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Broken Amusment Parks

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And lots of fire.

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The car pulled up to an amusement park, a large grin plastered on Brendon's face. Ryan was the only one who was awake, Spencer and Jon snoring in the back as Lightning and Dementia napped. Ryan looked out of the window, one brow raised.
"Why here?" He asked as he looked at the broken roller coasters. It looked really REALLY dangerous, but Brendon looked ecstatic just by looking at it. The sun was close to going down. They only had about an hour or two of light left.
"Remember when we used to sneak into horror movies at the theater without paying?" Brendon asked with a grin. Ryan nodded, still confused as to why they were there. "I remember this one, it was about a zombie apocalypse. And the characters went to a run down amusement park. I just...I don't know. It was so beautiful in it's disaster. I feel like it would just be a pretty place to be at night. And besides, they stock up on food and water at places like this." Ryan gave a small sigh, looking at Brendon who was staring at the gates. Ryan cracked a smile. The amazement that was apparent on Brendon's face was oddly attractive.
He got out of the car, going to the back door to throw things at the people that were sleeping in the back. He pulled things out of the trunk as Brendon helped Spencer get Jon out of the car. Lightning and Dementia carried some of the baggage, the two holding their guns as they looked around to make sure there was nothing that would get them. Ryan was the first one to jump over the turnstiles, looking around as he held his finger loosely on the trigger. He was ready to shoot at the first sign of something that could harm any of them.
Brendon was the next one, following Ryan's example of jumping over. Spencer lifted, Jon, handing him to the younger boy.
"I hate feeling like a rag doll." Jon mumbled. Spencer Dementia and Lightning jumped over the others quickly.
"You should have thought about that before you decided to be stupid." Ryan muttered as he started to move forward. Brendon and Spencer continued to help Jon walk, both of them having one of his arms swung around their necks. Lighting and Dementia held their guns high, waiting to fire as they made sure nothing could sneak up behind them.
"Where are we going anyway?" Spencer asked.
"A place with a roof. An arcade maybe." Ryan said with a sigh. "I'm just looking for a place that could keep us safe." Spencer nodded and the group walked in silence.
Jon was the only one who could truly look around. The place was destroyed. All of the rides were broken, roller coaster loops collapsed and rusting. It looked like half of the park had been on fire at one time, but everything seemed to be perfectly fine now. There were a few bodies here and there, dust and sand covering half of the ground. There was a small pound in one of the areas of the park, though it had been drained of enough water that it could barley pass for a puddle. The cue lines had been knocked over, awnings collapsed into rubble. At least there wasn't an intense smell of cadavers roasting in the summer sun.
Jon noticed something in the corner of his eye. It looked like a person sitting atop a broken building. The person was watching them walk, a gun in their hands. As soon as the group walked past the crumbled building the person jumped down, aiming a gun directly at Ryan's head.
"Hands up!" He said as he stared at the group. Evey one put their hands in the air, Jon being the exception as he tried to stay balanced. It was a boy, not very old yet older than most of the people in the small group they had. His hair was long and untamed, a dark brown that seemed like it would be wavy if it wasn't as tangled as it was. "What are you doing here?" He asked in a slightly less angry voice than before.
"We're just looking for a place to stay." Ryan said as he held his hands above his head, holding his gun with only one hand.
"How many of you are infected?" He asked as his eyes scanned the group.
"None of us are." Brendon said as he stared into the icy blue eyes of the stranger. The weirdest thing about his eyes was the way that his dark eyelashes seemed to line them like...well, eyeliner.
"What about 'em." The boy said as he gestured his gun towards Jon.
"He was shot two weeks ago, we've been trying to give him some time for his leg to heal." Lighting said
"And why the hell should I allow you to stay in my park?" He asked, though it looked like he had started to shake slightly. Trust issues, the most common thing in this type of situation.
"Look, we only want to have a place to stay for the night." Ryan said as he looked at the tip of the gun that was only about a foot from his face.
"Tell me...Why are you in a group?" The boy asked as his eyes scanned the small crowd once more.
"We're the resistance. The only survivors for three towns over." Spencer said as he looked at the boy, his eyes pleading. The boy dropped his gun, and Ryan subconsciously let out a sigh of relief.
"Follow me then." The boy turned, strapping his gun to his back in one fluid motion. Brendon let go of Jon's arm, Dementia quickly taking his place as Brendon ran up to Ryan. He put his hand on the older man's shoulder, noting the fact that he was shaking slightly.
"You okay?" He whispered as he looked at Ryan.
"Yeah. Just a little shaken up." Ryan muttered almost silently. Brendon kissed Ryan's cheek. It was a quick and short kiss, sloppy and unseen by others. And yet the small gesture meant the world to Ryan.
"Just remember that if he even lays a scratch on you, that I will not hesitate to blow his brains out." Brendon whispered as he stared at the back of Mystery Man's head. Ryan cracked a smile, grinning at Brendon who mirrored the smile.
