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Master voyeur

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Cain smiled softly as he finished fluffing up the pillows on his bed, arranging the second blanket so that the bed could be split into two before he sat down on it and watched Frank as he finished pulling on the oversized shirt he was going to wear to bed.

“So, you want the window side or the wall side?” The beautiful boy asked softly, smiling warmly at Frank as he shrugged and tugged nervously on the hem of his shirt.

“Erm... I don’t mind. It’s your bed.” He giggled softly, his cheeks a little pink and Cain laughed softly, taking his hands in his and tugging him to come sit beside him.

“Frankie, you’re so tense.” He smiled, moving to sit behind him and his nimble fingers began working over Frank’s shoulders and the nape of his neck. “You don’t have to be nervous around me. We’re friends right? I’m not like Gerard, I’m not gonna pounce on you in the dead of night.” He giggled, Frank sighing and relaxing a little as Cain massaged his shoulders.

“Mm... It’s not you I’m worried about...” He admitted softly, closing his eyes for a moment as he sank against Cain’s warm touch. “Why did Gerard move me here?”

Cain’s hands went tense, and for a long moment he didn’t say anything. He began massaging Frank’s shoulders again but he still didn’t speak and Frank began to wonder whether he was going to answer at all. Eventually though, Cain spoke, his voice quiet and close to Frank’s ear, his breathe warm against his skin.

“I don’t really know...” He whispered, his hands stilling again though they were relaxed. “I know he has something planned though... Just remember what I told you before... about saying no. If he tries anything and you tell him to stop then he will Frankie.” Cain slowly turned Frank’s face to his and brushed his fingers down his cheek, gazing into his eyes to show how serious he was being. “You don’t need to be nervous.” He smiled, Frank sighing and bowing his head against Cain’s palm.

“I guess...” He agreed quietly, though both he and Cain knew that he would never be able to say no. Part of him really hoped that Gerard did try something, but another part was frightened after what Silver had said to him. He knew the strange boy with the monkey was right... Frank needed to say no, even if he did want Gerard, because if he didn’t, he’d end up getting hurt.

“Do you think he’ll try something tonight?” Frank asked softly and Cain thought about it for a long moment before shaking his head, pulling his hands away from Frank and turning to fluff up the pillows again.

“I doubt it. We’ll be leaving for another town first thing in the morning; he’ll probably just want to rest tonight.” He shrugged, his voice uncertain. Cain really did doubt that Gerard would try anything, he’d already had his lust sated by him once that day, and no doubt Maria would be all over him right now too. But he really did seem to be into Frank, and Cain had learnt already that there were days when Gerard just seemed to be able to go forever.

He just hoped tonight wasn’t one of them.

Frank watched as Cain finished messing with the pillows and finally crawled under his blanket, smiling softly as Frank timidly crawled under the second blanket and lay down on his side of the bed. It felt strange, sharing a bed with another man. He had never shared a bed before, not with anyone, and Cain was far too beautiful to make this night easy he was sure.

“What do you think of the circus so far then Frankie?” Cain asked once the two men were settled and he gazed at Frank through those deep, blue eyes. Frank picked at his blanket, shrugging his shoulders a second before looking up at him.

“It’s great. I mean... I really love it here. It’s everything I imagined but...” Frank trailed off, sighing and Cain gave an understanding nod.

“But... Gerard.”


Another silence fell between the two men, Frank finally starting to relax as he sank into the cushions and Cain smiled softly at him, reaching out to gently touch his hand.

“It’s going to be okay ya’ know.” He assured him and Frank smiled, nodding and kissing Cain’s knuckles, making the youthful looking man giggle softly.

“I know. I just... don’t trust myself to push him away.” He admitted quietly, his eyes wide and imploring as he looked at Cain. He hoped the clown would be able to offer him some advice, be able to assure him that if the moment came Frank would be able to do the right thing. But the clown only bit his lip and sighed, squeezing Frank’s hand softly.

“Frankie... You just... have to try. And if you don’t then... Well, it’s okay as long as you don’t get your feelings mixed up into it.” Cain offered a bright smile but Frank was slow to return it. “Please Frankie, just don’t worry. I’m sure Gerard would back off if he knew how worried he was making you – maybe I could talk to him for you. Ask him to give up.” He smiled but Frank only looked distraught at such a suggestion.

“What!? Oh... Oh no, no that won’t be necessary.” He assured him, biting his lip as his cheeks flamed red. “I mean... thank you but I... No.” He sighed and lowered his gaze, knowing there would be no use trying to make up some stupid excuse as to why he didn’t want Cain to help him out. The both of them knew only too well that as much as Frank tried to deny it, deep down he was eager for Gerard to make a move, and he sighed softly as Cain nodded.

“It’s okay... Let’s not talk about Gerard anymore.” He smiled and Frank nodded readily, sighing with relief at being able to drop the subject.

Cain began talking about the evening’s show and Frank gladly joined in, the two of them already tired from working so hard to get all the tents and stalls taken down and packed away ready for the move in the morning, so they didn’t speak long before Cain gave a long yawn and snuggled further under his blanket.

“Mm... I hope... Pierre isn’t too upset about.... you moving...” He sighed dreamily, Frank nodding his agreement. He had felt terrible at first, and had talked to Pierre as they had moved the cannons, assuring him it was not his decision to move and that he was very upset that he wouldn’t be able to share with the Frenchmen from now on. Pierre had seemed okay with it and had hugged Frank tight, promising that he wasn’t at all offended and Frank had felt a little better about it. It seemed the Frenchmen knew only too well what went on in that ringmaster’s mind.

