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“Hey Frankie – how’s it looking?”

Frank jumped a little and slowly slid his torso out of the cannon he was fixing, turning and smiling when he saw Cain leaning against the side of the cannon with a devilish grin.

“Oops. Did I startle you?” He giggled and Frank smirked, shaking his head with a small blush.

“Course not. I err... was just... erm... anyway, what did you want again?”

Cain laughed loudly and smiled, poking Frank’s ribs as he repeated the question before simply listening as Frank explained that he had figured out what was wrong with the cannons and that he was almost finished fixing this one, the other cannon already back in working order. Cain smiled widely, pleased that everything was working out.

“Wow... sounds like you’ve got it all under control then Frankie. That’s good.” He beamed, Frank grinning back before he bit his lip softly. Cain was looking much more beautiful than Frank remembered, though it was probably just because this was the first time he’d seen him in full light. The sun was making his long, white hair shine as if it were made from fine strands of pearl, his skin had a strange, flawless glow about it, and his blue eyes were the deepest sapphire Frank had ever seen. It made him feel strange, knowing that Gerard took advantage of this odd, youthful looking man. Like he himself could never stand a change when compared to such beauty. Cain gave him an angelic smile and laughed quietly as if he could tell what Frank was thinking as he gazed at him.

“Ya’ know... I heard about what went on between you and Pierre this morning...” He said softly, Frank’s blush intensifying. Cain smiled lazily, finding Frank oddly adorable with how he nervously began to stutter. His olive skin was smeared with soot and oil from inside the cannon, and the sleeves of his shirt he had rolled right up to his shoulders. He was not muscled like Pierre, but he was softly toned like Gerard was. He was very handsome, Cain especially liked how short he was, and the way his hazel eyes twinkled. It made it very clear to him why Gerard had spoke to him that morning and told him what he had.

“Gerard told me.” Cain offered when Frank seemed completely stunned to how Cain had discovered the truth, stuttering and stammering so much as he tried to deny that anything happened he was going quite red in the face. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of ya’ know...”

“But I... We... It was hardly anything, we just – wait. Gerard told you?” Frank stared at Cain in even more shock, his jaw hanging open and the beautiful boy smirked softly, his eyes half open as if he was too calm and relaxed to open them all the way. He was like a cat basking in the sun and he even tipped his head back to soak in more of the rays on his ivory skin, exposing the length of his throat and Frank got a little distracted. “He umm...”

“Yeah. He told me.” Cain smiled, swinging one foot slowly. “He was talking to me whilst he was getting his breakfast. Said I should keep an eye on you, make sure you don’t go around sleeping with any more people.” He purred, Frank’s stomach lurching and his heart gave a weird drop like it decided it wanted to go swimming in his stomach.

“S – Sleeping? B – But me and Pierre didn’t do anything! Well we.... we didn’t go that far!” He squeaked, Cain looking at him with a soft smile.

“I know. I believe you. I figured Gerard had probably got the wrong end of the stick, that’s why I came here to talk to you.” He said kindly, Frank relaxing a little though he still felt tense.

Was Gerard going around telling everyone this? Did he really believe that he and Pierre had had sex? He would have to set him straight if he did but that seemed to be a very embarrassing prospect and Frank wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle it.

“How many people has he told?” He breathed, staring at Cain in horror and the smaller man stood up straight, touching Frank’s shoulders and squeezing them gently.

“Hey, don’t worry. He only told me. He isn’t the type of guy to go around spreading stuff like this. He only told me because he knows we’re friends and wants me to ‘keep an eye on you’. Though I don’t think that’s all of it...” Cain trailed off, touching his fingertips to his lips thoughtfully. “I mean... He’s always made it clear he doesn’t care about anyone’s love lives in the circus. It’s all our own choice as far as he’s concerned. I guess he could just be worried about you, not wanting you to get hurt or even hurt others but... no. That’s not it. I think he told me maybe because he knew I’d talk to you and find out if you really did sleep with Pierre.” Cain looked at Frank with a bright smile, apparently decided that he had figured it all out and he beamed at him. “So, what did you guys do?”

Frank was unable to answer for a long moment, simply stunned as he stared at Cain. He may have believed he had figured it all out but Frank was more confused than ever. He didn’t know why Gerard would ever care about what he did with Pierre... but then Frank remembered the way the ringmaster had grabbed his ass that morning and he wondered if perhaps, for some strange, unexplainable reason, despite the fact Gerard already had the seductive Maria, angelic Cain, and lovable Silver all ready and prepped for his bed... he maybe wanted Frank too.

“Frank?” Cain snapped his fingers in Frank’s face, frowning at him. “Did you hear me?”

