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"Are you trying to get us all killed?" Spencer screamed from the driver seat.

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"You are crazy Ross. That's literally impossible." Spencer said shaking his head.
"No, just listen to me! It could work. Even if it's not exactly right, at least it explains what happened a little." Ryan pleaded for the rest of the group to listen. He knew it was crazy, but they could at least pretended to listen.
"I thought we all agreed to never speak of this again." Jon said as he rubbed his face a little with his hand. Ryan could tell he was getting a headache just from listening to him.
"Fine, we won't talk about it. But you know what? We're all probably going to get killed for being there that night." Ryan said as he gave up with fighting with his friends. It was impossible to win anyway. The bell rang to signify that lunch was over, the four of them standing up.
"I guess that was a good ending to that conversation. What do you say we go to class?" Jon said as he smiled at Ryan who stood a good few inches under him. He nodded and the two walked off. It was a rule for the group; Never walk the halls alone. Epically when it came to Ryan, he seemed to get the shit kicked out of him every time he was left alone.
"I guess that wouldn't be a problem." Ryan stated simply. The two walked back into the school, Brendon and Spencer walking in the other direction. "Hey Jon?" Jon looked at Ryan, his bag slug over his shoulder like nothing. Something that Ryan found amazing when he thought about the number of books that were piled into it. Ryan looked up at Jon, the two just staring at each other as they walked down the hall. Ryan quickly looked back at where he was going, feeling Jon's intense gaze on him. He couldn't take that, it was too much.
"I want to go back tonight." Ryan muttered.
"Go back where?" Jon asked.
"To the crash site." Jon was silent for a moment.
"I don't know...I feel like we have to go back."
"Spencer won't like it."
"You don't want to go?" Jon once again took a moment of silence.
"I can get him to go." Ryan cracked a smile as the two stopped in front of his classroom door.
"What time then?"
"How about nine? It's normally when Spencer's parents give up with watching him and I'm sure he can sneak the car out if we wait that long." Ryan nodded, and then quickly through his arms around Jon's neck, hugging him tightly.
"You're the best." He said with a large grin as he let Jon go. The bell rung and the few kids that weren't already in class scurried off, leaving the two of them.
"Brendon's coming to, right?" Jon asked with a single raised brow.
"Like he wouldn't." Ryan rolled his eyes at Jon. "Bring your binoculars, I have a feeling we're going to need them." Jon nodded, walking across the hall to his classroom, giving Ryan a small wave. Ryan walked into the room.
"Ross. You're late again. That's a detention." Ryan nodded at the teacher, not saying a word as he made his way to the back of the class.

"Why are we going back again?" Brendon groaned as he looked at a smiling Ryan. The two were seated on a street corner away from both of their houses so their parents would stay unaware of the fact that they had sneaked out. It was a warm spring night, the hair humid with rain that was soon to come. It was close to ten, Spencer running late as always.
"Because, it would make a GREAT photo shoot." Ryan said waving his disposable camera in front of Brendon's face. "Besides, don't you want to know what happened?"
"Not if it get's me killed." Brendon mumbled. Ryan looked at him, a cross between concern and curiosity.
"Why do you think it's going to get you killed?" It was silent for a moment, Ryan staring at Brendon who had his legs to his chest, his hands holding his feet as they dangled off of the curb. He was staring at his feet, Ryan sitting with his legs crossed, his hands in his lap. Ryan noticed that Brendon was chewing his already chapped lip, pulling skin off with his teeth. It was a nervous habit he had.
"Remember the night it happened? And you kept getting chills? You could feel that something was going to happen, couldn't you?" Brendon said the words slowly, almost like he didn't know how to word it. Ryan looked out at the street.
"You noticed that?" He muttered, a feeling of embarrassment coming over him.
"Yeah, I did." Brendon smiled, looking over at Ryan before looking out at the street. "I have a feeling that something is going to happen."
"Then I guess we'll just have to be ready for whatever comes our way, won't we?" Spencer pulled his car up, stopping at the sign the way he always did. Ryan and Brendon got in the back, and the four sped off to the crash site.