“I think he’s okay...” Frank nodded, yawning himself and smiling dreamily when he felt a tender kiss to his cheek.

“Good night Frankie...” Cain’s voice was close and soft and Frank smiled, reaching out and smiling when he felt Cain’s hand, squeezing gently.

“Good night Cain.” He whispered, falling asleep almost instantly after as his exhausted body gave in to the dreams tugging him away.


Frank woke up to the sounds of people bustling about outside the wagon and he sighed, stretching with a small groan. Cain was already awake beside him but it didn’t look like he had been that way long, his fingers still digging the sleep out of his eyes as he stretched his slim legs and wiggled his toes.

The night had been restful and uneventful, and Frank almost felt disappointed for it. It seemed that whatever monster Gerard was harbouring it had stayed locked in its cage, for that night at least.

Frank sighed and sat up, stretching his arms above his head and clicked his knuckles before he slumped forward and sleepily ran his fingers through his hair. Cain had already sprung out of bed with more energy than should be allowed at such an early hour and began getting dressed as he greeted Frank with a chirpy ‘morning’.

Frank watched him like he was crazy and sighed, waving a hand up before slowly rolling out of the bed and turning to give Cain some privacy as he tugged his clothes on, making the bed to pass the time. Cain was still chatting happily about a dream he’d had, asking Frank if he’d dreamt of anything and the mechanic was relieved to say that he hadn’t. If he’d have woken up with an erection that morning then he dreaded to think what Cain’s response would be.

Cain smiled once he was changed and left the wagon to get them some breakfast so that Frank could change in peace too. The young man watched him go and dropped the shirt in his hands to take a moment to just relax on the bed a moment.

Frank bowed his head and closed his eyes, thinking to himself for a long moment. Today he was going to be leaving the town he had called his home for the past few years. Once he left there would be no coming back... not for a long time at least. If he changed his mind and decided he didn’t want to be with the circus after all then he’d have to find a train that could get him back here. Then he’d have to find a new job and...

Frank looked up and dared to smile, biting his lip a moment. No. There would be no coming back. Not anymore. This town held nothing for him, and though he had only spent two days with the circus so far he knew that this was where he truly belonged. Working with the cannons was new and exciting, and being a mechanic was all he had ever known. All he could ever know...

He wanted to be here. He wanted to stay here, and nothing was going to change that.

With this new optimism in mind Frank felt much happier and he got changed as quick as he could, using the windows to quickly check his reflection and pat down his hair before he stepped out of the wagon and looked about in the cool, early morning sunshine.

Cain was just jobbing back up to him with some sweet pastry and a large cup of coffee for them to share. Some of the other circus hands were sat about eating and chatting, and those who had already eaten were leading horses to all the wagons. Frank watched in awe as dozens of the beasts were led from what seemed to be out of nowhere and Cain giggled as he reached them.

“We let them stay in stables in each town we go to. They get all pampered for a few days then come back when we move on.” The young clown explained as he gave Frank one of the pastries and sat down with him on the steps of the wagon. “That’s my horse coming now.” Cain nodded at a beautiful chestnut stallion being led by Pierre and Frank grinned.

“He’s gorgeous.” He breathed, biting into his pastry and Pierre grinned at him as he came to a halt beside the steps.

“You flatter me Frankie.” He said playfully in his thick French accent. “You want horse tied now?” He then asked Cain who nodded.

“Please, thank you Pierre.” He beamed, eating his own pastry hungrily and Pierre nodded, smiling warmly at Frank before moving to the front of the wagon to attach the horse. Some of the wagons needed two of the beasts, but Cain’s wagon was only small. The cart for the cannons however had eight horses attached to it and Frank watched in awe as he ate his pastry and shared the coffee with Cain as the horses were tethered to the cart in four pairs.

Overseeing all of this was Gerard, seeming to dance about in his happiness as he gave people jobs and waved others on like a conductor, his cane like a baton. He was wearing another one of his ostentatious suits, this one in a rich emerald green colour with matching top hat, and Frank idly licked some sugar off his lips as he looked at him.

Cain followed Frank’s gaze and smirked softly, gently jabbing his elbow into his ribs so that the mechanic looked at him.

“Eyes on the pastry Frankie.” He smirked and Frank blushed, shoving him gently back with a small giggle but he obediently focussed on his food and got to work finishing it. Cain finished his own pastry and sipped at some coffee before letting Frank drink the rest, the final horses getting tied to their wagons and all of the circus folk came to assemble around Gerard.

“Alright – is that everything?” Gerard called, waiting until everybody nodded and he grinned widely. “Excellent, excellent. The horses are all tethered?” More nods followed and the ringmaster’s grin widened. “Then let us be off! Usual order.” He smiled, holding his arm out for Maria who happily curled into his side and giggled softly into his ear as they walked together to Gerard’s wagon, Frank watching them with hard eyes.

“Does she live with him?” He asked softly, still watching them go but Cain answered anyway, his blue eyes fixated on Frank.

“Not technically. Maria has her own wagon but she makes someone else lead her horses so that she can sit with Gerard on his. She sleeps in his wagon most nights too.” He said softly and Frank nodded, finally looking at the young clown once Gerard had disappeared out of sight. He sighed as Cain’s hand gently wrapped around his, squeezing gently.