“I... Yeah. Sorry. I was just thinking erm... Look. Me and Pierre we... well... see... What happened was...” Frank sighed and took a deep breath, not sure how much he should reveal to Cain. After all, this was only his first real day at the circus and he didn’t know Cain that well. He didn’t want to make himself sound like a slut by admitting to what he had done. But Cain’s eyes were so open and honest that he just couldn’t lie to him and the truth came pouring out as his cheeks flamed.

Cain listened with a calm expression as Frank told him about his dream and the way he had woken up with a problem he needed sorting, and that when he had opened his eyes Pierre had already been there between his legs practically desperate to get a taste of him. Cain didn’t seem at all surprised by the story, and he only nodded thoughtfully once Frank was finished, his perfectly arched eyebrows pulling together as he frowned.

“Hmm... So you dreamt about him... That’s not good.” He whispered, looking at Frank but his eyes were unfocused, like he was looking through him and the mechanic squirmed uncomfortably.

“I... I didn’t meant to –”

“Well obviously, it’s not like you can control your dreams.” Cain laughed, relaxing and smiling at Frank again. “But still... it isn’t good Frank. I know the man’s good looking but he’s not the sort of person you want to be getting attached to. He’s nice enough, but I mean... think about what he does to me. And to Silver. I mean... do you really want that?”

Did he really want to have Gerard sneak into his wagon at night and drive him absolutely crazy with pleasure? Of course he wanted that.

“Erm... No. I guess not.” He mumbled, looking down at his feet and playing with the wrench in his hands. “I erm... I just... I dunno. It was just a stupid dream. And the thing with Pierre, that won’t happen again. It was a mistake.” He said softly, hating himself for saying it because he knew how much it would hurt the Frenchman if he’d heard him but it was true. And it hadn’t been fair of him to allow Pierre to do that to him when his head he had been imagining Gerard instead. But, at least he seemed to have satisfied Cain for now and the young man beamed at him, wrapping his slender arms around his neck and pressing a feather light kiss to his cheek.

“Good. It’s best not get caught up stuff like that Frank, believe me. Just do your job and you’ll be fine.” He smiled, Frank nodding with a forced grin of his own before both men jumped to the sound of Gerard calling their names.

“Not distracting our young mechanic I hope Cain.” The ringmaster smirked as he walked over to them both from within the big top, one gloved hand coming down to rest on Cain’s shoulder once he’d reached them. “How’s the cannons coming Frank?” He purred, Frank biting his lip and trying to reassess his thoughts which had all decided to scramble when suddenly faced with the gorgeous ringmaster.

“Oh erm... I err... I’ve finished that one sir. And this one should be done soon...” He mumbled, his voice growing quiet as his eyes focused on the way Gerard’s fingers were softly massaging Cain’s shoulder. The shorter man acted as if he couldn’t notice, but Frank could see his jaw had tensed.

“Splendid! I’m so pleased you’ve figured out how to work them, you’re going to be a tremendous asset to this circus I’m sure of it.” Gerard beamed, Frank blushing at such praise and bowing his head as he mumbled a soft ‘thanks’. “I’d like to test them both of course when you’re done. If you just come and find me when they’re both fixed to your liking, I’ll be in my wagon.” He beamed, Frank meeting his gaze again.

“Sure. I’ll erm... I’ll come find you.” He nodded, watching with a strange sickly feeling as Gerard grinned and then turned to Cain, talking softly to him and asking if he could have a word for a moment, the young clown nodding before walking with Gerard back across the grass, his hand still on his shoulder.

Frank watched them go with a small grimace, wondering if it was him he was going to be asking about and he hoped Cain didn’t reveal too much. Though he supposed it would be better for Gerard to know the truth rather than for him to keep believing that he and Pierre had had sex that morning. The thought made Frank’s stomach churn and he sighed, trying to push it all out of mind as he turned back to the cannon.


It didn’t take too long for Frank to finish fixing the two cannons, and once he was done he used an old rag to clean his face and hands of most of the oil before he made his way through the rows of wagons to collect Gerard. He felt fairly certain that he had managed to fix them both perfectly, and though he was a little nervous, it was nothing compared to how he had felt with the big cannon so it was all fine. He felt almost optimistic even, excited to see the ringmaster though he was extremely self conscious of the fact his clothes and skin were grubby from the oil and soot.

As he walked to Gerard’s wagon the whole of the area was eerily quiet, everyone working to set up that nights show and Frank wondered why Gerard, as the ringmaster, had decided to stay out of the action. Surely he would be needed to guide everyone? But then, Frank supposed, one of the perks of owning the circus was that Gerard could do whatever he wanted and no one could complain about it.