There was a group of fences. After they passed through three the boy stopped in front of a concrete building in the center of the park. It was one of the few that wasn't completely destroyed. The boy opened the door that hid behind the last fence, lifting up a large metal pole that blocked the door for others to open. The door creaked when it was opened, and the boy was the first one to walk through, not bothering to check and make sure that nothing else was in it. The group followed behind him as he started to talk.
"I've got running water, food, a slight amount of electricity and a little amount of guns and ammo. This used to be the old workers locker room and lounge. It's got plenty of space to sleep and shower. I don't know how much water I have at the moment though. Same with food." He gestured his hand. The place opened up to a lounge, two couches and a random number of chairs with a coffee table covered with torn magazines and the broken pieces of the TV that sat behind it. There was a single dim light flickering on and off that tried to illuminate the room. "There are also a lot of black outs, so try not to be too terrified if something happens." Everyone nodded. Spencer and Dementia rested Jon on the couch, Spencer plopping down next to him.
"So how did you find this place anyway?" Lightning asked as she sat down on one of the chairs. The mystery boy started a small fire, helping to brighten the room a little.
"Used to work here. I was here when everything was destroyed. You know, when it started." He said as he straightened up and looked at his new guests. "And who might you all be?" Ryan sprawled out on the floor, Brendon smiling and doing the same. Dementia spoke.
"I'm Dementia, the other girl over there is Lightning, the one on the couch with a busted leg is Jon, the others Spencer. And the two spooning on the floor are Ryan and Brendon." She said with a shrug. She never really liked dealing with new people, but everyone was tired and wanted a break.
"Kyle. You know, you all look like you've been through hell and back."
"We have." Ryan muttered.
"There's rooms you can sleep in down the hall, granted I'm sure that it won't be very comfortable. There isn't a single mattress in this place." Kyle sat down in one of the free chairs, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees.
"Anyplace that we can take a shower?" Spencer asked.
"Sure. Down the hall and to your right. There's showers past the locker room." Kyle said as he gestured down the hall. Spencer helped Jon up and the two made their way to the showers. "How exactly did you guys make it this far, and why in the world do you call yourselves 'the resistance'?"
"Dementia and I used to be in this camp with a hundred plus people. The government said that they would protect us until everything was solved and that we would just have to sit back and hold tight." Lighting said as she looked down at her hands, clasping them together before pulling them apart. "Five of us were out looking for signs of vegetation and ..."
"There was an explosion behind us. Apparently the government didn't actually want to protect us as much as they just wanted to get rid of all of us at the same time." Dementia said as she rubbed her temples. "We got knocked down and under a piece of metal by the blast. Which ended up saving us since they hunted down and shot the other three people in our party."
"It's actually kind of funny. I mean those two are lucky. Really REALLY lucky. If we had found them a day later they would have been dead under that piece of metal. And then we guess they would either be infected or rotting corpses." Ryan said simply. Brendon was halfway on top of him, making it hard for him to look at the others around him.
"And what about you two?" Kyle said as he waved his hand at Brendon and Ryan.
"We were kidnapped. See?" Brendon held up his wrist to show a burn.
"Meaning?" Kyle asked as he tilted his head at the marking. It was weird, like three symbols overlapping each other to make an odd new language or something.
"We were at the wrong place at the long time. The government knew that we had seen to much and had a chance at saving a bunch of people so they decided to lock us up. They beat us, starved us, and pretty much made us their property. These markings we have on our wrists? These are proof that we belong to them and that we shouldn't be alive right now." Brendon said as Ryan watched him. He felt sick at the look on Brendon's face. It was so grim and angry.
"How did you get out?" Kyle asked as he stared at the two.
"That's the thing. We don't know how we got out of there." Ryan said as he looked over at the other boy who's brows were furrowed. "All any of us can remember is being in a prison cell starving and begging for water and the next memory is waking up in a barren wasteland that could be called a desert."
"That's freaky." Kyle said as he leaned back in his chair. "And the resistance? What's up with that?"
"The Cadogore's are trying to wipe us out or kidnap us. But you probably already knew that. We're trying to stop them. And of course, the agencies that are trying to help them for whatever fucking reason they have." Ryan said as he waved his hand in the air. "We've infiltrated different buildings and have wiped out groups of two hundred plus at a time. That includes humans and Cadogore's alike."
"You know you're all fighting a battle that you can't win, right?" Kyle asked as he raised an eyebrow.
"And what makes you think we can't?" Lighting asked as she tilted her head.
"Because it's fucking impossible. You're outnumbered, you don't have supplies, you barley found a place to stay that has running water and food."
"While that's all true, we at least know how we beat them." Dementia said.
"And how exactly is that?" Kyle asked in a voice that said he didn't believe a word.
"Because history has proven time and time again that the underdogs can win if they just keep fighting." Lighting said as she stared at him. He was silent for a moment, thinking about all of the possibilities.
"Okay. You win. I'll help." Everyone in the room grinned at him. "But let me just ask you one question; Do you know the best way to kill them?"
"Not really." Brendon said.
"Then do I have something to show you." Kyle stood and everyone followed him down to the basement.