“Come on. You can sit up front with me and help guide my horse. It’s nice... seeing all the scenery.” He said timidly, it clear that he was eager to make Frank cheer up and the young mechanic forced a smile, kissing Cain’s cheek.

“Thanks...” He smiled, trying to forget his jealously as he sat on the front stoop of Cain’s wagon, just a simple wooden stoop where Cain could hold the reigns of the horse and guide them away. The order of the wagons was the same as always, Cain explained, Gerard would of course lead the way, and next would come all the cannons and tents in their carts, and then the circus folk would follow like a strange, colourful carnival procession.

“We like to make a grand entrance with each town we go to you see.” Cain winked and Frank laughed, smiling and gripping his seat as Cain gently tapped the reign’s on his horses back and set it to a gentle trot, following behind Pierre’s and a couple of the acrobats wagons, Silver’s wagon beside Cain’s so that he could grin and chat to he and Frank as they travelled.


As the wagons travelled out of the town Frank felt a strange jolt in his stomach, a sort of weird tugging and fizzing as he left his home to go and see the big wide world. Cain had shifted closer to him and laid his head down on his shoulder, smiling softly up at him and Frank couldn’t help but grin back. He had been nervous at first, but the more they travelled he only grew more and more excited.

The day was sunny and warm, and as they rumbled down one of the highways Frank looked about the fields lining the dirt track on either side. There were cattle roaming about freely, and birds flying over head. There were trees and flowers to see, and mountains in the distance. Quite far to the left Frank realised must be the train track after a steal beast chugged past with a chirpy toot of its horn. It had made Frank laugh out loud and press closer to Cain, silver grinning at them from his own wagon.

The three men were chatting brightly as they travelled, the wagons coming to a stop late afternoon to eat some lunch before they got on their way again.

Cain and Silver told Frank all about the different places they had seen and also about Gerard’s hopes to take the circus across the ocean to different countries. They were certainly popular here and the ringmaster was sure they could make a real name for themselves if they tried. Frank’s stomach had churned a little at the idea of sailing away to foriegn lands, but the thought of becoming famous with the circus, of growing up here made him day dream for a while about himself. He could imagine himself middle aged, muscular, handsome, as seductive as Maria and as mysterious as Gerard. He would work on the cannons and any other machinery, hell, maybe one day he could take an apprentice of his own and teach him the tricks of the trade. What a magical thought.

Frank had fallen asleep for a while after that, his eyes drooping closed as he had been daydreaming until he was dreaming for real, his lips pouting a little against Cain’s neck from where he had dropped his head onto his shoulder.

Cain had smiled softly and shared a pleased look with Silver, the brunette grinning widely with those sharp little teeth of his and Cogs had chirped brightly. Both men were pleased to see Frankie so relaxed, though neither had liked to admit it, they had been worried he wouldn’t want to move town with the circus. That he would leave due to the issues with Gerard. But clearly the young mechanic was content and that made them both happy.


“That’s it men – pull!” Gerard’s voice was loud and commanding, ‘men’ referring to all the circus folk, women included, as everyone grabbed a rope each and began pulling the big top up to its full height.

The circus had arrived at their next destination late that night and they were all tired. The horses were being taken to stables whilst some of the acrobat girls were going around the new town to put posters up so that in the morning it would seem as if the posters had just magically appeared to the townspeople.

Everyone else was helping pull up the big top, even Gerard. It was heavier than it seemed, the vast amount of fabric weighing more than Frank expected, but then of course there was that complicated pulley system they used to open the top when Cain was fired from the cannon so Frank supposed that made it heavier too.

Pierre was the only one not putting the tent up; instead he was stood with a sack of long, thick nails and a large wooden mallet. He waited until the big top was in place and everyone was instructed by Gerard to lay their ropes on the ground and hold them taught. Frank looked about and quickly copied everyone, squatting down on the grass and laying both hands tight down on his rope so that it didn’t fly up or go slack. Once everyone was settled Pierre rushed around the entire big top, hammering the nails into loops at the end of the ropes to secure the tent in place.

For such a muscled man he was faster than expected, and with his strength it took only one blow of the mallet to drive the nails home.

Once the entire tent had been pinned up everyone stood back and shared tired grins, some wiping the sweat from their foreheads. The wagons had already been positioned into another colourful gypsy town, and all of the separate tents and stalls had been put up before the big top. That left them chance to eat a hasty supper before Gerard sent them all to bed, telling them to “sleep well, for in the morning, we shall plan our evening’s show.”

Cain had taken Frank’s hand then, smiling warmly at him as he led him back to their wagon, stopping to hug Pierre and Silver and a number of the other circus hands good night. Frank felt exhausted but pleased, and he had paused outside the wagon to breathe in the cool night air and gaze about his surroundings a moment before going in to sleep.

Once both men had changed and crawled into separate sides of the bed Cain had sleepily promised Frank they would go exploring the next day once all their planning for the show had been done, and Frank had thanked him whole heartedly and sighed as Cain had drawn him closer.

“Come... lie with me, it feels strange sleeping so far apart. We’re friends, aren’t we?” He mewled, almost drunk he was so tired and Frank had been in no mind to disagree and so had timidly laid his head down on the front of Cain’s shoulder, pouting gently against the pale skin as the two men wrapped their arms around each other and fell fast asleep.


