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“Mm... mmm... zzz... zzz.... mm?” Frank jumped a little as he suddenly woke up, his eye lids fluttering heavily before lifting halfway and he sighed softly against the pillows he was cuddling. He groaned and buried his face into the mounds of fabric, his knees curled up towards his chest in the tiny bed. There wasn’t much room in the tiny wagons, but especially not when they were already occupied by sleeping muscle men.

Since the wagon belonged to Pierre the strong man was of course sleeping in the bed, Frank however had had to make do with creating a sort of nest on the floor with all the spare pillows and blankets he could find. It wasn’t too uncomfortable either, so at first he couldn’t understand why he had suddenly woken up.

“Mm... Pierre?” He mumbled sleepily, feeling a hand on his side and he tensed as a mouth pressed to his ear, his eyes growing wide. “Pierre what are you –”

“Shh.... You don’t want to wake him... do you Frankie?” The voice that purred into Frank’s ear was definitely not Pierre’s, the accent not French and the voice far too husky and seductive to be the friendly, silk tones of the strong man.

Frank felt his heart begin to race as the hand on his side slid down to his hip, the lips on his ear now kissing down his neck and he felt someone’s chest press to his back. He choked softly and considered pushing the person away, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was transfixed. And he knew who it was, shouldn’t have been surprised this was even happening, really...


“Shh...” The ring master whispered again with more force this time, his hips pushing forward to press against the curve of Frank’s ass through their trousers and Frank squeaked softly, biting down hard on his lip as he felt the length of the ringmaster’s manhood pressing against his ass.

“G – Gerard?” Frank breathed, his voice barely audible as he did his utmost not to wake the sleeping Frenchman in the bed, but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut entirely. This was one wakeup call he didn’t know how to react to.

“Shh Frankie, I won’t tell you again.” Gerard growled, his tone not unkind but it made Frank shiver with fear anyway. “Be silent.” He demanded in a soft, seductive tone and Frank instantly clamped his teeth down on his tongue to make sure he didn’t slip up. Now he could understand why Cain had said he was never able to push Gerard away, because as much as Frank knew he should call this all to a stop the way Gerard was rubbing against him, the way he could feel him growing hard in his trousers was making Frank’s own cock stir into life.

The young mechanic gulped softly and screwed his eyes tight shut, his breathing growing heavy as Gerard stripped him of his clothes fluidly, his fingers quick and nimble, going about a task they clearly did often. Frank didn’t know what to do as his garments were cast aside, his body shivering not from cold but from the pure fact of being exposed to such a devilishly seductive man. He didn’t know whether he should turn round or try to cover up, so he merely lay as still as he possibly could, letting Gerard do with him as he would.

“Mmm... Good boy...” Gerard purred huskily into his ear, clearly pleased and Frank’s breath caught in his throat as he felt the ringmaster shuffling out of his own clothes. The wagon was filled with the soft rustling of the fabric before Gerard’s hands came back to Frank’s hips and held tight, pulling the young man back as he pushed forward and Frank gasped at the feeling of his erection on the bare skin of his ass.

“Oh God...”

“Quiet.” Gerard hushed him instantly, though his tone held amusement as he snaked a hand round to wrap around Frank’s erection and stroke lazily. Frank hadn’t even realised how achingly hard he had become until Gerard touched him and it was suddenly all too much. It was all he could do not to utter a sound and he bit so hard on his tongue it was a wonder it didn’t bleed.

Gerard’s fingers played over the head of Frank’s erection, drawing the foreskin down to get at the more sensitive areas and Frank’s hips jolted in response, the ringmaster biting over the shell of his ear as he swiped his thumb over the tiny slit on the head of Frank’s cock, Frank whining quietly in his throat.

“Mmm...” Gerard purred, rocking his hips slowly between the soft globes of Frank’s ass, his hand wrapping firmly around the mechanic’s shaft and he began to jack him off at the same speed, Frank’s eyes rolling back as he closed them and Gerard moved his free hand round to clamp over Frank’s mouth before he had chance to moan out and wake Pierre.

As both men became gradually more and more aroused Gerard movements were helped by his pre cum, moving slickly against Frank before he began to nudge the head against the mechanics virginal entrance and Frank’s eyes flew open, his body shivering in anticipation as Gerard slowly began to breach the tight ring of muscle.