Even if it’s having sex with anyone he wants in the dead of night...

Frank shook that thought of his head, his cheeks tingeing pink. He sort of wished Cain and Silver hadn’t told him about Gerard’s late night escapades as it was all he had been able to think about since, and it was very difficult to do his job with sex on the brain.

But it was all made much worse when he actually reached Gerard’s wagon...

Frank didn’t even bother knocking on the door once he reached it, his eyes growing wide and his stomach going icy as he saw what was inside through the windows. It wasn’t even like he had peeked inside, it was just clear to see as he approached the wagon. The windows were made to be seen through after all, and really, one should shut the curtains when doing things like Gerard was doing...

Inside the wagon, as plain to see as day, Cain was naked on all fours on Gerard’s bed. His arms were stretched out infront of him and his fists were clenched tightly around the sheets, his upper body pressed against the mattress so that his ass was elevated. His face was turned to the side so that Frank could see his expression, though Cain was oblivious as his eyes were squeezed shut. His mouth was hanging open and his expression was one of distress, though the way he ever so slowly arched his back and gyrated his hips made it only too clear how much he was enjoying himself.

Gerard was kneeling behind him, off the bed and still fully clothed. But that didn’t make the situation any better as his face was mostly hidden between the perfectly round, pale cheeks of Cain’s ass, Gerard’s still gloved hands holding them apart. Frank didn’t have to be able to see his mouth to be able to know what he was doing, and he could just imagine the way Gerard’s tongue was lapping sinfully against Cain’s puckered entrance, wriggling inside and licking at his inner walls. It was disgusting and obscene and so... so... hurtful.

Frank felt strangely tearful as he stared in shock at the scene through the window, Cain’s movements growing more frantic as he writhed about on the bed, his moans unable to be heard outside and Frank supposed the damn wagon was sound proof or something.

He didn’t know why he was so surprised to be seeing this, or why it was upsetting him so much. He knew that Gerard and Cain did stuff because Cain had told him himself, and he knew that Cain was never able to say no because he had told him that too. But Frank had had no idea they did it like this... in broad daylight where anyone could walk by and see. He had thought it was some terrible, dark, night time secret that Cain was ashamed of. Though right now he looked far from ashamed, he looked on the brink of orgasm and Frank turned away quickly before he would be forced to witness that too.

“Frankie? Hey!” Frank turned and swallowed thickly when he saw Silver bounding over to him across the grass, Cogs clinging to his shoulder and chirping brightly, it’s eyes spinning and blinking as it grinned widely. Frank tried to offer a smile, stopping only out of politeness as Silver jogged to his side. “Hey, I saw you back there and wondered what you were – are you okay? You look like you’re about to c – Oh my...” Silver’s eyes grew wide as he followed Frank’s gaze to Gerard’s wagon and saw the dreadful sight through the window.

“Are they...? Oh.. Oh Gosh, come on Frankie.” Silver’s hand was firm as he placed it on Frank’s shoulder and quickly pushed him across the grass, walking briskly as far away from Gerard’s wagon as he could and Frank was overcome with gratefulness. He didn’t want to see what the stupid ringmaster and fucking beautiful clown were doing... He hated them both in that moment, though he knew it was ridiculous. Why should he care what they were doing? It wasn’t like he even really knew either of them that well, and he especially didn’t know Gerard. Not well enough to be infatuated with him at least. It was absurd.

“Are you okay Frankie? Oh, I’m really sorry you had to see that.” Silver whimpered softly, Cog’s giving a sad gurgling noise and he hopped from Silver’s shoulder to Frank’s, snuggling into his neck and Frank offered a sad smile as he gently scratched behind it’s metal ears. It was cold as it wriggled against his skin, but he felt glad of the affection, and he didn’t want the little monkey to leave.

“Why should you be sorry? It’s not like it’s your fault.” He sighed as Silver sat down with him right on the outskirts of the park. They sat on the little wall that went round the edge of the park and Frank’s head span a little. Seeing the bustling streets and crooked houses helped to smack him back into reality. Being amidst all the brightly coloured wagons and circus tents and stalls made him feel like he was in an entirely different world, he had completely forgotten that he was still in his home town, capable of leaving at any moment and getting the train he should have got the day before.

“Wow...” He breathed, sighing softly as he swung his legs and Cog’s squeaked into his ear, watching him with those big, jade eyes. “It’s such a whirlwind in that place...” He sighed, gesturing vaguely behind himself at the circus and Silver nodded, idly swinging his legs too as he watched the people walking by.

