Review for You're all so fucking gay.

You're all so fucking gay.

(#) LePanicFan 2011-06-26

I'd rather listen to Beiber then Greenday.
And, yes, we know they don't know who we are, or ever meet us, or love or marry or even kiss us, but WE DON'T CARE! It's called having a life? You know, where you have a favorite band, and your friends like them too, and you go to the concerts and have an awesome time with their music as the soundtrack and their songs make you cry because they remind you of brilliant times.
You've really pissed me off 'cause how do you know whether it's an obsession, a casual like or linked to some deep memory? How do you know if P!ATD's songs helped me through when my family decided to hate me?
A few FOB songs make me cry every time they come on because they remind me of stuff I can never have again, but that's ok, because it tells me I'm still human and not turned into some fucking zombie like the rest of my family.
So shut you mouth and just let people enjoy other's imaginings in peace and not bitch about it. Why are you even on here if you don't like what you're reading?

I'm out, Fucker.