Review for Nuts and bolts

Nuts and bolts

(#) FlyingSmoke 2011-06-28

Well, Frankie, I was going to say you were fucked, bbut apparently not yet. At least you had Pierre there to help with your little (well, large) problem. I couldn't believe that was a dream...
I was thinking about how the circus people don't see Gee's 'problem', cause it's over his heart, but I guess the waistcoat covers it up...? I unno, but STEAMPUNK ALERT! COG WHEELS AND PANIC!'S CLOCK CANE! Well, at least it looked like a clock.
Devious, are we, Gee. Squeezing Frank's ass. But, seriously, make a move soon. You don't want to be the last guy there to have Frank, now do you?
Update soon!

Author's response

Weelll I do like to lead you guys in all the wrong directions ;D XD I think Pierre just went up in everyone's books ;D
Ahh the waistcoat does indeed cover it, but the circus people already know (frankie of course does not) but that all shall become clear in later chapters :) And WHAAAT!? Panic! have a clock cane!? Why have I not seen thiiis D:
And Gee, devious? Never.
Ah who am I kiddin'. Hopefully Frank isn't gonna turn into the circus slut but I make nooo promises ^^