Frank woke up with a start when a hand had gently shook him and he grunted a little as he awoke, rubbing at his eyes and staring about. For a moment he was disorientated, confused to have been woken up when it was still dark and so clearly still late. He turned to Cain, expecting him to give some sort of explanation to having woken him but Cain himself was only just waking up, rubbing at his own eyes sleepily and yawning.

Confused, Frank turned his head, trying to see what had caused them both to wake up and he his heart flew into his mouth when he saw a dark shape sat on one of the little cushioned benches on the other side of the wagon. It was hardly a long distance, barely three feet, and Frank knew he didn’t have to light a candle to know who was watching them both.

“Gerard?” He breathed, rubbing a hand through his hair and waiting until his eyes adjusted to the darkness. A hand of the figure slowly reached out, drawing a small gap in the curtains, just big enough to let in a little moonlight and as the white, gloved hand pulled back Frank felt himself tense. “What are you doing here?” He whispered, the ringmasters teeth shining in the darkness as he grinned deviously.

“I hope I am not disturbing you...” He purred, Cain, now fully awake, groaned gently.

“You know you are. We were sleeping.” He snapped softly, Gerard’s quiet chuckle sending shivers up Frank’s spine.

“Yes, I saw. Quite entwined too.” He smirked as he slowly removed his gloves and placed them on the table, Frank blushing in the darkness.

“We share a bed.” Cain shrugged, shifting closer to Frank and gently taking his hand, squeezing softly to show it was okay. “It’s only natural we would fall into each other in the night.”

“Evidently.” Gerard replied, the smile clear in his voice and he leaned forward slowly, moonlight falling over him so that Frank could see him properly and for a moment Frank forgot to breathe.

Gerard looked just as good as ever, better even, for he was wearing his usual waistcoat with no shirt but this time no jacket either. The expanse of arm and shoulders on show, the long slope of his throat, God... Frank wanted to kiss him so badly.

“Tell me Frankie, has Cain ever told you about the fun times he and I have had?” The ringmaster asked delicately, still smirking to himself and Frank bowed his head in shame, remembering everything he had seen that day Gerard had told him to come to his wagon and Cain automatically wrapped an arm around him.

“He knows.” He said a little tensely, kissing Frank’s cheek gently. “Don’t you see you do nothing but hurt him? Play your games master, but not with him. He doesn’t deserve to have you break him.” Cain’s voice held conviction but he spoke softly, almost gently and Frank looked at him in surprise at the term ‘master’.

“Cain.” Gerard’s voice was delicate but firm, and Frank felt Cain tense beside him. “If I wanted your opinion on the matter I would have asked for it.”

Cain nodded slowly and sighed, holding Frank closer and whispering a soft apology before Gerard spoke again.

“Now then. I fear we’ve made the moment tense. I want you both to relax, you know you can always say no to me.” He whispered gently and Cain relaxed, nodding his head.

“I know.” He sighed, turning his head to whisper into Frank’s ear. “He means it... just say no Frankie. You don’t have to do anything.” He breathed and Frank’s heart sped up even more. Was this it then? Was this going to be one of those nights where Gerard came to take advantage of the beautiful clown? Was he expecting Frank to join in or something? It sounded like it, and the mechanic didn’t know whether he wanted to say no or not.

“I... O –Okay...” He whispered and Gerard grinned widely, leaning ever closer so that he could search Frank’s nervous gaze. Ever so slowly he reached out a hand and stroked one finger down Frank’s jaw, causing the mechanic to shudder and exhale softly, his gaze never leaving Gerard’s.

“Such a beautiful boy... I have been thinking about this all day.” He whispered and Frank felt certain his heart was about to give up and stop beating all together any minute now.

“Th – This?” He repeated, not sure what the ringmaster was planning exactly. Cain still had an arm around his waist, but Frank could barely feel it. Couldn’t see the way the clown was staring intently at Gerard, as if waiting instruction.

“Yes Frankie... You have to understand, you will be a most wonderful asset to this circus whether you choose to do as I ask or not. Your mechanical skills are truly wonderful, but I... would very much like to see your skills in other areas too.” The ringmasters’ voice was soft and gentle, trying to keep Frank at ease even as he asked for something that no one should ever ask of a man. Not in this world.

“Tonight... I would like to watch you and Cain be... intimate, if you will.” He whispered softly, Cain relaxing now he finally understood but Frank only tensed more.

“Intimate?” He repeated softly, Gerard nodding.

“You understand what I mean?” He asked and Frank nodded shakily, his hands trembling and his heart hammering. “Please do not feel obligated. I am not a rapist Frank, nor is Cain. If you say no then I will leave, no harm. No foul.”

’If only it were that simple.’ Frank thought to himself, his teeth clamping on his lower lip as he thought about it. This was something he certainly hadn’t been expecting. Yes, he had been shocked to see Gerard here, and his body was trembling quite violently now but deep down he had known this would happen. At least... he had known Gerard would come in the night and try things like Cain had told him. He had not, however, been expecting Gerard to ask him to have sex with Cain and not him.

He glanced at the clown who was watching him with gentle eyes, trying to tell him with just a look that it was okay, he could say no. In fact, Cain wanted him to say no. If he said yes, then there would be no turning back and he would end up mixed in these strange games of Gerard’s.

