Review for And Here We Go Again!

And Here We Go Again!

(#) GotSparkle 2011-06-25

fist pump in the air YES!!!! I love this chapter! Major weirdness with Sun..then again... She does love to be very... To the point.(I almost said Frank, but the. Decided to spare you the bad pun/word play).

Update soon, I like crazy Violet. Why is it everybody starts hallucinating at some point or the other.

I must check out these things you speak of, the axis powers thing.

Author's response

Yay, you liked it! Ah ah ah, Sun is not to the point; she's frank. I'm okay with bad wordplay, seeig as I do some myself.
Y'know, I don't know. But it's not everybody, it's just the major general characters. I have four major generals, and then the four majors, and then if I countt right seven minor characters? Just that many so far.
You'll look at Hetalia? Woo, kickass! It'll help for next year's history, my friend. European History, is it not? Just pay attention to the little text notes and you learn so much.