“I know, it does get a little crazy. Never usually as crazy as that though... Gerard must really want you.” He sighed, Frank turning to look at him with a frown.

“What? Want me. Didn’t you see what he was doing to Cain!?” He snapped, feeling suddenly angry and tears welled up in his eyes, stinging and burning and he hung his head in shame. He felt so stupid, and angry too. How could Gerard ever look twice at him when there was someone as gorgeous as Cain so readily available? And why had Gerard told him to come to his wagon and then taken Cain there to do... that. “Obviously he knew I’m attracted to him... he planned for me to see that so that I realise I’m just being a fool.” He sighed, Silver raising his eyebrows at him and he shoved him lightly.

“You obviously don’t know Gerard.” He scoffed, Frank looking at him with confused, saddened eyes.

“I know he’s a tyrant.” He scoffed back, trying to defend his conclusion but Silver only shook his head, rolling his eyes at the same time as Cogs, the sight making Frank blink stupidly for a moment.

“A tyrant he may be, and yes, you’re right. He did plan for you to see that. But I know Gerard, and I know he wouldn’t have planned that to make you realise you’re a fool or whatever it is you said.” He shrugged, watching the people again as he continued to talk. “I don’t know what might have sparked it... but the way I figure it, he was probably trying to make you jealous...” He said thoughtfully, Frank’s stomach lurching.

“Make me... jealous?” He whispered, thinking back to the way Gerard’s lips had pursed and his body had gone tense that morning when Frank had made it seem that he and Pierre had done something. “W – Why would he –”

“Well, he doesn’t usually do things like this. But if he feels that maybe there are others in the circus who are interested in you, then he needs to snare your attention before they do. And Gerard always fights dirty.” Silver looked back to Frank, a small smirk playing about his lips. “Gerard sneaks into mine or Cain’s wagon most nights, whenever he can get away from Maria without making her suspicious... but he’s never ever done anything with us during the day. And even if he did he’s not an idiot, he wouldn’t risk anyone seeing it... not unless he wanted them to... clearly he knew you were going to be walking by at that point and wanted you to see.” He shrugged, Frank staring at him silently for a long moment.

Frank couldn’t see any reason why Gerard would want to make him jealous when he could obviously do whatever he wanted to him and Frank would never complain. Surely he knew that Frank didn’t want Pierre?

But then... what if Silver was right? What if Gerard really had meant to make Frank jealous? He had of course known that Frank would see, and he had seemed a little annoyed by the fact that he and Pierre had done stuff that morning. Could it be that he had been trying to hurt Frank on purpose? In some sick, twisted attempt to make him want him more.

“You.... You really think he wanted to make me jealous?” He asked quietly, Silver raising his eyebrows at him.

“I think so... And it seemed to work too. You looked really upset back there.” He said softly, Frank blushing and bowing his head. Silver sighed and gently laid his hand on his knee, squeezing so that Frank looked at him again. “But Frankie... you know you mustn’t get involved like this. You need to just ignore what you saw today, and ignore Gerard too.” He said firmly, Frank frowning.

“Yeah, that’s what Cain said. But he doesn’t seem to be trying very hard to deny him.” He snapped a little bitterly and Silver squeezed his knee again, frowning.

“Gerard is a very persuasive man Frank... you’ll find that out soon enough if he really does want you. You’ll only end up getting hurt. Me and Cain... we don’t care about what he does because we enjoy it just as much as he does, without getting our feelings mixed up into it. But if I can look at Gerard and Cain like that and not feel jealous, then that must mean you are going to get your feelings mixed up into it and you’ll only end up getting hurt Frank.” He warned, his tone serious.

Frank sighed and looked down at his hands in laps, nodding sadly. Cogs seemed to sense his melancholy and chirped softly, nuzzling his cold, metal head against Frank’s ear before nibbling gently with slightly sharp teeth. “Ow!” Frank gasped, more surprised than hurt and he chuckled as he looked at cogs, the monkey grinning back before Silver picked him up and put him back on his own shoulder.

“Don’t look so down Frank. I’m just trying to look out for you.” He sighed, wrapping his arm around him and kissing his cheek. “Gerard will no doubt make a move on you soon enough, and when he does... it’s Maria you’ll be needing to worry about...” He sighed, Frank looking at him surprise.


“Yeah. If she knew what Gerard got up to there’d be hell to pay. For me and Cain it’s fine, we can just deny it and she won’t be able to prove a thing. But you’re so innocent Frankie...” Silver sighed and gently cupped Frank’s cheek, looking at him sadly. “You won’t be able to deny it convincingly enough. And she’ll only figure out you like him and then you’ll really get hurt. Maria is not the kinda woman you wanna cross.”

