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Would he be right?

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Ryan walked into the abandoned gas station that served as their current camp sight. He leaned his bike against the others, giving a small sigh as he looked at the broken one in the corner. He found the cellar door, opening it and going down to where everyone else hid.
It was actually kind of funny how they changed the building. Their tech-freak sat at a table, scattered chips and memory cards resting about along with THEIR technology. Those dreaded things that had taken over. She was pulling it apart, somewhat inefficiently at that. Spencer was cooking, a small campfire in the corner of the large room that they had called their own. It smelled like....rice. Again. Ryan sighed, walking over to him and dropping his findings on the table by the small fire.
"Any survivors?" Spencer asked. Ryan shook his head.
"I didn't come back with anyone, did I?" His voice was partially sarcastic and partially disappointed. "How's Jon?" Ryan asked as he tilted his head. Spencer stopped stirring whatever it was he was cooking for a moment, just staring at it blankly.
"He's doing better...Brendon's taking care of him right now." Spencer turned and looked at Ryan. "Do you think we'll ever win?"
"Of course we will dammit!" The tech-freak said with a smile, looking at them through her neon green rimmed goggles.
"There's six of us, and millions of them. How are we going to beat them." Ryan asked, sitting down next to her at the table.
"Because we're better than them. And if you keep talking like that then we won't win."
"I don't know Lightning." Ryan said with a small sigh. "It seems like a long shot." Lighting just smiled at him, shaking her head.
She was a pretty girl, short deep blue hair that had cotton-candy pink tips. It barley went past her chin, but it suited her well. No one knew her real name, in fact, she had even forgotten it. So they named her Lightning, basing it off of her reflexes that had been perfected from years of endless gaming. She was Jon's age. A simple seventeen. And yet, she still manged to have plenty of piercings and tattoos. She wore a grey tank top, the same grey tank top they had found her in, it was torn in places, giving it more of the appearance of a ribcage. There was a stop sign on it, and under that was the small sign that read 'All-War', the top fit her perfectly, showing off her hourglass figure. Though, when they found her she didn't have any extra weight on her. No fat, barley any muscles. It was a surprise that she had still been alive. She wore a pair of old and faded bluejeans, ones that hugged her legs. There were holes all over them, patched up with any type or color of fabric she could find. She wore her black combat boots, and a single item of jewelry other than her piercings. A small handmade leather strap that had string sewn into it, a small wooden peace sign strung onto the string.
There was a scorpion on the right side of her neck, it's tail wrapping around the words 'Think happy thoughts.' Her tank top showed off enough of her shoulder that her three headed peacock could be shown on her left side, on her arm, yet on her shoulder, directly under her collar bone. Which she had pierced. Industrial bars hid under the skin of her collar bone, one on each side, the only parts showing being the small silver balls that hooked on the end. She had gauges, and piercings above those. One cartilage peircing on her right ear, two on her left. And two on the right side of her bottom lip.
She was pale, mostly from hiding in the basement. Her skin was smooth and gave the appearance of a china doll. Her dark brown eyes could be seen when she pulled the goggles on to her head. And she was smart. Very very smart. Smarter than everyone else in their small group. Actually, smarter than the average human used to be. She was a child protegee, and the perfect addition to their group.
"There are thousands of times in history where it seemed like it wasn't worth fighting, and yet they ended up winning anyway. Just have a let bit of hope." Lightning said. Ryan nodded, giving up with fighting. He walked into the room where Jon and Brendon were hiding. The bunk room was small, one bunk bed and a pile of mattresses and pillows scattering the ground. Jon was on the bottom bunk, Remix sleeping on his legs. Brendon was sitting on a chair, leaning back in it really, while he talked to Jon. Ryan pulled up a chair next to Brendon's, sitting in it.
"Hey kid. How was the hunt?" Jon asked with a small grin.
"Same as always. Wasn't as much fun as when you're around getting into trouble." Ryan said with a small laugh.
"Trust me, if I would I could." Jon said with a smile.
"I'm going to go see if I can find Dementia." Brendon said as he got up and walked out of the room. Jon watched him leave before staring back at Ryan.
"You sent Brendon back early." Jon said with a sigh as he stared in Ryan's eyes.
"I know." Ryan said with a shrug. Jon rolled his eyes, knowing that Ryan wasn't going to tell him anything unless he made it bluntly obvious as to what he wanted to know.