“I... You... want to see my... skills?” Frank eventually whispered, turning to look at the ringmaster again and feeling once more that strange tugging in his abdomen and urge to kiss all over the ringmaster’s body. Gerard nodded slowly, offering a smile.


“But I... I’m afraid I do not have any... skills, in that area.” Frank whispered shyly, his cheeks blazing and he bowed his head in embarrassment, Gerard chuckling lightly and even Cain giggled, kissing his cheek.

“Are you a virgin Frank?” Gerard asked curiously, amusement in his voice and Frank blushed harder.

“No I... I’ve had sex with women a... a couple times.” He mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. “But never men I... I know it’s wrong so I –”

“Oh Frankie, please, never say it is ‘wrong’. Here we believe it is just another spectacular way to experience pleasure. And please, do not be nervous, Cain shall do all the work this time instead, if you prefer.” He purred, Cain nodding and rubbing his hand slowly up and down Frank’s arm.

“Mhmm... I could... ride you... if you like?” He offered, his voice a little huskier and Frank realised he was excited just thinking about it. For such a heart stoppingly good looking man to be so eager to ride him made Frank feel as though he could get hard at that very second.

“R – Ride me...” He choked, Gerard smirking and nodding at Cain.

“What a pleasant idea. Don’t you agree Frankie?” He asked softly and Frank nodded automatically before he hesitated and looked to Gerard, biting his lip.

“But... What will you –”

“I shall watch. For tonight.” Gerard smiled, as if the answer were obvious and Frank looked to Cain who offered him some form of explanation.

“Gerard is a voyeur. He likes to watch...” He shrugged softly and Frank questioned him with his eyes if this had ever happened before. Cain blushed ever so slightly, the pink quite beautiful on his pale cheeks and he smiled somewhat shyly. “He’s watched Silver and I a few times.” He whispered and Gerard nodded, settling down on his bench and leaning back, clasping his fingers together on his knees and smiling encouragingly as Frank gazed at Cain.

Could he have sex with this man?

Of course he could. Cain was so incredibly beautiful, so flawless, so pure... But it made him look so like an angel Frank felt guilty already for just considering doing anything with him. But then... he so wanted to make Gerard happy. He could imagine it, the way Cain would ride him and the way Gerard would watch. He felt his dick twitch in his trousers and he blushed, gasping and bowing his head.

“Hmm... I do believe that Frankie is up for it...” Gerard purred, looking to the mechanic for confirmation and ever so slowly, only once he was certain he wasn’t going to regret this, once he was done battling with what he knew was right and yet what he wanted... Frank nodded.

Cain sighed and bowed his head a moment before smiling gently at Frank, squeezing his hand and shifting a little closer, Gerard grinning widely and relaxing more, getting comfortable before nodding his head at Cain.

“Then... begin with a kiss. As is polite. Do not feel nervous Frankie, you are in good hands.” The ringmaster’s voice had grown deep and husky and Frank could tell he was already aroused just from the knowledge that Frank had finally consented and he was finally going to get the show he wanted. Frank had full trust in Cain, but that didn’t stop him from feeling a little terrified. He had never had sex with a man before, how would he know what to do?

“Cain I –”

“Shh... Its okay, let me do everything. All you have to do is... lie back...” The beautiful boy whispered softly and Frank gave a shaky nod, gazing through wide eyes as Cain slowly leant forward, angling his body so that he faced Frank properly. Frank automatically turned with him, their body’s side on to Gerard and facing each other. Neither of them were wearing shirts and Frank felt something spark up his spine when Cain laid one hand on his hip and one gently on his cheek, drawing him in as his perfectly cupid bow shaped lips pouted ever so softly.

Frank kept his eyes open to the very last minute, his heart drumming a frantic rhythm in his chest as he became only far too aware of how Gerard was watching them, how he might make a fool out of himself. He didn’t know whether he was a good kisser or not, and he hadn’t kissed anyone for so long he wasn’t sure if he knew how anymore. But of course, as soon as Cain’s lips touched his own, his eyes fluttered closed and he relaxed into his hold.

Cain kept their lips still for a moment, moving the hand on Frank’s waist round so that his arm wrapped about his lower back and tugged him even closer, beginning to move his lips as their bodies touched and pressed tighter.

Frank followed Cain’s lead, kissing him shyly as their lips moved slowly, pouting and moving as one. His arms slowly came up to wrap around Cain’s neck and he sighed when the older man forced his lips apart with the tip of his tongue. He didn’t move it into Frank’s mouth though, only deepened the kiss by allowing their lips to part, to share breath, and give the tantalising promise of something deeper before pouting and moulding together again.

Gerard watched intently and kept his fingers locked together so he didn’t touch himself just yet, instead simply watched as the two men kissed. Cain was a true beauty, anyone could see it, and Gerard never grew bored of seeing him kiss another. But Frank was something extra special. Shy, and timid, and yet so handsome. His dark brown hair and deep hazel eyes had hooked Gerard in the moment he had seen him, his olive skin contrasted so deliciously with Cain’s own ivory complexion, and the scars and little marks obtained from working with locomotives and down mines had left Frank with a hardly flawless body, yet Gerard loved it. It told a story, ever scar and abrasion another path on the map of his life, drawn so beautifully over his tanned skin.

Frank was more toned than Cain was, though neither were exactly muscular. But once again it was something Gerard loved. He especially loved how Cain so easily made Frank relax, the mechanic soon lost deeply in the kiss and no longer tense or shaking. Gerard knew that it was going to be a show to remember.

