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i thought of this when i was in cardiff.

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“Christian!” mum calls. “We’re out of milk, can you go get some?”
“Sure.” I reply before closing the door behind me and climbing into my car. I close the door to my old Rover (seriously, it's older than me!) and start the engine. Once I finally pull out of my parking spot, someone else takes it.
“For fuck sake!” I groan at the thought of finding somewhere to park when I get back.
Pulling out of the junction at the bottom of my street always takes forever. I finally see an open space and drive into it. Then I see it. But it's too late.
The truck comes charging towards the side of my car. Then, nothing.

sorry to any CC fans but i had an idea xD

im back btw and i thought i would start on my new idea for the story asap so i got home about 2 hours ago had a nap ate some pizza and wrote this ... wow i have an interesting life

also told my cousinf linkin park is depressive but then so is just about all the music i like xD
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