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Sorry for a shitty title but thats basically what this chapter is.

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i havent really got much to say today...

Gerard's POV
“So you and Charlie are actually together now?” I asked Frank on our way to school.
“I guess so. I told her I love her last night.” He replied with a smile bigger than the joker.
“And what did she say to that?” I pushed him for information.
“She said she loves me too.” Frank bit his lip ring which he often does when something was on his mind.
“So what’s bugging you then?”
“Nothing, why?”
“Frank, how long have I known you? Long enough to know when something is eating at you.” I stopped and looked at him. This week he was looking very nice. He was straightening his hair and using his red eye-liner, which he usually saves for special occasions.
“It’s Charlie.” He admitted. “I’m not sure if things are going too fast. We only met two days ago.”
“Does she make you happy?”
“Yes, very.”
“Do you really love her?”
“Then it shouldn’t matter how quickly things go.” I smiled at him. I was so happy for him. Frank had been my best friend since he was born. He helped me through some rough spots involving my brother and helped me in some of my relationships.
“Hey Baby.” I heard Frank say, pulling me out of my deep thought and realising we were at school.
“Frankie!” Charlie came running up to us and jumped at Frank who caught her, just.
“So you had fun last night?”He asked her.
“Yeah, he said I had potential. I hope he’s right.”
“So you're coming tonight?”
“Yep, can't wait to hear you guys.”
I left them talking about their relationship and sat by the twins.
“Please tell me they are actually together already all ready.” Jaz said after I made myself comfortable.
“I think so, Frank is head over heels for this girl. I swear he’s turned into some 12 year old girl or something.” I sigh.
“Well, by the looks of it they are.” Martha pointed to them.
I turned my head too see them sucking each other’s faces off.
“Ok, I love them and all. But I don't wanna watch that.” Jaz quickly turned back around.

Franks POV
“So are you and Charlie actually together now?” Gerard asked on our way to school.
“I guess so. I told her I love her last night.” I say remembering the conversation, then realising the size of my smile.
“And what did she say to that?” he nudged me
“She said she loves me too.” I then wondered if she really meant it or if she felt as though she had to say it.
“So what’s bugging you then?” Gee asked
“Nothing, why?”
“Frank, how long have I known you? Long enough to know when something is eating at you.” He stopped and turned to me.
“It’s Charlie.” I admitted. “I’m not sure if things are going too fast. We only met two days ago.”
“Does she make you happy?”
“Yes, very.” I don't think I've been this happy in a long time.
“Do you really love her?”
“Definitely.” I remembered how easy it was to tell her.
“Then it shouldn’t matter how quickly things go.” He smiled at me. I went back to thinking of Charlie. Her beautiful bright blue eyes that seemed to sparkle like the lights on a Christmas tree.
I saw her standing by the twins. When she saw me, she dropped her bag and ran over.
“Hey baby.” I kissed her quickly as she glomped me. Damn I need to work out more, I couldn’t even carry her properly.
“Frankie!” She smiled, jumping down.
“So you had fun last night?” I took her soft hands in mine as we stood there.
“Yarp. He said I had potential, I hope he’s right.”
“So you're coming tonight?”
“Yep, I can't wait to hear you guys.”
“you're gonna be a great drummer for us, you know?” I noticed Gee wasn’t here anymore.
“I hope so.” She replied as I put my arms around her waist, pulling her closer. She looked up and pressed her lips to mine. I felt her tongue at my lips. But, being the usual anti-romantic I am, I worried it was too soon. I pulled away.
“I'm sorry.” She said, blushing as I did so.
“No I am. I just tend to rush things. And no matter what the other guys tell you, I suck with relationships.”
“This one seems to be going well so far.” She smiled and we started towards the others.
“Good morning by the looks of it.” Jaz commented and hugged us both.
“That obvious?” Charlie smiled and hugged her back. She had fit in with us right away, and it felt like we had known her for years.
The day went better than it used to before Charlie got here. I think it has something to do with the fact that Warner wasn’t here and she was now the scariest thing in this school. We no longer received the daily taunts from his group of followers.
At the end of the day the four of us walk to Gee’s house. The twins keep their stuff there, but I keep Pansy at home, she's safer there. Charlie carried on to my house with me and we were talking until I heard my brother scream at me.
“Hey Frank.” He ran up to us and started walking on the other side of Charlie.
“Hey Matt.” I smiled. I loved my brother so much. I think he practically keeps the family together. Not knowing my father much, mum was our only parent and she was a bit of an alcoholic.
“Where’s mum?” I ask remembering.
“Sleeping it off. I told her I would try to find her a job today, but I doubt she’ll keep it long.” Matt frowned, then smiled at Charlie. “You must be charlotte.”
“Yep, nice to meet you matt.” She replied without letting go of my hand.
“So, Frankie, this is the girlfriend you won't shut up about?” he winked at me.
“Thanks bro, yeah, I guess she is.” I looked down.
“Take care of him, he’s fragile.” Matt told charlotte. “Although from what I heard of your first day, you seem the sort of person my little brother needs.”
“We’re just getting Pansy.” I inform him.
“Ok.” He waved us off as we walked back to gees with precious guitar safely in her case.
When we got there, the others had already set up in the basement. I led Charlie down the stairs and into the dark, windowless room. It had a sofa up against the one wall with a microphone stand in front of it. A red and black bass stood against the right wall and the shiny black guitar on the left.
We had no drum kit seeing as we had only found our drummer two days ago. However, I couldn’t find my fellow band mates anywhere.
“Guys?” I called out to the quiet house.
“In the kitchen.”I heard Gee from upstairs.
When we enter the large kitchen, I see two mugs of coffee on the table and quickly run and grab the skittles mug, almost knocking Jaz over in the process.
“Don't mess with Frank and his skittles.”I hear Martha laugh hysterically.
“Wasn’t planning to, but now I've been told not to it make me want to.” Charlie picked up her black mug, it was the only spare one Gee had since I broke the others when I was drunk and tried to play catch with Jaz.
“So,” Gee started, “You wanna be our drummer, we haven’t heard you play and you haven’t heard us?”
“Pretty much.” Charlie smiled,
“ok, well lucky for you, we really need a drummer so here are the rules. Break ‘em and you leave the band.” I was the last to hear this speech, so it was up to me to give it. I took the scrunched up piece of paper from my pocket.