Frank gasped gently as after a long while of kissing Cain finally slipped his tongue into his mouth, moving past the soft barriers of his lips to touch his tongue and coax it into a slow, seductive dance. Frank pressed closer to the shorter man, his fingers smoothing through his long, white hair and feeling how silky the tresses were. Cain was clearly experienced and he made Frank melt with pleasure as his tongue explored his mouth, the hand on his face moving down to lay ever so gently on his crotch.

Frank gasped and pulled away from the kiss, squeezing his eyes shut and bowing his head, embarrassed by how hard he was already. Cain only smiled though and captured his lips in another, deeper kiss and squeezed Frank’s shaft gently through his trousers.

“Mmm... Frankie, I wanna make you feel good m’kay?” He purred and Frank nodded timidly, gazing through half lidded eyes as Cain slowly pushed him down to lay on his back. Cain knew Gerard loved to hear them talking to each other during the whole event, and he could tell already that Frank was going to be responsive, and that Gerard was going to love it. In fact, he himself no longer cared about any of the consequences, his body already wracked with lust for the mechanic. He was gorgeous, there was no doubt about it, and it made a pleasant change for Cain to be the dominant one for once.

Frank wrapped his arms around Cain when he leant over him and kissed him again, Gerard’s voice softly commanding them to turn so they were side on to him again. Cain nodded and manoeuvred Frank so that he was lying side on to the ringmaster, grabbing a pillow to place behind his head all without breaking the kiss.

Cain’s hand was still pressed flush to the bulge in Frank’s trousers, rubbing and squeezing softly until Frank’s erection had grown to its full length, so hard that he wriggled uncomfortably until the head appeared over the hem of his trousers, shining from pre cum already. Cain broke the kiss and gazed down at him a moment before latching his lips onto Frank’s neck and sucking gently.

Frank groaned ever so softly and his toes curled when Cain smeared his thumb across the top of his head. He wanted to turn and see if Gerard was enjoying himself, but he couldn’t bring himself to even open his eyes let alone turn his head. He sighed and moaned quietly, playing with Cain’s long hair as he sucked and nibbled over his neck, slowly undoing the ties of his trousers and tugging them down his legs.

Frank lifted his hips and pushed the garment off the bed once it had reached his ankles. Cain’s hand instantly wrapped around his shaft and stroked slowly, squeezing every now and then and smearing the pre cum down Frank’s length to slicken his movements.

Frank gasped and clenched his teeth, trying to bite back his moans until Gerard demanded he let him hear him and Frank obediently moaned loudly, tugging at Cain’s hair gently.

Cain smirked softly and left a trail of marks down Frank’s neck and round to his throat where he was contentedly sucking on his Adam’s apple. He knew how to mark him so that they would fade by morning, but at the same time it would please Gerard to see some form of ownership on Frank. Not that it was Cain who would be owning him, of course.

“Oh... Cain...” Frank sighed, arching his back a little when Cain squeezed the base of his erection and then dipped his hand lower, squeezing and caressing his balls for a long moment as Frank squirmed and wriggled, biting his lip and whimpering for more.

Cain grinned devilishly and moved down Frank’s body, capturing a nipple in his mouth and teasing the rosy nub with the tip of his tongue. Frank gasped and moaned louder, praying in his head that no one in the other wagons would hear him before all moments of clarity were gone and his mind was nothing but a thick fog of lust.

Cain moved across to his other nipple once he was done with the first, sucking and biting gently as his hand moved back to once more pump at Franks’ erection, drawing down the foreskin to tease beneath the fraenulum with his fingertips, causing the organ to twitch in his grasp.

“Mm... Cain... tell me about it, you know I love it when you do that...” Gerard whispered huskily from his spot on the bench, his hand now over his crotch where a sizeable bulge was showing through his trousers, his palm working over it as he teased himself.

Cain glanced at him and smirked, nodding and flicking his tongue over Frank’s nipple as he kept eye contact with the ringmaster.

“Mm... He’s the perfect size master... so thick, you know I love men with girth...” Cain purred, stroking his fist over Frank’s erection faster and twisting his palm with each sweep up, Frank moaning quietly to himself. “He’s gonna fill me up so good... I can’t wait to feel him...” He groaned, beginning to rub against Frank’s thigh so that he could feel how hard he was in his shorts and Frank groaned louder, tugging at Cain’s hips.

“Mmpph... Please Cain... ride me now... I don’t wanna wait... don’t make me wait...” He whimpered and to his surprise a deep, gravelly moan drifted to him from the cushioned bench. Cain too seemed shocked and he grinned at Gerard as he bit his lip and gazed at Frank through half lidded eyes.

“Ooh... you heard him Cain... Don’t leave the boy waiting... mm... That’s it Frankie, tell him what you want...” He groaned, Frank bucking his hips a little and he tugged at Cain’s shorts, undoing them hastily and dragging them down his slender hips.

“I want you to ride me... mm... want you to... to make me feel good...” He whimpered, Cain shimmying out of his clothes and nodding.

“Oh I will Frankie, I will...” He sighed, gripping Frank’s hair as he kissed him suddenly and passionately, stealing his breath away as the mechanic gasped and struggled to keep up with the intensity of the kiss. Cain was still rubbing against his thigh, his now bare erection warm and slick against Frank’s skin and he moaned desperately, shamelessly begging for Cain to hurry.