“Ughnnn... so hot... F – Frankie...” The ringmaster groaned into Frank’s ear, Frank pushing his hips down to get the older man inside him faster as his cock throbbed and pulsed, Gerard’s hips slamming against him causing his body to jolt and he cried out in delight, his toes curling as pleasure washed over him.

“O – Oh...” He breathed into his pillow, his tasselled hair creating a dark halo about his head as he tensed and relaxed repeatedly, his body moving slowly under his thin blanket as he tried to mirror Gerard’s movements.

From his bed Pierre watched him with curious eyes, resting his chin on his fist as he observed the sleeping mechanic with half amusement and half agitation. He could feel his own member filling and swelling with blood as he watched Frank sweat a little and moan quietly through his dreams, his blanket slipping down his body to reveal a sizable bulge in the loose trousers he was wearing to sleep in. His top half was completely naked and Pierre squeezed his eyes shut for a moment.

Pierre had been woken by Frank’s soft moans and pants of pleasure, and for a heart stopping moment he had thought someone had snuck in and were having their wicked way with the young man, but as soon as he realised he was dreaming he had been unable to take his eyes off him.

Pierre was not like Gerard. He didn’t prey on the attractive men in the circus as if they were animals he could turn into his pets and bend to his will. In fact, Pierre never ever made the first move with anyone. Despite everything he was quite a shy man and didn’t like people to think he was making a move in case it frightened them. Being as muscled and foriegn as he was he knew he was intimidating and as such the only times he ‘got any’ were few and far between and never with anyone in the circus. Usually a woman from the crowd who would insist on seeing him to feel his muscles. That happened a lot, but sometimes the women wanted more and Pierre, usually at that time, sex deprived, would readily agree to a one night stand. As such, the others in the circus had come to trust him not to be the sexual deviant Gerard was, but Pierre couldn’t help the way his body responded to Frank’s quite mewls of delight.

Pierre quietly slid out of his bed and knelt down on the floor beside Frank’s sleeping form, his fingers trembling as he hovered them over Frank’s face. He hesitated for a long moment before ever so slowly tracing his thumb across the mechanic’s cheek bone. He hadn’t meant to really, his plan was to leave the wagon and take a long walk in the early morning air to cool off, after all, it was only Frank’s first real day with the circus and this was no way to be beginning it. But as Pierre gazed down at the sleeping man, he just.... couldn’t keep his hands off him.

Frank moaned a little louder as Pierre ever so slowly slid a hand down his body and gingerly touched his erection straining to be freed of its fabric prison. It was only the lightest of touches but Frank gasped in delight and threw his head back, locks of his hair falling into his closed eyes as he gyrated his hips, making Pierre’s mouth water.

“Mm... Oh, Frankie...” He breathed, his half lidded eyes scanning every inch of the sleeping man’s body as he hooked his fingers into Frank’s trousers and slowly tugged them down his legs. Frank groaned and shifted, lifting his hips a little so Pierre could pull them down and push them aside, his heart beating a little faster at the sight of Frank’s erection, engorged and weeping with cum as he mumbled softly in his sleep. Pierre couldn’t hold back another minute and he lay down between Frank’s legs, holding them apart so he wouldn’t fidget as he flicked his tongue over the head of Frank’s cock and got to taste the beads of pre cum pearling at the tip.

“O – Oh!” The sudden contact was like a red hot spike of pleasure up Frank’s spine and he gasped awake, his eyelids fluttering as he was rudely dragged out of his dream, the throbbing in his erection making him groan and cover his eyes. Oh God... had he really just dreamt that he and Gerard had...

Frank’s cheeks flamed and he bit his lip, knowing only too well that he had now developed a problem that needed taking care of and he cracked open an eyelid to see if Pierre was awake yet, praying that he wasn’t so he’d be able to quickly take care of himself before he-

“PIERRE!?” Frank suddenly realised that said muscle man was actually very much awake, and currently looking up at him from between his thighs, biting his lip shyly. “What are you... What are you doing!?]/” Frank gasped, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he felt as if he was about to start hyperventilating, not sure whether he should be embarrassed or furious.

Pierre whimpered a little and met Frank’s horrified gaze, gently squeezing his thighs he tried to calm him down, his own heart beating a frantic rhythm in his chest.