Charlie POV
Frank handed me the crumpled up paper. I took it and stared at them all.
“Well you kinda need to read it.” Jaz smiled.
I opened it up to reveal a long list written in franks scruffy handwriting.
#1-no secrets. Band members must tell each other everything, including rumours.
#2-no lies. To band members, yourself or even parents.
#3-be you. Don't be scared, pretend to be someone you're not or act in any way. This band is about who we really are.
#4-share all ideas. Even if you think they are bad, they can be improved.
#5-stay healthy. If you are I'll you can't play, simple as.
#6-forgive & forget. If you hold a grudge you are not moving forwards. Forwards is how you get somewhere.
#7-read & discuss. Before reading anything read ALL of it and discuss it with other band members and family.
#8- stick together. All or none, if one falls we all fall, if one succeeds we all succeed. We are a family.
#9-remember the music. Don't let anyone or anything split us up. The music is all that matters.
#10-the music. Only write it if you like it and you're not afraid to have its name tattooed on your face.

I carefully read it. I look up and smile.
“So that’s it?” I asked.
“Nope, you need to hear us.” Martha pulled me back down to the basement and sat me down on the sofa.
“Let's do Headfirst For Halos!” she shouted picking up her brightly coloured guitar.
“Let's get down there first.” Jaz giggled.
When they were ready, Frank started quickly strumming the notes as Martha played more intricate, slower parts and Jaz kept up the steady rhythm.
“Well let's go back to the middle of the day that starts it all,” Gerard started enthusiastically.
“I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling
And now the red ones make me fly
And the blue ones help me fall
And I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling
And as the fragments of my skull begin to fall
Fall on your tongue like pixie dust just think happy thoughts
And we'll fly home
We'll fly home
You and I
We'll fly home
Come on!
Well now I'm back in the middle of the day that starts it all.
I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling.
And now these red ones make me fly,
And the blue ones help me fall.
And I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling.
And we'll fly home,
You and I,
We'll fly home.
Now honestly that's what I said to her, what I said to her
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think ha... wooo!” when they finished I realised my mouth was open, considering they didn’t have a drummer, they were epic.
“Wow, you sound awesome, even without me.” I smiled and looked at each of them. Jaz had a lovely bass. It was black with a red pattern that looked like butterflies or flowers or swirls. Martha had what I instantly recognised as a Fender Stratocaster. It was a simple black one, nothing too special. I knew what franks guitar was without thinking, the amount of times he had told me about it. An alpine white Epiphone Elilist Les Paul Custom. I may not know how to play, but I know my shit. He had stuck some letters to it that spelled out `Pansy’. Gee was just standing in the middle of them all, holding a microphone.
“Thanks, but we won't get anywhere without you.” Frank smiled.
“Let's play some more.” Gee suggested. They played for another half hour, it was then seven o’clock.
I guess we should be heading home now.” Jaz said to Martha. We all hugged them before they left.
“Do you want a ride home Frank?” I asked.
“Thanks.” He smiled and leaned over the small space on the sofa to kiss me softly.

pnce again not much i have to share today, oh except that i had a really good day. usually at the stables i feel kind of not wanted sometimes and shit (i have no idea why im still going there sometimes) but i had fun today xD
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