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Frank stumbled out of the wagon and sighed, blinking in the harsh sunlight and squinting as it burned his eyes. He felt tired and achy but happier than he had felt since... well, ever.

When he had woke up that morning to Cain handing him some coffee and another one of those delicious sweet pastry’s he had wondered if he had simply dreamt about what had happened in the night. But when he had glanced to the table at the other end of the cabin his heart had missed a beat to see Gerard’s silk white gloves still resting there.

Cain had looked worried for a long while, quietly asking Frank if he was okay but it soon became clear that Frank was better than okay. He was ecstatic.

As they had eaten their breakfast they had both felt a little awkward at first. Frank had just had sex with a man for the first time, a man who was becoming one of his best friends, and he wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about it. All he knew was that he had enjoyed it and that Gerard had enjoyed it too... and to know that he had made the ringmaster happy made Frank feel dizzy with pride.

Once they had eaten Cain had talked it out with Frank, making sure he had no regrets or felt used in anyway, and once they both knew how the other felt they had shared a warm embrace and Cain had grinned at Frank, reminding him of his promise to take him out for the day. Frank had then got dressed in a rush and hopped out of the wagon, eager to see the new town they were in.

Cain smiled warmly at Frank as he blinked in the sunlight, his eyes taking a moment to adjust before he beamed back at the clown and kissed his cheek.

“Mm, you ready to go exploring?” Cain asked brightly, offering Frank his hand and the mechanic took it with a smile, lacing their fingers as he nodded.
“Yup! Let’s go.” He grinned, rushing off with Cain and making the older man laugh at his enthusiasm.

The two walked through the town of gypsy wagons until they reached the outskirts of the field they had set up in. They stopped and looked out at the rows of houses before them, beautiful, timber cottages with thatched roofs stood in lines with flowers overflowing from window boxes and little front yards. Frank sighed happily and breathed in the scent of the flowers that the sun was making rise into the air and Cain squeezed his hand before letting go lest anyone from the town see.

“Which way shall we go?” Cain asked brightly, looking left and then right. Trying to work out which way would hold the most fun for them. Frank copied him and gazed down both directions, biting his lip. He didn’t suppose it mattered, it all looked beautiful and he wanted to see it all.

“I don’t mind. I’ve never been to such a pretty place before.” He giggled, Cain grinning at him and nodding for him to follow as he set off to the left.

“We’ll go this way then.” He beamed, walking at a steady but brisk pace down the cobbled streets of the town. Frank followed him with a large smile, looking about in awe as he took in all the sights and smells of the foreign place. It was hard to believe somewhere so beautiful lay just a day’s travelling away from the other town and Frank was already eager to see what other places they would go to.

He chatted to Cain as they walked, the day early and the streets quiet. The sky was blue and only a smudge of white cloud could be seen in the horizon. It seemed to be a small town, the two men reaching the town square after only ten minutes of walking.

The square was cobbled like the rest of the streets and had a large stone fountain in the middle underneath a clock tower that stood on four legs. It was providing shade for a young woman selling roses from a basket, tied in bunches with white ribbon. Cain offered to buy Frank one with a playful smirk and the mechanic blushed, giggling as he shoved the clown lightly and insisted he didn’t want one.

The two walked slowly round the square with soft smiles, their hands hanging close together but never quite touching as they gazed about. The outside of the square was all lined with market stalls and people were walking about, chatting and laughing as they purchased every day things like bread and eggs. But there were some other stalls too, much more interesting stalls.

Frank was pulled towards a weapons stall like a bee to honey and he gazed in awe at the beautifully hand crafted guns and daggers on display. The man attending the stall was large and muscular, his hair tied in a loose ponytail and his upper lip coated with a long, handlebar moustache. He rested his fists on his hips and leaned forward a little as Frank hovered his hand over a pistol.

“Lift if you like sir, get a feel for it.” He offered, his voice gruff but friendly and Frank looked up at him in some surprise. He had almost been in a trance and he blushed, thanking the man quickly before he lifted the pistol and sighed in delight.