“I’m sorry – I’m sorry Frankie! You were sleeping, and I... I heard you make noise and I wake up and I see you have problem. I wanted to help.” He mewled, Frank feeling far from comfortable to be discussing this with Pierre still between his legs and his cock still standing proudly to attention against his stomach. He couldn’t help it, despite his embarrassment Pierre’s warm breath against the swollen length was keeping him aroused. And he had never had anyone suck it before...

“Pierre you... you wanted to... help?” He repeated, feeling dazed. He had only just woke up, he couldn’t think straight! Especially not after what he had been dreaming about.

Sensing that Frank wasn’t about to punch him in the face and throw him out of his own wagon Pierre grew more confident and he nodded eagerly as he licked his lips, softly stroking the supple skin of Frank’s thigh as he gazed at him.

“Mmhmm... I want to suck it... oh Frankie, please say I can?” He begged softly, nuzzling his face against Frank’s thigh, kissing and nipping tenderly at the skin. His moustache tickled a little and Frank squirmed, running a hand over Pierre’s bald head and sighing. It wasn’t the person he would have chosen first to do this kind of thing but then if he was the only one available...

“I... I... O – Okay just... hurry... please...” He whined, Pierre nodding with an ecstatic smile and he kissed Frank’s thigh one last time before he wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and sucked the head into his mouth.

As soon as Frank felt himself getting swallowed down by the muscle man he couldn’t help the quiet scream that erupted from his throat, his hips bucking up of their own accord to push more of his length into the wet, hot cavern of Pierre’s mouth. The Frenchman smirked a little around the engorged flesh and he closed his eyes, sinking down to take all of Frank in before he cupped his balls in one hand and began to rub his tongue all over Frank’s shaft.

Frank raised his hands to tangle into his own hair, already sex tasselled from his dream and he groaned deep in his throat, the feeling so indescribably good. He had always known this would feel amazing but he’d had no idea it could be [/this
good, and just imagine if it were Gerard’s mouth instead.

Normally Frank would have felt guilty for fantasising about a different man to the one currently making him feel so good, but when he closed his eyes and pretended it was Gerard’s tongue lapping at the tip of his erection, and Gerard’s hand that gently kneaded his balls, especially so soon after dreaming so vividly of his face, it was like pure bliss. He moaned and panted softly, encouraging Pierre by being so responsive and the older man sucked at him eagerly, as if he were trying to suck the cum right out of him. And he wasn’t failing.

“O – Oh my... Oh... I’m so close...” Frank mewled, not caring that he was hardly lasting long. The way he saw it, this wasn’t even supposed to be happening and so he wasn’t trying to impress Pierre, so what was the point of even trying to hold out? Though he was extra careful not to scream Gerard’s name. He was at least that considerate.

Pierre gazed up at Frank through his eyelashes as he worked the tip of his tongue into the tiny slit on the head of Frank’s cock, humming around him as he swallowed him completely down again and bobbed his head quickly. He couldn’t wait to feel Frank cum and he wasn’t left waiting, Frank soon arching his back and screaming out in delight as his orgasm tore through him. Gerard’s name was on the tip of his tongue, his mind full of images of the ringmaster’s seductive smirk but luckily he managed to keep names out of it as he came hard into Pierre’s mouth and moaned words of praise as the muscle man swallowed down every last drop he had to give.

Pierre moaned a little himself as Frank exploded into his mouth, his cum gushing over his tongue and the muscle man just had to thrust a hand into his own trousers and tug at his weeping erection, the pain too much. He knew Frank wouldn’t want to touch him and that was okay, he knew he had only got away with this because Frank had been so aroused anyway but he wasn’t complaining.

Frank hadn’t even finished cumming before Pierre was joining him, Frank’s cock still in his mouth and he choked a little around it as he came all over his hand, Frank shivering and slumping against his blankets.

“Oh... Oh God... P – Pierre...” Frank covered his eyes with his hands and took a deep breath, shuddering when he slid from between the Frenchman’s lips and he quickly shimmied back into his trousers, feeling a strange sort of guilt gripping him. He felt slightly stunned, not really sure what had just happened... How was it he had woken up to something like this? Was it always going to be this way? He wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle it if it was...

Pierre bit his lip as he sat up, wiping his hand clean and blushing a little as he quickly changed his trousers, Frank looking away with a blush of his own. An awkward silence fell over the two men and Frank sat up, rubbing a hand through his hair and slowly looking at Pierre once he had changed. Pierre smiled weakly, almost uncertainly and Frank felt another smack of guilt hit him. Pierre looked set to cry, clearly terrified that he had upset Frank and the mechanic quickly smiled shakily at him. He had been up late talking to Pierre in the night before they both went to sleep and he liked him a lot, he was looking to be a good friend and what with them living together as well, Frank didn’t want to lose that.