"Ryan, do you mind telling me why you would send him back even though you could have gotten seriously injured by yourself." Jon raised one eyebrow, Ryan looking at him with a blank expression.
"I didn't want him getting hurt. When it looked like the Effigy was getting ready to attack I wanted him to get out of there." Ryan said with a shrug, looking down at his hands.
"And you didn't leave because...?"
"Because we need food and water to live." Ryan said slowly. He lifted his head, staring at Jon's peircing gaze. He had a knowing look on his face, one practically telling Ryan that he didn't give the correct answer.
"We all know that you've had recluse behavior in the past, so I'm going to ignore that part. The part where you send Brendon back however, do you know the real reason why you did that?" Ryan was now fidgeting with his fingerless gloves, toying with a loose string on his left hands middle finger.
"Because I don't want any of our members to get injured again. We can only have so many be put out of commission." Ryan said as he continued to wind the finger around one of his fingers, pulling on the black string before letting it go and trying it again. The string broke when Jon started speaking once more.
"No, it's because it was Brendon that was with you. If it was Spencer you would have called him out for leaving you. Hell, if it was any of us other than him you wouldn't have been so protective." Ryan stayed quite, still staring at his fidgeting hands. He refused to look at Jon. "Ryan. Look at me." Ryan lifted his head, the large husky lifted his head, looking between the two before allowing his head to go back down and rest on his big white paws. "You've been doing things like that for years now. Why the hell haven't you made a move yet?" Jon looked desperate to know the answer, and Remix's blue and gold eyes looked at him, making it look as if he wanted to know as well.
"I don't know what you're talking about Jon, but the good news is that I can leave this conversation." Ryan smirked at him, standing. "Because I'm not foolish enough to get hurt."
"You're an ass Ry." Jon said with a sigh. Ryan flipped him off, walking out of the room. Remix followed him, his nails making a clicking sound against the hard floor as he walked. Ryan found the others in 'the situation room' as Spencer had decided to name it, pissing off multiple people in the small group. Dementia was there, leaning back in her chair as she talked to Brendon. Lightning and Spencer were talking, both of them standing as they argued at a map that rested on the table. Ryan took a seat next to Dementia, noting just how short Lightning really was. She was only about five feet, making her not only the shortest in the group, but the shortest survivor they had seen.
Dementia wasn't that much taller, a girl with light brown hair that was almost blond, going down past her shoulders. She was smart, only she was smart in the scene of knowing how to fix things. Actually, only machinery, but it was still better than what most people could do. She had brown eyes, but they faded into a moss green. She had more muscle than Lightning, but she also spent less time reading and playing video games, being the more active one out of the two. If you looked at them they almost seemed to be opposites, the only thing that made them alike being the tattoos and piercings that covered both of their bodies. Dementia wore the same black and white striped shirt they had found in. One of the sleeves went off of her shoulder, and on the front the stripes broke down to make smaller ones, making a black and white spider. It was intricate, even if it was only made out of different layered stripes. It was dirty, though it wasn't as torn as Lightning's. Making Ryan wonder if she had done it on purpose to show off the tattoo on her right side. Dementia had a lot of sparrow tattoos. One on her shoulder, another on one of her breasts. She had some more hiding, one on her back and apparently two that crossed her feet.
"Why dose that damned dog have different colored eyes?" Ryan asked as he stared down at Remix, who was now trotting over to Lightning and Spencer. Spencer looked at Ryan giving a shrug.
"Foods in the other room." Spencer said.
"I'm not hungry." Ryan said simply. Lightning grinned.
"You know, it's called heterochromia. It's when there's a genetic mutation with in an animal. It's the result of having a lack of melanin. It's a common occurrence in huskies. Really it's a fascinating thing." Lighting said as she looked at Remix, who wagged his tail happily. She tied a bandanna around his neck, ruffling his fur afterwords.
"How in the hell did you become so smart?" Brendon asked as he stared at Lightning who just shrugged.
"Never had friends. Gave me plenty of time to read and not worry about being judged. Well, at least by people that liked me."
There was a loud noise coming from the surface, and everyone held still, the lights that dangled off of the ceiling shaking with each thundering sound.
