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just me again

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not an update just me bitching about my nan again

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oh my nans here and the house is a `bomb site` and she's trying to tidy it up and one of my rabbits are running around because i loves him andhe's scared of everyone but me and my dad and she picked him up and i said hes scared and he'll hurt you but nope she started to talk to him. now she doesnt understand that animals are not like people they dont understand that when she shouts `ALREIGH ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. now stop it` that it scares an already nervous bunny so she's going home with a bite and a few deep scratches. serves her right for not listening to me.

also i have painted my nails xD everyother one is red and the others are black and ive put the red hearts and diamonds on the black ones and blacj clubs and spades on the red ones. i think they look pretty good.

also chapter will hopefully be up later on if i dont get interupted again
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