“Pierre, listen... I –”


Both men jumped when there was suddenly a loud knock on the door and Pierre blinked stupidly before stepped over Frank to throw the door open. Waiting outside, Gerard grinned widely and raised his top hat in a polite gesture, his eyes flicking over Pierre’s naked torso before looking at his shining eyes.

“.... Morning Pierre. Is Frank awake?” Gerard asked somewhat hesitantly, trying to peer behind the muscle man and Pierre nodded, blushing as he stood aside.

“Morning sir, I... Yes, yes he is. Frankie – it’s Gerard.” Pierre scuttled to his bed and sat down on it, resting his hands in his lap as he bit his lip and watched silently as Gerard leaned his torso into the wagon, grinning brightly at the mechanic though he quirked an eyebrow at his tasselled hair which Frank was subtly trying to flatten. His trousers were also still undone and Frank blushed deeply as he hastily did them up, hoping Gerard didn’t notice but of course he did.

“Erm... M – Morning.” Frank stuttered as casually as he could and Gerard’s smile faded before slowly being replaced with a lazy smirk.

“Good morning Frankie. You slept well I trust?” He asked, Frank nodding quickly and Gerard grinned. “Splendid, splendid. I wondered if you would like to join me on a walk before breakfast, so that I might explain to you your tasks for the day.” He smiled and Frank nodded again, still trying to tame his hair.

“Oh err... Yeah. Yes, that would be... good.” He agreed and Gerard flicked open a pocket watch in his hand before stepping back out of the wagon.

“Excellent. I’ll wait here for you until you get dressed.” He smiled sweetly, closing the door as Frank lowered his gaze shyly.

Once Gerard had gone Frank got busy rooting through his bag to get some clothes. He hadn’t had chance to unpack yet, but part of him felt bad at the thought of taking up space in Pierre’s wardrobe and drawers. It was bad enough he was intruding on him by sleeping in his wagon, although of course he knew that Pierre didn’t mind.

“Have good day, Frankie.” Pierre said softly once the mechanic had pulled on a loose white shirt over his trousers and had finally managed to make his hair look presentable. Frank turned and looked at him, biting his lip softly before offering a smile which Pierre gladly returned.

“Thanks Pierre.” He said softly, folding up all of his bedding before he stepped out of the wagon where Gerard was waiting for him. The ringmaster turned and smiled, giving Frank a knowing look.

“Shall we?” He smirked, Frank nodding and stumbling along beside him as Gerard began to walk across the dewy grass.

For a moment Frank was stunned, just staring in awe at the ringmaster. Gerard was dressed rather ostentatiously, wearing a suit of deep plum coloured satin, that went red in the light. The back of the coat was long, the fabric light so it drifted along in the breeze. The top hat was coated in the same shimmering material and his waistcoat, complete with pocket watch chain, was a deep royal blue silk, and like the day before Gerard wore no shirt beneath it. His feet were covered by heavy looking black boots that went right up his calves, covered in thin, tiny cogs of bronze and gold. His hands were coated in white silk gloves and his hair fell sexily into his eyes, a long gold cane held in one hand with a round clock as its top.

He looked magnificent, and despite how out of place the outfit should have looked, surrounded by the colourful gypsy wagons with the big top in the distance Gerard couldn’t have looked more suited to the environment. In fact, Frank in comparison felt horribly underdressed.

“I fear I might have interrupted you and Pierre this morning.” The ringmaster sighed softly, taking on a tone of sadness that was far too dramatic to be genuine. Frank blushed deeply, trying not to look so guilty as he avoided Gerard’s amused gaze.

“I –Interrupted us, of course not. W - What could you have been interrupting?” He stuttered lamely, rubbing the back of his neck and looking down at his feet as he walked. Gerard smirked down at him and shrugged, walking with Frank to where the cannons were kept.

“Oh nothing I suppose.” He sighed, gazing ahead. “I just couldn’t help but notice how you appeared to be undressing yourself.” He said innocently, Frank’s face burning he blushed so much. He looked up at Gerard in shock, stuttering a little.

