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First Time

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sorry it took me a while but i recently bought paint which means ive been busy painting

Charlie POV
The two weeks gad flown by. We had spent most the time practicing so when we got there we didn’t forget our songs.
“Shit guys” I say before getting out the car. “This is our first performance.”
“you're not on for another twenty minutes.” Andy told me.
“Yeah, but what if I screw up? What if I play the wrong songs? Or if I forget all the songs?”
“You won't. I know you, you're a perfectionist. You've been practicing non-stop for two weeks.” Andy hugged me and we went to find the others.
Twenty minutes later we were about to go onto the small stage, in front of a small crowd consisting of at least twenty strangers, three workers, the pub owner, mum, dad, Andy, colt, Hayley and Andy’s band-Ashley, Jinxx, CC and Jake.
I was nervous. No, scratch that. I was shitting myself. I know we all knew the songs, but still.
“Ok guys. Tonight we have a brand new band. Please welcome Purple Haze.” The owner introduced us and we all went onto the stage. We had planned we would start straight away with Cemetery Drive, which meant I would start.
“That was Cemetery Drive.” Gerard informed them once we had finished. “Now were gonna play you Helena.”
It carried on for about an hour and we finished with cancer where I joined Gee in singing.
“Thank you all.” Gee said before we left the stage.
“Ohmygod! We did it.” I breathed, throwing my arms around franks neck.
“We sure did.” He smiled and hugged me tighter.
“Just don't go stealing our spotlight.” Ashley smiled as we sat down with them at their table.
“No promises.” Gee replied.
We sat down and talked for a while until I felt a tap at my shoulder. Immediately remembering what Andy had said about the guys here being too friendly I spun around with a shocked and probably scared expression.
“Ohmygod! Bob.” I I say realising who it was. “How long have you been here?”
“I heard from about halfway through Helena.” He smiled and sat down.
“Awesome, what did you think?” we talked more about stuff for a little while.
“I guess we should be going.” I finish my beer and stand up, although I almost fall over.
“How much have you had?”Bob steadied me.
“Only three beers.”I grab gold of franks arm and he helps me to his mums car.
“Oh dear Charlie, you don't look too good. How much did you drink?” jenny asked as we started driving.
“I don't know, a lot?” I giggle.
“She had almost a whole bottle of vodka on the way and she just chugged three beers.” Frank frowned.
“honey, you don't want to go down that road. It's not pleasant.” She warned me but I just mumbled some drunken reassurance and fall asleep on franks shoulder.

Andy POV
“Man, she is pissed.” Ashley laughed as we watched Charlie stager out the door using Frank to guide her.
“Yeah, I don't even know why. She was so sure things were going to go well until about an hour before we left and she pulled out this bottle of vodka.” I sigh. “she had even started calling mum and dad mum and dad.”
“Well, remember our first show?” he reminded me of the time I threw up on some random guy. “You were pretty drunk.”
“That was the food. I told you the chicken wasn’t cooked enough.” I scowled at him.
We left not long after that.mum and dad had a seven seated car so we took the guys home too. Jake was off his face and kept asking anyone if they had any food. “I would even go eat a baby giraffe if I had to.” He told us.
“Jake get out. Go eat your own food.” I say as we pull up outside his house.
“Bye guys. Loves y’all.” He replies happily as he stumbles towards a window, which he climbs through.
After dropping the rest of the guys off, we head home. I walk through the door and call out for Charlie. No answer. I take in the dark, quiet house as I wait for a reply. Mum and dad ask me to check she’s ok so I climb up the stairs.
“There you are.” I say walking into her room where she is sitting with her back against her bed.
“I'm here. My head hurts.” She mumbles. “Where’s mum and dad?”
“Downstairs. You should get some sleep. You're drunk.” I take her arm and help her up.
“Noim not.” She slurred.
“Walk in a straight line.” I let go of her arm and she crashes to the ground. “Haha, told you you were drunk.”
“Fine, I'll go to sleep.” Charlie closed her eyes and fell asleep right in the middle of her floor. I pick her up and lay her on the bed, pulling the covers over her sleeping drunkenness.

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i may be late again with the next chapter because im going to cardiff for two days because its my birthday on friday xD im gonna be old enought to... oh wait it makes no fucking different=ce if youre 14 or 15 does it nope 15th birthday is shit its not like your 16th when its legal to have sex or 17 when i can learn to drive or 18 when i can get my lisence and drink

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i will try to make the next chapter good becaust i have noticed not much seems to be going on right now xXx
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