit of squishy stuff then DRAMA!!!!

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heyy guys i am in such a good mood today but i will tell you why at the bottom anyway i kind of wanted to write today when i got home at 8;45 and i did but its a little depresive so yeah i found it a little difficult and it is currently 1;05 am so i guess im talking about yesterday but oh well


Matt POV
AJ was coming to the house. I couldn’t wait to see her again. It took days of begging the cops (four to be exact) and they were probably ready to themselves before finally calling the person in charge of such things. It wasn’t too bad living in a house full of cops, your brother and his girlfriend. Of course, having your girlfriend there would be better. I called her all the time. It's an untraceable number and she couldn’t call me because the cops were worried by the psycho walking tree.
I also called my mum. I was kind of hoping that this would be good for her getting over her alcoholism. The cops said neither house was allowed alcohol.
When I enter the kitchen I `aww` loudly when I see the younger couple. Charlie is sitting on the counter resting her chin on top of franks head. Frank is leaning his on her shoulder with his arms around her waist.
“Hey Matt.” He said to me without even turning around. “Coffee’s ready.”
“Thanks bro.” I say picking up the mug of steamy hot liquid and taking it into the living room to watch some shitty TV.

Charlie POV
“It’s so boring.” I say leaning on Frankie. we are still in the same position as when Matt walked in.
“Yeah, but I rather you be bored than dead.” He said nuzzling my neck.
The phone started ringing. About three seconds later Matt G answered it.
“Must be from mum.” I think a loud. We never got called because except from them no one knew our number. I could hear little snippets of the conversation. “Code brown!” ( I used this because it is my least favourite colour.) and “Jane Harries!” when I heard my mum’s name, I snapped my head up.
“I'm sure it's nothing, babe.” Frank said quietly in my ear. I nodded and turned my face to his and connected our lips in a sweet romantic kiss.
“Charlie!” I hear Matt G shout to me as he ran into the room. “I need to talk to you, come into the living room.” He continued, not at all phased by Frank and I making out.
“Um, sure.” I hopped back down off the counter sliding into Frank’s arms. He was shorter than me, but I weighed less than him so he was able to pick me up.
He squeezed me hand as we walked into the room to sit with the two Matts and Jared.
“Charlie, I'm not sure how to tell you this,” Jared started as I sat down on Franks lap. “so I'm just gonna say it. Toro killed your mum.” He said slowly.
“What? How did-? Why? I don't understand. How is she dead?” I was struggling to create simple sentences.
“they only have three officers there and he knocked one of them out and hung her Jane. I'm sorry for your loss, but we have to concentrate on what we’re going to do now. We know what he’s capable of so we can take extra measures to keep you four safe. Frank, Matt. Your mum is moving house.” I still didn’t comprehend it all. How could my mother be dead? She was all I had left. Where would I go? I didn’t have any family around here and I wasn’t moving back to the US. Not now I had my Frankie.
I sat there for a long time, Matt was asking questions about his mum and Matt G answered him as Jared just sat there listening. Frank was trying to get my attention but I couldn’t do anything right now. Just sit in silence.

ok so what do you think?i had this planned from the start i knew her mum was gonna die but that about all i knew so yeah

any way onto my happieness
not only was it the last day of school for 7 weeks but you know that guy i like but i dont want to ruin our relationship well i was out with him tonight (Or yesterday i guess) i was with other people but the two of us were really hyper and i was chasing butterflies and he was running too and i dont know why but i aint complaining also me an my other friend are very hug-y people and because i dont know when i'll see him next (trust me it wont be long i have a plan in place) i hugged him good bye and with robyn (she's the other friend) he just kinda looked awkward which is understandable because she doesnt usually hug him but then i was like `omg i dont know when i'll see you again give me a hug` and he all but jumped into me and he gives the best hugs ever!!!!! and i was soooooo happy already because i really do like him but yeah i kinda want to tell him but i dont want to freak him out also i may have flashed my tits and/or bra at him. we were trying to make my other friend awkward (its a guy) and he really doesnt like boobs sho me and robyn were like BOOBIES and he tried to run but he ran into a tree
did i mention i ws wearing a really low slutty top that makes my boobs look great? no well i did now and yeah He was looking xD but i just wanted to tell you all how happy i am
i was wondering how scary are the third and fourth resident evils if anyone has watched them i watched the first two with Him and robyn and i was laughing when the guy got cut into loads of pieces with the lazer beams because it looked like playdough and then we both laughed at robyn who was hiding behind a pillow thretenaning that she would throw up all over my huse if she saw it

sorry that was so long but these little (not really) things are good because im telling someone and they cant judge me too much and even if they did it wouldnt matter because im probably never going to meet any of you.

so yeah R&R to let me know what you think of the chapter and if youve seen 3rd and 4th resident evil i dont think they're that scary but i dont watch many horror films...or many films at all really

thank you all for bothering to read these if you do and if you dont thank you for reading the chapter

see y'all later motherfuckers!!!!
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