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Pizza hut xD

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i was writing this down in my notebook just sitting watching kerrang and my nan comes to pick my brother up. dont know why. then she has a go at me because the boots i wear to the stables in the mud and horse shit were dirty and she made me wash them then i had only worn them one day since they had been cleaned i usually bring them home once a month but i forgot to change my shoes yesterday so they were in the hall in a mat so the carpet wouldnt get dirty
then she told my brother (who i swear has ADHD) that he wouldnt be allowed to go with her unless he tidys the front room. i know its his stuff but hes like 7 and its a shit hole and he gets pissy and then all hell breaks lose because i SHOOK MY HEAD
she had a go at me for shaking my head at her because she pissed off my brother
i mean what the fuck?!?!?! am i the onlyone who cares about him? no she just too pissy to give a shit about or household and how what she says and does affects us
now i tidyd my room on friday and not only can i see the fucking floor but i even sorted out my computer desk. it now holds my coppied of kerrang, my hair stuff my deodorant etc stuff i use every day like that my pens and pencils, paper (to draw of course) my note book, my folder my headphones and my phone it is really neat and i was so proud of myself
but of course my nan hasnt seen it because i dont let anyone in my room and she had the nerve to say to me today `why dont you do something useful and tidy your room?` and i was like oh i did that on friday its really clean` and she replies `it cant be it would take more than one day to tidy up that i'll do it for you` and in my head i slaped her and yelled no you fucking wont because you'll throw all my stuff out and lose my cds and put my posters in the bu=in you stay the fuck away! but i just said no i did it its fine and then she told me to dust the house as in go roound the whole house with a can of polish and clean everything i was so fucking pissed that why this chapter was like this it was gonna be different but i got pissed


None of the cops were wearing uniforms. They still had their guns and shiz though.
I met the other three cops two days after I got to this house I was sharing with Matt, Frank and Charlie. I hadn’t seen Charlie yet but I guess I wanted to give her the choice.
“Hi, I'm Billie-Joe Armstrong.” The shortest man introduced himself. “These are my colleagues.” He gestured to the other two sexy men.
“Hey, I'm Gabriel Grey, but you can call me Sylar.” The one with shorter hair and a more angular face introduced himself.
“And I'm Peter Patrelli.” The long haired guy with the rounder face said.
“We’re the ones keeping watch of your mum.” Billie-Joe said to Matt who had one hand wrapped around my waist and shook the officers with his free one.
We were mow on our way to pizza hut in three cars. Jenny and the three new cops were in one car. Charlie and Frank were in another with Bob, Matt G and Smith. Jared and Jess were in the same car as Matt and I. We were gong out because Charlie was, basically, depressed and she wasn’t eating at all. Couldn’t blame her really. Her mum had been hung by her boyfriends psychopathic murdering ex.
When we arrived, we all jumped out and walked inside. It was funny how even in these horrible situation, something positive could happen. It was Jess, I could tell that there was something between her and Jared. Also, she had become a mother-of-sort for Charlie.
We sat down in the biggest area. I was sitting between Matt and Matt G (CONFUSION!!!) and then next to Matt was Frank who sat by Charlie who sat by Jess who sat by Jared. Matt G was sitting by Smith who was sat by Bob who was sat next to BJ who was sat next to Peter who was sat next to jenny who was sat next to Sylar.
“I know it hasn’t been the easiest couple of weeks for you guys.”Jared started.
“So we got you a surprise.” Jess finished smiling and nodded towards the door.
We all turned to see five scruffy dark haired skinny jeaned eyelinered smiling teenagers. I knew Gerard, Jaz, Martha and colt but the really tall one was new to me.
They squeezed in to the booth and we started deciding on what to have. I noticed Gerard wasn’t really looking at the menu, he just stared into space with a strange pedo smile.
A little while later a girl came over. She looked a little younger than me so about 15. She was pretty. She had small features, round light brown eyes lined with black and some green-blue smudged above them. Her hair was bright orange, but not natural ginger and it was nice with lots of short choppy layers.
“Hello, my name’s Hayley and I’ll be your server today. Are you ready to order?” she smiled and held up her notepad and pen. We gave her our orders and then she disappeared to get us our drinks.
I noticed that Gerard followed her with his eyes, still wearing his pedo smile.
We were all happy until I was halfway through eating my third slice of pizza. Jared froze. I looked to see why and realised we would leave soon.
“Just act normal.” BJ said without looking up from his food.
“Have you seen us?” I smiled pointing at me rainbow hair.
“You should know by now, these kids are anything but normal.” Jenny laughed quietly.
We finished quickly and almost left unharmed. But he spotted us on our way out. I saw it. His whole face changed. Then I was on the floor and there was screaming and crying and the cops were barking commands at Toro with their guns pointed at him. I look to my right to see rank bent over Charlie. There was a pool of deep red blood forming around them and their clothes were already soaked in the substance. The both of them were crying. I wasn’t sure who was screaming but my guess was Martha was one of them.
Once the cops had arrested Toro, Matt G was on his radio thing getting an ambulance. Martha saw the red couple on the floor. “”Holy shit! Fuckfuckshit.” She gasped at them. All I could do was sit there and watch it all with Matt holding me and whispering to me that everything would be ok. I didn’t even realise I was crying until he wiped away the tears streaming down my cheeks. My eyes started to sting. I wanted this all to disappear. I couldn’t stand it. I wanted things to go back to how they used to be. When I would piss of everyone and we would laugh about it the next day. This was not going to be laughed at tomorrow.
When the ambulance came, Frank went with Charlie. It was then that I found out Toro had thrown a knife and it hit her in the chest. That's where all the blood had come from.

so what did youthink? i was gonna make this a happy chapter but my nan started talking at the point where gee and the rest walked in and then people end up getting stabbed. fun

and andreajp i know you said you wouldnt be reading the story for a little while so i hope that having a chapter in your pov wont give you a heart attack or anything bt i do hope it makes you feel better knowing that you were so awesome in my other story that i had to put you in this one too
hope you like ra\inbow hair xD

so yeah R&R and ill get back to trying to not likk my nan xXx
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