“I... I’m not innocent!” Frank squeaked, unable to think of anything else to say. He didn’t want to know what kinds of things Maria would do if she found out that he and Gerard had been doing things... assuming of course that they would. Frank supposed Silver was just trying to make him prepared so he’d be able to say no if that time ever came, but Frank knew already he wouldn’t be able to. As scorned as he felt after seeing Gerard and Cain he still found the ringmaster indescribably attractive, and he only hoped that Gerard would be smart enough to keep Maria off their trail.


“Frankie, the cannons worked perfectly!” Gerard beamed after that evening’s show, striding up to Frank and hugging him against his chest. “I’m so pleased!” He laughed, Frank squeaking and gulping as he suddenly found himself crushed against Gerard’s silk waistcoat, breathing in the sweet scent of his cologne off the fabric. Gerard’s chest was broad and slightly muscles and truly wonderful, and Frank shyly hugged him back as he bit his lip, his heart thudding erratically.

“Did you see how much the crowd loved it!? I knew you wouldn’t let me down!” The ringmaster laughed, releasing Frank and ruffling his hair fondly. Frank barely noticing there seemed to be something hard against Gerard’s chest before he was released from his arms and he looked up at him with red cheeks. Now he was face to face with the ringmaster, he had been avoiding all evening, he found he couldn’t remember why he had been so mad at him before. Gerard was far too attractive to get mad at... Frank wasn’t angry anymore, he only wanted to impress him.

“I... Yes. I saw...” He mumbled, smiling shyly and Gerard laughed, beaming as he hugged him in one arm and began striding across the grass with him.

“Wonderful! Now, it’s your job to get the cannons away from the big top and loaded up into their cart – Pierre shall help you I’m sure.” He beamed, looking down at Frank with a wide smile though his eyes swirled with authority. “And then once everything has been packed away we shall all have a celebratory feast and then – more good news!” Gerard laughed, Frank looking up at him curiously. “Cain has agreed to let you share his wagon from now on!”

Frank stopped walking and stared at Gerard in shock, his heart missing a beat and his breath hitched in his throat. Gerard’s smile didn’t falter, though Frank felt as if he was challenging with him to dare say that he didn’t want to share with Cain.

“I... Sh – Share with Cain? But... But I’m already sharing with Pierre...” He mumbled weakly, Gerard shrugging and placing his fingers beneath his chin, tilting his head up before moving his hand away.

“Of course, I know. But I thought since you and Cain are such good friends it would be nicer for you. And Cain has a much larger bed than Pierre, perfect for you to share with him. I’m sure you have no objections to sharing a bed – Cain is so small, after all.” Gerard’s lips curved into a deviant smirk and Frank’s stomach lurched. He could tell that this was all part of Gerard’s plan... but he had no idea what that plan was. He suddenly felt like a pawn in a game and Gerard was commanding his every movement.
“Well.... Yes I... I suppose. But I... Wouldn’t it offend Pierre if I decided to share with Cain instead?” Frank asked softly. He supposed he would rather share with Cain, they were friends after all. But he was friends with Pierre too, and he didn’t want the muscle man to think that he was leaving because of what had happened that morning. “I mean... I’m happy where I am, there’s no need to –”

“Frankie.” Gerard said softly, his smile fading to be replaced by a stern look and he folded his arms across his chest, tapping his fingers on his bicep. “I am quite certain that Pierre will not be at all offended. In fact, I shall speak to him myself about the arrangement and move your things to Cain’s wagon personally. Unless you wish to continue to object?”

The tone of Gerard’s voice left no room for argument and Frank knew that if he were to object it would probably be the last thing he ever did. He felt intimidated and afraid but almost... electric. Gerard was staring at him with firm, swirling eyes and his stomach tingled as he suddenly wondered what it would feel like to have Gerard place his mouth in that most intimate of places....

Frank jumped and quickly snapped out of his thoughts, his whole face going red as he wondered why on earth he had thought such a terrible thing and he stammered out a quick consent to sharing with Cain before going to hurry away before he could be attacked by anymore inappropriate thoughts.

“Ah, Frankie –” Gerard was quick to grab Frank’s wrist and he smirked softly at him as he tugged him to a halt. “I do love it when you’re so agreeable. Let’s have no more arguments, there’s a good boy.” He purred, patting his hand patronisingly before releasing him and Frank nodded, his heart racing at the horrendously seductive way Gerard had called him a good boy. He tried to turn and rush away, but he felt rooted to the spot, only able to stare as Gerard blew him a kiss and then sauntered away, swaying his hips as if he were a woman trying to secure a man’s attention.

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