“I – I – I wasn’t undressing myself. N – No, you’ve got it all wrong. I was getting dressed.” He was quick to correct him, before he realised how that made it even worse and he blushed harder, unable to choke out another sentence to make it better as Gerard shot him a surprised look.

“Really? I see.” He said softly, trailing off with a thoughtful expression. He didn’t look amused anymore and Frank felt his heart hammer erratically. He hadn’t meant to make it sound like he and Pierre had done anything... even though they had... and he chewed on the inside of his cheek as he looked at Gerard. “So, you and Pierre had a rather good morning then.” Gerard said softly, his tone a little bitter and for a moment Frank was shocked.

As he looked at Gerard he realised that the ringmaster was refusing to look at him, his lips pursed and his face a carefully composed mask of calm though he seemed tense behind it and Frank felt his stomach lurch as he wondered if perhaps Gerard was angry that he and Pierre had done something. It wasn’t exactly against the rules or something, Gerard himself went sneaking around having sex with people all the time by the sounds of it and Frank dared to wonder if perhaps he was jealous. At that possibility the guilt he had felt that morning disappeared and he smirked a little himself.

“Yes... I suppose we did.” He said softly in response to Gerard’s words, looking straight ahead with a small smile and Gerard glanced down at him, scowling softly.
“Hm... I see...” He whispered, taking a deep breath and re-composing himself before they reached the cannons and he pulled the sheet off them, smiling warmly again as if he had never given Frank such a look of disdain and he waved a hand over the two smaller cannons.

“Well Frankie, today I want you to see if you can fix these two for us. If you can we’re going to use them in tonight’s show, and as it’s the last one in this town it would be a perfect end if you could achieve it for us.” He grinned, tapping his cane on the side of one of the cannons and Frank nodded, biting his lip.

“I’ll give it a try.” He agreed, feeling serious again as he ran a hand over the nearest cannon and touched the hatch on the top. “What are these ones used for?” He asked, judging that they were too small to fire a person out, but maybe the circus had some midgets he hadn’t met yet.

“These are for firing glitter.” Gerard chuckled, smirking a little as if he could read Franks thoughts. “When we shoot Cain out of the cannon these two go off at the same time and explode glitter everywhere – it’s a most magnificent sight. In the winter months we also set off fireworks too.” He smiled, Frank’s lips parting as he imagined it. He believed that it truly was a magnificent sight and he smiled at Gerard with large, excited eyes and Gerard couldn’t help but smile warmly back. Frank’s eyes were still full of innocence and the ringmaster felt a little happier at it, guessing nothing much could have gone on that morning.

The boy got around quick though, he’d give him that much. He’d have to make a move sooner than he thought. Still, that was no issue. Pierre was no threat to his plans, or anyone else for that matter.

“Well Frankie, you think you could fix those up for me?” He smirked softly and Frank beamed at him, nodding.

“Definitely. I’ll err... I’ll definitely try at least.” He grinned, his cheeks tingeing pink a little and Gerard chuckled, clapping a hand onto his shoulder and he squeezed softy before gently brushing a lock of Frank’s hair off his cheek, the silk gloves cool and smooth against Frank’s skin and his breath hitched in his throat a little as Gerard gave him the most devilish smirk he’d ever seen.

“Breakfast though of course, I’m sure your new friends will want to hear all about your morning.” Gerard teased lightly and Frank’s blush intensified.

Gerard knew that Frank had spent the evening talking to Cain and Silver, and he was glad that they had chosen to take Frank under their wing. He had no doubt they’d be telling him about what Gerard did sometimes at night, and that was exactly what the ringmaster wanted. It was only fair that Frank be prepared for what might happen after all.

Frank smiled a little shyly as he began to walk back with Gerard to the long tent they had all eaten in the night before to get some food. Others were now beginning to step out of their wagons, sleepily making their way to breakfast and Frank jogged forward a little, excited to see everyone. He couldn’t wait to start proving his worth and by the sounds of it tomorrow they’d be moving onto a new town... a new life. This was the fresh start Frank had been hoping for and he grinned, going to turn and thank Gerard for giving him this job but he wasn’t given chance, his smile fading a little as he swore he felt the ringmaster subtly squeeze his ass before he strolled past, waving at Maria who had just appeared from her wagon.

“Hello my darling!” He called, Maria turning and grinning at him, meeting him in a soft kiss as Frank blushed and wondered if he had just imagined the hand on his ass, but when he saw Gerard smirk at him from over Maria’s shoulder he knew it had really happened.

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