I know what you're thinking, and you're right. This did take forever to get updated.

patdfan:A Schrodinger's cat reference? :) Yes, that's a perfect paradox. But I think one of my favorites is "If there is a complete set of all sets, dose the set include itself?"
Call me an excessive reader, because I look stuff up like that all the time.
Anyway, I'm glad you like it. I have to say, it's turning out really nicely.

PartyPoison:That, my dear friend, is an amazing way to put it. Wish I had thought of it first.
What's weird is that I never draw fan art. I think I've probably had one or two in the past three years but that's about it. I do more odd things, like faeries and narwhals that look more like sea unicorns. (I'm actually making one right now for my sister. She want's it to be her first tattoo.) I've also done a lot of horror art. Plenty of gore. I've probably used about twenty black and red markers just this year. Did you know that one of my friends therapists said that if you don't draw hands in your pictures that you're seriously disturbed? I'll be the one to call bullshit; People don't draw hands because their fucking hard as shit.
I play as many as I can get my hands on. I love the places that I can trade them at and buy used ones because I don't have the money to buy new ones. I get rid of them frequently, though a few of them have been broken by my lovely family. And you're very right. It's just getting ridiculous with the game companies. It's like they don't even care about gamers anymore, all they care about is profits. (Which I guess works for them.) It used to be the thing they worked on most was getting better graphics. And they gone a long way. You play an 8-bit game and then play Halo 3, and it's COMPLETELY different. I tried it once and got a headache. But gaming is good, and it's actually helping people in a lot of different ways.
Actually, chemical engineering is pretty boring. It's mostly just coming up with new products that can be used in houses. Like soaps and toothpaste. But there are different fields, and with that different things to do. The truth is, I didn't chose for me to do it. My dad decided it was the perfect career path for me and has been drilling it in my head since I started to become defiant to my parents.
I actually didn't even know that was what I was going to do until about a month ago when we were eating dinner (together for some odd change of pace) with my aunt and uncle and cousin. My dad just asked if the other half of my family knew what I was going to do, and now everyone expects me to do it. I think it's because he always was really good at science but instead of majoring in it he majored in philosophy. And just like those mothers that raise their children to become actors to fulfill their lifelong dreams, he's taking it out on me. My mom only wants me to do it because she want's me to marry some rich genius or something. You know, completely forgetting the fact that most of them have Asperger's and are anti-social.
But it doesn't sound that bad, because I do actually love science. It makes the world go round. (Literally. Just think about it.)
I like writing comedy bits. The weird thing is that most of my favorite authors have a lot of comedy in their novels. (Which is funny since all but two are horror writers.)
We can wait for each others stories together. :) Which probably won't work now that I'm thinking about it. Which is why I'm updating!

-xoxo Pansy.
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