“Mm... just give me one minute love... I need to prep...” He groaned, kissing at Frank’s parted lips over and over before slowly turning so he had his back to Gerard. Frank sat up a little and watched through hazy eyes as Cain bent over and pressed his chest against the sheets, spreading his legs wide and sucking on three of his fingers.

Frank knew vaguely what was to come and his dick ached at the thought. He wrapped his hand around it and stroked lazily, not enough to get off but just enough to ease the pain as he watched just as intently as Gerard was, the ringmaster undoing his own trousers to free his own throbbing erection.

Gerard matched Frank’s rhythm as he stroked his cock, the quiet sounds of Cain’s sucking filling the wagon before he moved his hand down his body, past his erection, past his testicles, all the way up to his anus and Gerard bit down hard on his lower lip.

Cain squeezed his eyes shut and slowly ran a fingertip round his entrance, he could hear soft pants coming from both Frank and Gerard and he ached to please them both, not wanting to leave them waiting.

It didn’t take long for his muscles to begin relaxing and he eagerly pushed the first finger inside himself, pushing past the sphincter muscle and feeling it clench tight a moment before relaxing. He swallowed thickly and waited a moment before slowly moving his finger inside himself, Gerard’s and Frank’s stares burning holes in him as he thrust the digit slowly.

Frank watched, mesmerized, as Cain’s finger moved inside himself, a second soon disappearing to join it and Frank’s stomach clenched tightly. He was desperate to find out how it felt to disappear inside him that way too and he whimpered in need.

Cain heard Frank’s quiet mewl and began scissoring his fingers, gyrating his hips and moaning quietly, adding a third and feeling the stretch. It didn’t really hurt after all the times he had done this, and he grew just as impatient as Frank as he thrust his fingers, spreading them and teasing himself until he couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Unn... mmph... Frankie are you... are you r – ready?” He asked quietly, Frank moaning and nodding frantically.

“Yes, yes Cain I... Please, please hurry...” He begged softly, Cain slowly drawing his fingers away and Gerard hissed as he watched his anus clench and then relax at the loss of contact, his hand squeezing at his erection in response and he panted softly as Cain slowly crawled back to Frank.

The two men met in a passionate kiss, Cain resting his legs on either side of Frank’s pelvis and moving his hips up above him, breaking the kiss so that he couldn’t straighten his back. Frank watched Cain through half lidded eyes, his hands automatically coming to rest on his hips and hold him steady as Cain reached behind himself and took hold of Frank’s cock.

He held the mechanic’s length up straight and laid his other hand down on Frank’s chest, keeping his balance as best he could as he slowly lowered himself back down. He waited until he felt the slick head of Frank’s erection pressing just above his ass and he closed his eyes, focusing on what he could feel to angle Frank just right and get him pressing against his anus.

Frank’s breath hitched in his throat as Cain began to slowly press down, gripping tight to the base of his cock to keep him steady as he moved slowly, allowing his muscles to slowly relax and allow Frank to slip inside. It was a long process, or at least it felt it to Frank who was using all of his will power to not push up and try to thrust inside the slim boy quicker.

Cain clenched his teeth and sighed, forcing his body to relax and keep his pace steady as he pushed down, but as soon as the whole of Frank’s head had popped past the ring of muscle he suddenly slid down the rest of his length and all three men gasped loudly, Cain moaning and Frank groaning in slight shock.

Cain collapsed forward and laid his hands on Frank’s chest, pausing for a moment to let his body adjust to the mechanic. He had been right about the girth, he felt full to the brim and stretched just the right amount. It stung a little but not too much, and his own cock twitched at the sensation.

“Nggh... How does it feel Cain?” Gerard groaned, his hand squeezing the base of his erection as he watched. Cain swallowed thickly and waited until he had composed some more before he answered, starting to move his hips up and down at the same time.

“It... It feels b – better than I imagined...” He groaned, huffing softly as he used his thigh muscles to raise and lower himself quicker and quicker over Frank’s length. “He’s s – so big... he’s stretching me s – so good...” He groaned, Gerard having to squeeze his eyes shut and take a moment to revel in the pleasure those words caused before he managed to compose a little.

“A – And Frankie? How is it for you?” He asked, his voice deep and husky and Frank finally managed to look at him, his cock twitching inside Cain at the sight of the gorgeous ringmaster slowly stroking his own erection, standing proud between the soft folds of the fabric of his trousers which he had only opened rather than remove entirely.

“It... It’s l – like nothing I... I’ve ever felt...” Frank finally managed to choke out, finding it incredibly difficult to string together a legible sentence. “He’s s – so tight...” He groaned, moaning loudly and bucking his hips up.

Cain hissed in pleasure and begged Frank to keep doing that, and soon the two men had found a rhythm that worked for them. Cain rode Frank eagerly, lifting himself up and dropping back down as quickly as he could, Frank bucking his hips up to meet each drop down so that Cain was lifted a little, bouncing on Frank’s cock and moaning for all the world to hear.

Gerard began to move his hand faster over his length, the sight so much better than he had been expecting. Frank was perfectly relaxed on his back, his hips moving up and down in an almost dreamlike way, his hands clamped on Cain’s hips and holding him steady as he moved. Frank had his eyes closed again, his lips parted as he panted and moaned softly, his toes curling and his stomach clenching every now and then as pleasure wracked through him.

