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Getting Up

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find out how charlie took the death and we also meet the lovely AJ xD

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well here's another chapter. i guess because its the summer hollidays im gonna be pdating a lot more.


Frank POV
Three days after that long conversation with the two cops and Charlie was still not talking. She just lay on our bed, only moving to use the bathroom I managed to get a few words out of her but it just hurt me so much to see her like this. I guess I was kinda glad because I thought she would have gone back to cutting.
“Frank?” I hear Jess in the doorway. I look up from the lyrics I was writing to see her curly red hair and soft, round face that carried a worried expression.
“I’ll come downstairs now.” I say. I take one more painful look at Charlie- her hair is greasy and face tearstained-and gently touch her cheek. “I won't be long babe.” I mumble gently.
We don't go downstairs. Jess stops just down the hall out of earshot of my room. “Can I speak to Charlie?” she asks me.
“Um, sure. Do you want me to go downstairs?” I ask, unsure of why she asked me if she could do something. She was the cop after all. But I say yes mostly because I know char thought of Jess as a mother and she could help her.
“You don't have to. It might be better if you could back me up.” She started walking back to the room. I follow and make my way to lye back on the bed next to my girlfriend.
“Charlie?” Jess started. Probably waiting for her to respond, my guess is it was the opening of her eyes. “I was wondering if you wanted to come get some pizza. We’re all going.” She patted and stroked Charlie’s hair in a soothing way.
“Not hungry.” The reply was in a barely recognisable voice that was cracked, dry and full of nothing. There was no emotion there at all.
“Come on hun, you’ve not eaten in three days. Now as a friend I am using my authority as a cop to tell you ,you are coming with us. We will leave in 20 minutes. Both of you, get ready.” With that she skipped out the room.
5 minutes later I was wearing come clean faded black skinnies, a Green Day tee and my favourite black and white checked scarf. I was applying my eyeliner and checking my hair was going to stay straight.
“Come on babe. I’ll help you through this. You're so strong. I know how you feel. She wasn’t the first person he took. My dad was. That's why my mum turned to alcohol.” I say desperately trying to get her up. Eventually she complied. I take her hand and help her over to the clothes I had taken out for her. I helped her into the red skinnies and a bullet for my valentine tee. She looked better already.
“Now, come and wash your face. I'm sure eyeliner shouldn’t be on your chin.” I took her in my arms and she wrapped her legs loosely around my waist as I carried her to the bathroom.
We were ready in ten minutes. I had straightened her hair for her and lined her eyes with blue that flattered them wonderfully. I was happy to see her out of bed and dressed.
Once downstairs I sat on the sofa next to Jess and Jared pulling Charlie into my lap. She tried to smile but I could tell this wasn’t her idea of fun right now.
Everyone was here. My mum was talking to the three cops that I didn’t know and Bob. Smith and Matt G were nowhere to be seen. Jared had put on a little eyeliner (he never wore a cop uniform for some reason.) and he had on black skinnies and a red and black checked shirt and completed the look with a black hat.
Has was wearing grey skinnies and a white tee that said `ROCK Is Dead! PAPAER Killed It` and a cartoon of paper holding a knife. When Charlie saw it she smiled.
“Nice to see you up.” Jess smiled and hugged her quickly.
“yeah, thanks I guess.” She smiled warily.
A little while later Matt and AJ walked in.
“Hey.” I say hugging Charlie. Close to me.
“Oh, you must be Charlie.” AJ said to her.”Frank’s told me all about you. He is obsessed with you. All I've heard from him is `Charlie this` and `Charlie that`. And did you really put someone I hospital on your first day of school?” AJ dropped down to the floor and sat cross legged on the floor in front of us. Matt laughed and eased down next to her and draped is arm around her waist.
“Really? Aww he’s so sweet. And uh, yeah I punched someone.” Charlie smiled and started to play with my fingers.
“Wow.” AJ said. “so you're gonna be the drummer for the band then?”
“That was the plan, but I haven’t practiced for weeks. It's not like I can just chuck it in a case and carry it down like Frank can. But I've been trying to help with some lyrics.”
I could tell Char and AJ were going to get along well because Charlie was wearing a real smile. She hadn’t smiled in days.

so there we go the last chapter was sad and im not in the mood for that now im too happy xD

and btw andreajp im sorry but i for got that matt ws your brother but i like your character in my other story and i thought i needed someone like that here and i thought matt shouldnt be alone and then half way through this chapter i was like oh shit but oh well its just a story right?

so R&R what you think or somming like that im gonna go do something maybe talk to my rabbit if he dont try to steal my coffee or cookies
oh that repminds me he fuckin bit me yesterday!!! i couldnt belive it he hasnt bitten anyone excpt my brother for 3 years (my brother doesnt understand that pullng their ears hurts them) and then he suddeny turns all nasty on me! i was not impressed

thanks for reading and for all your lovely reviews. they just make my days even better atm and i shall keep you posted about my life because i like having rants to strangers xD

see y'all xXx
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