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meet bob and his band xD

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hey guys
this would have been up earlier but i woke up at like 12pm so i kinda had a lazy day and then my friend decides to show up but here it is xD

Charlie POV
“Bob.” I say down the phone. “It's Charlie.”
“Hey kid, what's up?” he replied.
“Just got prices sorted for the studio.” I told him all the important stuffand he told me hed be there later on in the day.
Sure enough, at three o’clock the doorbell at the studio rings.
“Hey Bob.” I smile and let him in. He was followed by four other men.
“Hey kid, this is the rest of the band. Brendon Urie, Pete Wentz, Dave Grohl and Simon Neil.” He pointed to the others.
“Nice to meet you all.” I smiled at them.
“Hey Bob.” Frank smiled coming out from the living room. We had kept the ground floor the same, except the dining room was now our own room.
“Hey, so is this your band then?” Bob raised an eyebrow.
“no, the others are in there.” we walked in and introduced them. “This is Jaz, our bassist, Martha is our guitarist along with Frank. Andy’s going out with Martha and Colt’s with Jaz.”
“Cool.” He smiled at them all.
“And Gerard's our vocalist, but he’s late.”
“Great, well I'm obviously the drummer.” Bob laughed.
“I'm the singer.” Brendon smiled.
“I'm the bassist.” Pete added.
“And we’re the guitarists.” Simon said in a thick Scottish accent, pointing at Dave.
“Awesome. Well, I’ll show you where the stuff is..” I started up the stairs.

Frank POV
Not long after Bob and his band (called Disengaged) arrived, Gerard walked through the door.
“Sorry I'm late, I know.” He said smiling as he walked through the door with a familiar looking girl following him.
“Uh, hi.” We all said from our seats in front of the TV.
“Oh, this is Hayley.” He smiled.
“From pizza hut?” Jaz asked.
“Yeah, is that girl ok?” she asked looking around the room.
“Gee, you're here.” Charlie said bounding into the room and perching on my lap.
“I guess so.” Hayley giggled.
“Hey you're, uh, Hayley, right?” Charlie smiled.
“Yeah, so Gee said he had a band.”
“We’re just waiting for Matt and AJ.” I laugh. “God knows what those two are getting up to.”
“you would want to know wouldn’t you.” I heard from behind me.
“Hey guys.” Charlie chirped, “come on, let's go.” She jumped up. Wow she was happy lately. I guess it's the fact that we have a place to practice and our songs are getting somewhere.
We all go to out appointed instruments and get ready to play.
“I have something I want to add o cemetery drive. Can we do that one first?” Charlie batted her eyelashes.
“Sure, let's go guys.” Gee answered.
For the next two hours or so we just played. Charlie was trying out different thing, adding to some songs and taking away from others.
“Guys, you're a full band with five full songs and eight almost full songs.” AJ squealed in excitement.
“ I guess we are, but that's no good when no one knows about us.” Jaz replied.
“I have a surprise actually. “Andy spoke up. “you know my band plays in some of the pubs around here? And we’ve done a few little things here and there? Well I got you a place at one of the pubs two weeks this Friday.”
“Really? I shout enthusiastically.
“Thank you so much.” Charlie ran over to hug him. “you're the best brother ever.”
“No problem. But be warned. Some guys can be a little, uh, friendly when they’re drunk. I'm talking to the girls mostly.”
“Ok, well I guess that gives us some time to get a few more songs done.” Gee pondered.
“Charlie?” I heard Bob call from the hall.
“In here.”
“We’re off now. Here’s the money, can we have the same for two days time?” he asked giving Charlie the notes.
“Sure, see ya.”
“We should practice more if we’re gonna be ready to play in front of people.”
With that we practiced for a few more hours.
“I think we’d better go home, it's almost half nine.” Martha said looking at her phone.
“Shit, see ya guys.” Jaz jumped up. Being summer, it was still light outside so they walked through the fields.
“I guess I should call mum.” I say.
“no, I've got the car. See you later.” We left too.

Andy POV
“You got a lift Gee, Hayley?” Charlie asked after seeing Frank off.
“yeah, I got a motorbike. I'm gonna drop Gee off.” Hayley smiled and they left leaving just Charlie and I. She surprised me earlier by calling me her brother. I know I was and all, but she hadn’t really shown it until now.
“Come on girl, let's get home.” I say and stand up to stretch.
“’Kay.” She turned to walk out the door and locked p behind us.
After walking through the field in a comfortable silence we arrived home in less than five minutes.
“Hi mum.” We called in unison. Wait! What? OMG Charlie just called her mum!
“hey kids, I was beginning to think you had got lost or something.” She greeted us.
“Yeah, ‘cause that field has so many wrong turns.” I laughed.
“You hungry?” dad asked from the kitchen.
“Yeah, what’ve we got?” I walk down the hall.
“I'm not. I think I'll just have a coffee.” Charlie followed me.
“You sure honey?” mum checked.
“Yeah, I ate at the studio.” She told us, even though it was just an apple
“Mum, she said after sitting down with the mug of hot coffee. “Can we get a cat, or a dog. No, a bunny.”
“I think a dog’s too much work. But I don't see why we can't get a rabbit.” Dad replied.
“No fair. I want one too.” I complain with a mouthful of cheesecake.
“We can get two, but yore gonna have to look after them” mum warned us.

i made a happy chapter because shit has gone down recently so i thought happieness was much needed.

also hope youre well andreajp :)

byee for now xXx
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