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hospitals, studios and Bob xD

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hey guys, wow i dont think ive updated in a while, sorry about that ive just been lazy because its the first week of the summer hollidays and im usualy lazy enough but i tried to make up for it by writing a proper chapter.

Frank POV
I hate hospitals. I spend too much of my life in them. The staff is always shitty and I can't stand the blinding white walls. Not to mention how likely you are likely to die of boredom or catch something off other patients.
But still, I was here. I refused to leave. I wasn’t going to let Charlie wake up to a place like this by herself. The cops, who we were now good friends with, were waiting outside minus Jared and Matt G. They felt so bad for what had happened. I was just glad Toro wasn’t completely a ninja. He had thrown the knife into her chest, but managed to miss her heart and lungs.
The doctors had put her out so they could operate on something. She should be waking up at any point now. That's why I'm sitting on the hard uncomfortable hospital chair at the side of the lumpy hospital bed. Holding her hand, I could feel her pulse in time with the annoying, yet reassuring, beep-beep coming from the machine next to me.
I was almost asleep when I felt the bed move. My eyes shot open and my head snapped up. I saw her squint in the blinding light.
“hey sleepy head.” I smile at her.
“Why does it feel like I’ve been stabbed, then my insides have been messed around with?” she groaned.
“Because you have, remember?” shit I hope she hadn’t lost her memory or anything.
“Yeah, I'm just kidding hun.” She smiled weakly.
“I'm gonna go find someone and tell them you're awake.” I kiss her gently on the head.

Charlie POV
I almost ran out of that hospital. I had been in there for two days and I couldn’t take another second of `just checking your vitals, love` or `you need to eat more to get better` from those stupid nurses. There was one I liked. She was called Carla. Not only did she sit and talk to Frank and I, but she didn’t pressure me too much about eating and ignored the healing scars on my arms. I guess I had forgotten about them lately. That was good, I think.
“where do you think you're going?” I spun around to see Carla there. “I'm going to miss you hija.” She hugged me.
“you too madre” I used the Spanish she had taught me.
“keep well, I don't expect to be seeing you around here soon.” She released me and gave me a gentle nudge towards Frankie who was patiently waiting for me. “And tell your amigo I expect him to look after you.”
“I will. Bye.” I walked out the door hoping, sadly, that I would never see Carla again.
Over the time I had been in hospital we had decided that I was going to be living with Andy and his parents. They had adopted me and I was now Charlie Biersack. I was glad it was them, I already thought of them as family.
“Hi Charlie.” Andy greeted me with a friendly hug. “You feeling better?”
“Yeah, thanks.”I took Frankie’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.
“Great. We only have the stuff you took to the safe house.” He told me as the three of us got into the back seats of the car.
Once we arrived at my new home, I went straight to the room I wanted. This house was almost exactly the same as mine, but it had an attic.
Andy had his own band so his mum was used to having shit loads of kids in her house. I had an idea on the way. Because I had a house and I was living in someone else’s house, maybe I could use my house for stuff like playing music.
I took my clothes and books up to my new room followed by Frank who was carrying another, smaller, bag with some half full notepads, pens and pencils in it.
“Exactly the same as your old house.” Frank said as he followed me into my new room. I had chosen the same one as my old house. For the same reasons too. It got the sun in the afternoons, not the mornings, and it overlooked the front of the house and drive. I could also see the fields, and I noticed that they were smaller around this house.
“It's such a lovely view.” I say after throwing my stuff on my bed and going to look out the window.
“yes,” Frank agreed, wrapping his arms around my waist. “but this one is much better.”
I smiled as I breathed in his sweet scent. “Hey, I had an idea of what to do with the house.” I turn in his arms o I am facing him. “I thought since it was there and all, we could use it for our music and stuff. I'm sure Gerard's mum won't mind us moving out of her basement.”
“you mean like our own recording studio?” Frank smiled back.
“I guess so. We could even rent it out to other bands, like Andy’s.” My idea turned into a plan.
Over the next few days, Frank and I returned to school, although we only had one more week. Also Frank, Jaz, Andy, Martha and even colt helped turn the house into a studio. We moved all the stuff I wanted to keep into the basement and the stuff to sell into a room on the first floor (that would become a spare room). We move our instruments into the room Frank used to stay in as that was our room. Andy’s band was, apparently, ecstatic about it. They were looking forwards to a free place to practice without complaining parents.
By the time Wednesday came along, I was ready to tell Bob about our studio and how I had come up with some parts for our songs.
“Hi Bob.” I smile, throwing my arms around him. We had become good friends and I missed my lessons with him.
“Hey kiddo.” He replied hugging me back. “Missed me, huh?”
“Yeah, your lessons always cheer me up.” I say as we enter the room with all the musical stuff.
“So I heard about why you were away, any your mum. I'm sorry to hear kid.”
“S’ok, I guess. Hey, I have good news too though.” I smile. “We’re turning my old house into a recording studio and I started adding to our songs.”
“Wow, that's great. Let's hear some.”
“Ok, but how will you know if it fits?”
“You can sing, right?” he smiled at me.
“Apparently.” I sigh and mentally kick myself for singing in front of him.
“Go ahead.”
I sat down and got my head in the right place-playing the songs I had learned so quickly. I chose one and go for it. I start to sing my favourite song-`Helena`.
“So, what do you think?” I ask Bob once I'm done.
That’s a pretty intense song, but it's really good. I'm not going to tell you to change anything about it because I think that song needs a good strong part from you. Got any others?” he smiled.
“Sure. That was `Helena` by the way. I'll play `Cemetery Drive`, I like that one.” Once again I started to hit the drums and recite the lyrics.
“You're gonna go far kid. Let me show you something you could add to that last one.” He sat down and for the next few hours we just sat and played. Me copying what Bob was doing and wondering if I could use it in any of the songs.
“You walking back?” he asked as I handed him the money and turned for the door
“No, I'm going to Frank’s, Mary's picking me up from there.” I smile.
“Ok, oh, about that studio you now have?”
“Yeah, it's finished I guess.” I wonder why he was asking. “We were thinking of renting it out.”
“How much?” Bob smiled at me.
“We haven’t really thought about it yet. I can call you when we do though.”
“Great. I’ll see you next week.” He waved before closing the door.

so there we are and do you have any sugestions for a new band name? i have two bands that are currnetly unamed so help much apreciated
byee for now y'all xXx
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