"Ryan, you didn't let them find you, right?" Spencer whispered. Everyone turned to Ryan.
"No, I could have sworn it was safe." Ryan said, his eyes growing wide.
"We have to move." Dementia said, quickly standing.
"What do you mean we have to move?" Jon asked and everyone turned to look at the boy who stood in the door frame, holding onto it for dear life as he tried his best to stay standing.
"They know we're here, we have to leave." Lighting said quickly, rushing over to help Jon.
"And where do you propose we go?" Spencer said.
"You're the one that's been memorizing the map. You tell us." Brendon said as he gathered as many supplies as he could, shoving them into his backpack. Ryan and Dementia did the same, and Spencer watched them, Lightning helping Jon move into the other room so she could gather her things as well. There was a loud bang from the floor above them, the rippling sound of an explosion. It seemed like the whole room was shaking, bits of the ceiling crumbling down.
"We need to move. Now." Brendon said and everyone nodded, Spencer and Ryan quickly picking Jon up and carrying him to the tunnel as they moved as quick as they could. The hall tunnel was long, a five mile span with plenty of twists and turns. But Lightning designed it, and lead the running group through with ease. They made it to a door to the surface, leading them to the outskirts of another city. They quickly climbed out after she checked to make sure that they were okay to leave and they ran to a small shack where a car was hiding. They piled in, putting Jon on the back seat while Spencer Dementia and Lightning all took up the second row of seats, Brendon driving while Ryan held shotgun. Their bags were in the trunk and Brendon turned the car on.
"Which way?" He asked as he started to get ready to slam on the gas, knowing that it would break the wooden doors before them.
"Left, it's the most direct rout to the next place that will probably have some place that we can hide in." Spencer said. Brendon nodded.
"Brendon, don't you dare break through those doors." Ryan said as Brendon hit the gas. Brendon just smirked as they broke through the doors, the wood falling out of their way as he made a sharp turn left.
The car was silent for a long period of time. There was nothing to really say. Nothing to talk about, nothing to do. And most of them were too absorbed with staring out the window, watching as the ruined buildings sped by. Ryan was the only one who wasn't. He was staring at his wrist where their marking hid. It was a symbol, or at least what looked like a symbol. For all he knew it could have just been a number in their language. But he didn't know, he didn't know anything about it. Other than the fact that it wasn't them or their mindless drones who had made it.
"I was thinking..." Ryan said and everyone listened to the person who had broken the silence. "Let's say I kill a man with a knife. And in doing so, the handle breaks off of the knife. So I go and get a new handle for my knife, and take it back home where I leave it in wait of the next time I use it. And then a month later I use the knife to kill a large rat, or something, and the blade chips. So I go to get a new blade for my knife, and leave it on the counter of the kitchen. A few hours later the man that I killed stands in the living room, staring at me. He yells that I killed him, and then points to the knife, screaming "That's the knife you murdered me with!" Would he be right?"


PartyPoison: That's kind of what I was thinking. And I know it seems kind of odd now, but there will be lots of flashbacks in the three years later chapters, and then lots of explanations and foreshadowing in the week after the crash chapters. So it shouldn't take too long to figure out everything that happened.
I can't wait to read them, I really am looking forward to it. :)
Really, it was just odd. I don't know how else to explain it. It's a mixture of depressing to insane. Probably not that good of a mixture too, but that could just be the place that I was in.
The weird thing is that most of my writing teachers and such have told me that I'm really clever and creative in my writing, and that I'm 'good at provoking emotion within the reader.' And really, some of my story ideas come from things that I've turned in before. Granted, there are some slight modifications in both of them.
And it did all make sense! It really dose make me feel amazing, so it should to you to. I think that's simple logic right there.

patdfan:To have a friend named Sara and not have her know who Panic! is would be the greatest disappointment ever.
I'm glad you think it's epic so far, I'm thinking of a mix of some of my favorite movies and movie series and whatnot, and this is kind of what I've come up with so far. But it'll get better. And hopefully more descriptive. Because it was lacking some of that in this chapter.
You're reading fanfiction on the internet, it's not THAT surprising that you like sci-fi. :) Or Rydon. Because really, I don't know many people that could resist both. (Sure I have plenty that would resist Rydon though.) I'm glad that you like the story so far. I promise to try and keep it up.

-xoxo Pansy.
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