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Love Song?

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looking back on the week and i made a song XD

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ok, so firstly I know I said in my previous chapter that she lives far away from people but I want to change that, she just lives in a quiet area still not many houses but they are still big sorry for any confusion

Charlie POV
So that night I stayed up quite late. I had time to think about my week so far.
I obviously started with Frank. I guess we clicked from the start, he was just sitting there. When he looked up and I saw those beautiful hazel eyes, I felt like he knew me straight away. And he showed so much emotion in them from sincerity, to worry and now I saw love. He had been worried about me the first day. He saw that I wasn’t eating and to be honest, not even I had noticed that. I had a tendency to not eat or sleep when I was worried. I guess that was why I'm so thin. Then of course Frank was now my boyfriend. I really love him and I'm hoping I don't mess this up. I haven’t ever really had a boyfriend before, not one worthwhile mentioning anyway.
Then there was Jaz. She was so much fun, and I felt like I could talk to her about anything. I had even shown her my scars. She had made me feel comfortable enough that I wasn’t scared of what the others would think of me about it. She was my perfect best friend, she loved animals too and I could tell tonight when we were with her horse she had a thing for them. I don't know much about him, but I'm sure Fergus liked her. She was nice and almost motherly towards me, although I could tell she had been through some shit already.
Martha was easy to get along with, I don't really know much about her because she was always on her phone but the times I have managed to speak to her she seemed fun like she knew when to have a laugh.
Gerard was a strange one. He seemed a little cold towards me yesterday, but then again I can't blame him. He was a protective one. He had warmed up though and today he was much more welcoming. He had approved of me punching that Brian guy and of my music and stuff. I guess I can relate to him in some ways, he had lost his brother too and obviously there was a story to that, I just didn’t want to push since he barely knew me and I didn’t want to come across as some nosy brat. I figured he would tell me when he’s ready.
Now I only knew those four people so I guess I should think about what else happened these two days. I guess there's the incident with Brian. He was a twat if I'm honest. I knew I was used to that kind of shit in my old schools, but this was different. It wasn’t just he pissed people off, but he scared the whole school into doing what he wanted. Someone had to teach him how he should behave. I can't really remember what happened exactly, I was just pissed off and them I was punching him. I should have stayed at home, but then I could have ended up doing something worse. It had been a while but when I was alone and I hadn’t taken my pills, I often cut. It wasn’t something I'm proud of.
Another thing I noticed today was that there are a group of people who were talking about cutting themselves and I was only walking past but it sounded like a competition. Like they were showing off their scars or trying to prove that theirs were worse. I didn’t understand it but Frank said that they were the `trying too much to be emo’ crowd. I didn’t really want much to do with fake people so I decided to stay away.
All this had inspired me to write a song.
`You were waiting for me
I found you, sitting all alone.
Up against the tree,
The tree that is now our home.
And I will wait up for you,
and I will stand in the
This home we have,
Is filled with choices.
Choices that make up our lives,
Lives of love.
And I will wait up for you,
and I will stand in the rain for you,
and I will miss the train for you,
and I will always love you.
We walk,
Hand in hand,
Through the streets,
People looking,
But we don't care.
And I will wait up for you,
and I will stand in the rain for you,
and I will miss the train for you,
And I will always love you.’
I sat back on my bed replaying the song through my mind. I never thought writing them was my strong point, but I liked expressing myself and it was the easiest was for me.
I would never sing to an audience, I know Frank, Gee and the twins have heard me but I felt comfortable enough around them. They weren’t exactly a bunch of strangers now.
I decided it was late enough and put my note pad back in my draw hidden by my clothes for my mum not to see. After getting my pyjamas on and climbing into bed, I turn out the lights and go to sleep.

ok,so i just thought i would explan a little about peoples opinions and my friend wanted me to write a song for it and i know its probably shit but oh well XD
any way R&R i have now finished all exams this year so i will be updating more again hopefully XD
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