Spencer parked behind the tallest hill they could find. It overlooked all of the other hills, making it perfect to view the site while being unseen. The four climbed the hill each holding their own flashlight, as they made their way to the top where they stayed with their chest against the ground. Jon pulled his binoculars out of his bag, looking into them to look at the wreckage. The fires had been taken out, large lights set up to illuminate the wreckage. Their were plenty of workers wondering around in full chemical suits, blocking out anything other than the oxygen from the tanks they were wearing.
"It looks like some kind of contamination. Like something was leaked when the train wrecked." Jon muttered. Spencer took the binoculars from him, peering into them. They had wands to look for radiation of some sort. They dug through the wreckage, pulling things out, and putting different things in different trucks.
"This is just too weird." Spencer muttered. Ryan took them next, staring at the street.
"Their taking prints of the tire tracks." He said as he stared at them.
"Well hell." Brendon mumbled as Ryan handed him the binoculars. It really was odd.
"What do you think their doing?" Spencer mumbled.
"It's like their trying to find something..." Ryan trailed off. "The side said it was a military train."
"What the hell is a military train doing wrecked in the middle of a state that has nothing in it?" Spencer questioned to no one in particular.
"Umm....we should run." Brendon mumbled as he tossed the binoculars back to Jon, who noticed that there were people staring up at the four of them.
"Shit." He mumbled. Spencer stole the binoculars.
"We're fucked." The three stood, practically running down the hill at the same time. Some of the workers started running towards the hill, cars and motorbikes tricked out with guys with guns. Ryan stayed, debating what to do. And then he smiled, knowing a good way to get him time. He pulled out his lighter, quickly opening his bag. He lit some firecrackers, tossing them down the hill before running down after his friends. There was the sound of shooting, and then the firecrackers going off. Screaming echoed through the air as gunshots rang out.
When everyone was piled into the car it sped off, just like it had the last time they were at the crash.
"Well that couldn't have been good." Brendon mumbled.
"What the fuck Ryan! Are you trying to get us all killed?" Spencer screamed from the driver seat as he made a quick right, speeding back to town.
"Oh no, I've been found out." Ryan said lifelessly.
"I believe you now Ryan. Something seriously is up." Jon said as he gripped onto the dashboard.
"Yeah, and now were all going to die because of it."
"No we're not Spence!" Ryan screamed. Spencer slammed on the breaks, the car and everyone in it jerking forward. Spencer turned around, staring at Ryan.
"We're all going to have something bad happen to us, and it'll be because of you." He said as he glared at Ryan who shook his head. The truth was that he knew it was inevitable, that they really were going into danger. And that it was because of him. Tears started to well up in his eyes as Ryan continued to shake his head no.
"I promise that none of you will die." He said as a tear spilled over and rolled down his cheek. "I swear my life on it." Spencer and Ryan continued to stare at each other, tears rolling one after the other down his cheek as the car stayed still on the abandon road. Jon and Brendon stared at the other two, both confused as to what had just happened. Spencer and Ryan both had been friends before Jon had moved there with his foster family. Before any of them knew Brendon. It was odd to see the two fighting. Spencer nodded once, turning back around and sitting in his seat for a minute before putting the car back into drive.
The rest of the ride was silent, each one to submersed in their thoughts to speak a word. Ryan stared out the window, tears still running down his cheeks as Brendon watched him. Jon seemed to do the same thing with Spencer, chewing on his bottom lip as he looked at the somewhat angry boy. The two were concerned about their friends, but for different reasons. Jon knew that Spencer was probably screaming on the inside, wishing he could take back every word he had said to Ryan. He always felt guilty after having a small fight with one of his friends. Brendon could tell that Ryan wasn't having a good week to begin with. He had a bruised neck and a cut above his right eyebrow that he was trying to hide. Brendon couldn't help but wonder what it did to have his best friend scream that they were going to die because of him.
Brendon rested his hand on Ryan's knee, the older boy not even flinching at the contact as he stared out of the window like a statue. Brendon moved closer to him, going slowly so he wouldn't startle the older male. Ryan seemed to notice this and he looked at Brendon, allowing the younger to see all of his tear stained face. The tears made two long trails down his face, shinning in the dim light. His eyes were watery and slightly bloodshot, his nose a light pink. Brendon hated to admit it, but Ryan was adorable when he cried. Ryan stared at Brendon, barley blinking as he sat with zero emotion on his face. Brendon pushed the hair out of his eyes, tucking it behind his ear. This got to Ryan.
The older male had his arms go around Brendon's waist, his head falling onto his chest to stain his shirt with tears. Brendon hugged him back, his hands rubbing in between the older males shoulder blades. Brendon's shirt soon became soaked where Ryan's eyes had been, but Ryan had manged to calm down. At that point he just didn't want to let go of Brendon, who smelled like mango and guava. Ryan smiled a little, basking in the warmth that radiated off of Brendon.
The car stopped and Brendon forced Ryan to pull off of him.
"We're here guys." Spencer said quietly, his voice now sounding riddled with guilt instead of anger.
"Thanks for the ride Spence." Brendon said as he got his and Ryan's things. "Hey Ry, it's time to go." He whispered in Ryan's ear. Shivers ran down his spine at the warmth of Brendon's breath. He climbed out of the car after Brendon, standing awkwardly next to him. Brendon lead Ryan to his house, carrying his bag as the other seemed to walk aimlessly through different people's yards.
"Do you think he hates me?" Ryan said almost silently, his voice cracking.
"Who? Spencer?" Brendon said as he looked down at Ryan. When they were just sitting next to each other it was hard to tell much of a difference in size, but as Ryan stood next to him, his hand slipping into Brendon's, as the two stood side by side it was easy for Brendon to tell just how much bigger he was than Ryan. The older boy leaned into his chest again, giving a content sigh.
"Yeah. Spencer." Ryan muttered into Brendon's chest. Brendon's arms wrapped around Ryan once more, trying to comfort the hurt boy.
"Like Spencer would really hate you. You're his best friend Ry." Brendon said with a small chuckle. Ryan's heart fluttered at the sound of Brendon's soft laugh, though he wouldn't admit to it. "Now I think it's time you go home." Brendon said as he pulled away from Ryan once more. Ryan nodded.
"I don't want to." He said like a stubborn kid. Brendon laughed once more.
"You have to Ry. I'll see you tomorrow, kay?" Ryan nodded again, Brendon turning around to start walking to his house.
"Night Brenny." Ryan said as he walked away. Brendon gave him a short wave before crossing the street. Ryan sighed a little, his mind running the words he should have said over and over again. He stared at his front door and opened it, walking into the light house. It was the only one on his street that had light flooding it.
"Just where the fuck have you been?" George asked as he slammed Ryan against the door as soon as it was closed. Ryan didn't answer, holding still as he waited for his nightly beating. For him, things never changed.

