Review for Stars Made of Fire

Stars Made of Fire

(#) PartyPoison 2011-06-28

Ooh, sounds like a lot suspense and mystery! Can’t wait for it. =)
You’re right, that does not make a very good combination.
You do have creative writing, I must say that there is no way I could have come up with a lot of your stuff. I think you’re teacher is very right when they say that you provoke emotions in your writing. Your stories definitely have a lot of ambiance to them.
My teachers all think I am bloody insane. I never put any effort into my school work and also I don‘t really care nearly as much as I should about my grades.
I have a jotter that is a copy of my class notebook and I write all my stories in it while in class. Only one teacher realised it wasn’t my actual notebook (Of course it had to be my English Literature teacher) and they took it from me while I was in the middle of a sentence, claiming that we weren‘t doing notes and basically stated that I was an awful student because I rarely take notes when we are actually doing them. I froze and almost had an anxiety attack when I saw it in their hands because there are some things in those pages that would be best unseen by adults. coughsmutcough In the end they flipped through it and scanned a couple pages; luckily not the [x] rated ones, and then they called me a lousy writer and to pay more attention in class before throwing it into my face.
Let’s just say my E.Lit teacher and I don’t get on very well, ever.
Sorry for that slight rant, I just really dislike my teacher and have no one else to actually talk to so I guess you are stuck with my petty problems. For that I am very sorry.
Anyways, I am enjoying this very much! I liked the part where Ryan just walked away from Jon, it was amusing. I will be waiting for the next chapter.