Cain looked almost silver in the moonlight, moving frantically up and down over Frank as his erection stood red and weeping, pre cum drooling from the tip. He had his head thrown back and strands of his hair stuck to his face, the rest falling like a straight, silver waterfall all the way down to his ass. His nipples were hard as were Franks and Gerard had to fight the urge to go over to them and suck at the nubs, to tug at Cain’s dick, to steal kiss after kiss from Frank’s swollen lips.

In fact, the ringmaster thought he was being rather well behaved considering the circumstances, though he could feel his orgasm creeping up on him so quickly he was struggling to fight it back. But from the way Frank’s stomach was clenching faster and faster now he got the feeling the mechanic wasn’t going to be able to last much longer either.

Frank was beginning to moan much more now, unable to say anything other than ‘Cain’ and ‘Oh Gerard’ over and over, his hips losing their rhythm as he bucked them erratically, desperately seeking the end he could feel tugging at his insides. Cain too was beginning to clench continuously around him, drawing Frank ever closer as he rode him desperately.

“Oh, ah! Frank... Oh... Oh my... Gerard... Gerard... M’so close master...” He whimpered, Frank nodding his agreement and Gerard groaned from deep in his chest.

“Then don’t hold on... Agh... either of you... cum for me, let me see it...” He grunted, his hand working furiously over his erection as Cain moved faster, Frank beginning to moan continuously, stopping only to take in deep, ragged breaths before he’d be moaning again.

He lasted only a few more seconds before he felt his orgasm tear through him, cum shooting from his tip and exploding into Cain, the older man crying out in delight and slamming his hips down so that he had Frank fully seated inside him, his balls pressed to his ass as he felt his dick twitching and throbbing inside him. Cain’s nails scratched down Frank’s chest before he wrapped a hand around his own erection and began pumping his fist frantically, moaning at the way Frank’s cum filled him and dripped down the backs of his thighs.

Frank felt like he would never be able to cum again by the time he collapsed back into the sheets, his dick over sensitized and he whined in a mix of pain and pleasure as Cain bent over him, his hair falling forward like a curtain over his cheeks as he moved his hips back and forth, grinding over Frank’s pelvis as he tugged at his erection.

Gerard was the first to cum, moaning deeply as he exploded over his hand, his hips bucking and his eyes never leaving Cain’s erection, the clown quick to follow and he groaned through his release, cumming hard over his hand and Frank’s torso. The first few ropes shot over the mechanics collar bones and chest, before the last few spilled over his stomach.

Frank was whimpering with the need to end the stimulation on his softening cock, and he sighed with slight relief when he finally slipped from out of Cain and the older man slowly relaxed from his orgasm, collapsing down beside Frank and the two lay with their eyes closed, panting heavily.

For a long while no one moved, all three men spent and exhausted. But finally, Gerard got to his feet and slowly walked to the bed. Frank watched through half lidded eyes as the ringmaster slowly bent down over him, licking Cain’s cum away from his chest and stomach, sucking his nipples clean and making Frank squirm and pant softly.

Cain cracked open an eyelid and mewled, sitting up a little so he could grab Gerard’s hand still coated in cum and he eagerly licked it clean, sucking on his fingers as Frank watched. He had never witnessed anything like it and part of him felt certain he was dreaming.

“Mm... My beautiful boys... you have pleased me greatly.” Gerard purred, kissing Frank’s forehead and turning to kiss Cain’s, but the clown lunged at him and wrapped his arms tight around him, kissing him deeply on the mouth before moving his hair away from his neck so he could kiss up to his ear.

“Thank you master...” He sighed, nibbling over his skin and Frank watched with a dreamy expression, practically asleep already from exhaustion, but he felt sure something glinted in the moonlight. Something... silver, on Gerard’s neck. It seemed that whatever it was Cain was tugging gently on it with his teeth, but Frank couldn’t quite see enough to tell what it was and then Cain was being gently pushed away, Gerard’s hair falling forward to cover whatever it was and he chuckled lightly.

“You are a terrible man Cain, enough of your playfulness. You are exhausted.” The ringmaster chuckled fondly and gently lay Cain down against the pillows. He then scooped Frank up and lay him down beside the white haired boy, lifting the cushion he had been lying against and placing it with the others.

Frank gazed up at Gerard as he did up his trousers and then picked up the blankets that had fallen to the floor. He draped them over the two men and kissed them both again, Frank taking his hand when he turned away and he tugged him back.

“Gerard I –”

“What is it, Frankie?” The ringmaster asked with a calm smile and Frank blushed, biting his lip. He was so very tired, he just wanted to sleep. Cain was already lying on his side, fingers curled around his pillow and his lips pouted in sleep and Frank longed to join him. But he knew he had meant to ask something, but suddenly all words were out of his head.

“I just... I... Thank you?” He finally offered and Gerard laughed, pressing a feather light kiss to his lips. It lasted barely a second, so light Frank could hardly feel it, but it still made his heart melt all over his ribs.

“Should I call you master now?” He asked dreamily, his eyes fluttering closed as his body gave up fighting and let sleep take him. Gerard sighed and smiled fondly, smoothing his hair back off his damp forehead and he gave an amused look as he shook his head.

“If you like... but it is hardly necessary.” He whispered, waiting a moment before it was clear Frank and Cain were both deep asleep and he sighed, laying another, gentle kiss to Frank’s parted lips before he slipped out of the wagon and into the night.

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