As soon as Spencer put the car back in motion from dropping Ryan and Brendon off, Jon spoke.
"How are you doing Spence?" Jon asked as he stared at the boy he loved.
"Just fucking great." Sarcasm dripped in each word that came out of Spencer's mouth. The car pulled up to a stop sign and Spencer hit the breaks, his head falling onto the steering wheel.
"Hey." Jon said as he tried to get Spencer's attention back. "Hey, Spence?" Spencer didn't move as he breathed heavily, trying not to think about what he had said. Jon sighed, pulling the younger boy into a hug. "I love you." Jon muttered as he kissed the top of Spencer's head.
"I love you too." Spencer's voice shook as he talked, showing Jon just how gone his mind was. The top of Spencer's head hid under Jon's chin, the older boy holding onto him tightly.
"How about you and I go to the park tonight instead of going home?" Jon suggested as he stared at Spencer's back. Spencer's head nodded. "You're going to have to drive Spence." Jon said with a small laugh. Spencer nodded once more, pulling out of Jon's arms. After a minute Spencer parked the car, looking over at Jon who grinned. "Come here you." He muttered, unbuckling his seat belt to climb on top of Spencer. Spencer cracked a smile, Jon's lips crashing into his own. Spencer could only wonder what would happen if every night was like this.
The two stayed oblivious to what was going on around them as large military trucks rolled into the small town. Something strange really was happening, and the four of them stayed oblivious that night, each one wrapped up in a million questions with no answers.


patdfan:It's kind of a paradox. Like would a set of all sets contain itself? Things like that don't have an answer, or they do and their just hard to figure out.

PartyPoison:This story is all over the place. It's almost like the back and forth don't belong together. Ya know? Like their two different stories or something. But their not. They fit together perfectly.
I find it odd that people say I have creative writing, simply because I take a lot of inspiration from movies and books. Like the riddle at the end of the last chapter was in a way, from John Dies at the End by David Wong, and the one before that (you know, one fine day, in the middle of the night) was somewhat from Valiant by Holly Black. But I think it might be the fact that I pull things that don't go together in a way that wouldn't seem like it would work and force it to be amazing. So that might be why I'm considered to be creative.
Teachers are odd. I think the main reason why my recent teacher liked my writing was because we were a lot alike. Which sounds weird, I know, but we both liked horror and he made all of these videogame references. I swear I was one out of three people in that class of twenty plus that got all of the references he made. It got me on his good side I guess. I had a spiral I used just for the use of doodling in, well, that's not true. I doodled in all of my spirals, writing lyrics that cursed and such on the side. A lot of them were somewhat violent and dark too, but only one teacher caught me and it just so happened that that day I was in a good mood and was doodling a small and happy picture in the corner of my notes. Then again, when it comes to lying, I'm the best. I swear I've gotten away with shit that shouldn't even be legal just by lying through my teeth every day.
Surprise! I love reading rants. :) But only ones that are entertaining. There are some that just don't deserve to be called rants. I know I had one at the bottom of one chapter to one of my stories a few weeks ago. I can't for the life of me remember where I put it, but I do know that it was me ranting about how videogame companies are a lot like Hollywood in that they reuse ideas, only they do it FIVE TIMES AS BAD. I start shaking just thinking about how backwards we're going in the gaming world.
Wanna know something funny? I once thought about becoming a game designer. I even had a plot for the game and everything, but then I remembered that it would be practically impossible to get a job since so many people want a job like that, and then there's the fact that if you end up getting it you won't be paid that much. But at least these days you would get credit for the game you made. Anyway, now I'm working towards becoming a chemical engineer. Totally different. And not at all creative.
It makes me so happy to know that the parts in the story you like just happen to be the parts that I like. Like in the last chapter of The Vegas Strip when you said you liked picturing them all grabbing at the bottle of vodka, I put that part in just so I could laugh when I read it. Because the best thing to go with drama is comedy. Or more drama.
Guess what! No, don't guess. I'll just tell you. :) I'm waiting for the next chapter in your story. It makes me ecstatic just thinking that I'll get to read it soon.
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