It was a flintlock pistol, the muzzle and barrel made of shiny bronze, the receiver a dirtier bronze. It was double barrelled and the two hammers raised in smooth spirals with flattened tops for cocking back. The handle was made of wood and engraved with an intricate swirls and spirals designed that matched that of the one on the receiver. It was a good weight, heavy in Frank’s hand and he gripped it with shaking fingers, his eyes wide with adoration.

“Erm... Frankie...” Cain smirked, touching his shoulder and making Frank jump in surprise. “It’s a gun not a girl.” He teased lightly, Frank blushing and the man behind the stall laughed heartily.

“Well, I believe a good pistol is just as beautiful as a good woman.” He smiled kindly, Frank nodding his agreement and shoving Cain lightly. Of course, Frank wasn’t attracted to women at all so he’d rather have a pistol any day.

“This is gorgeous...” He breathed, testing the gun in his other hand and looking at every angle. “Handmade?”

“Yes sir, by myself. I own that shop just there.” The man nodded at a shop across the square, the sign above it showing a painting of a pistol and a sword crossed over each other and Frank bit his lip. He would love to see inside it. See how the weapons were made. “That there pistol took me just over a week to finish. It’s good and sturdy, fairly light, durable... Only thirty pound, if you’re interested...”

Frank was interested, but he didn’t have that amount of money. That was ten weeks wages all in one and he hadn’t even worked one week yet. He had a little money which he had saved for getting the train and finding a place to stay when he had planned to leave the town before he had got wrapped up in the circus but it wasn’t quite enough for the pistol.

But it was truly beautiful...

“I... I don’t have that much.” He sighed, laying the gun back down on the wooden table top with a disappointed sigh. “Thank you though, it’s a beautiful weapon.” He smiled sadly at the stall vender and he looked sadly back at Frank, biting on his lip.

The young man seemed genuinely saddened to have to walk away, and the gun maker didn’t have the heart to see him leave with such a hurt expression.

“Well, how much do you have?” He asked quickly, Frank looking up at him with big, innocent eyes. “I could drop the price to twenty five, but no lower.” He said as firmly as could and Frank bit his lip, thinking about it.

For such a beautiful pistol it was a very good price, but it would take every penny Frank had. He would have to start saving all over again but then, he reasoned, what was he really saving for? He didn’t have to buy any food since it was all provided at the circus – but what if he wanted to go out for food, like today, if Cain wanted to have lunch somewhere Frank couldn’t expect him to pay for him. But what was one outing when he could have the pistol for life. And he’d be getting his first wage at the end of the week, and it wasn’t like he had rent or taxes to pay...

“Twenty five...” He mused, staring at the pistol and trying to decide how much he liked it. He had never needed a gun before, and he didn’t need one now. He wouldn’t use but...

“And don’t forget there’s been lots of bandit activity round these parts recently. People are being encouraged to buy something to protect them if they travel a lot, and I’m assuming you do since I haven’t seen you round town before.” The stall vender added softly, waiting for Frank to make his decision as he gazed longingly at the gun.

Frank sighed and went over all the pro’s and con’s in his head. The bandit argument was certainly a good one, he had no idea if there was any increased activity in bandit attacks but he didn’t really care. It just made a very good excuse to spend the whole of his money in one go.

He had pretty much decided he was going to buy the pistol when Cain stepped in.

“It’s a very kind offer sir,” he smiled at the man, “but I’m afraid my friend must decline.”
Frank turned and looked at Cain in shock, jaw dropped and eyes wide.

“What!? No I don’t, I want it.” He turned back to the man and grinned at him, already hunting for his little leather purse to get his money. “I want it.” He insisted, the man grinning back at him but Cain shook his head and grabbed Frank’s arm to stop him.

“Frank you can’t! Gerard doesn’t allow any weapons in the circus other than daggers.” He protested and Frank hesitated, looking at the clown with raised eyebrows.


“Uh huh. I didn’t want to tell you cos’ he doesn’t really like to tell many people but... He doesn’t like any kinds of guns or swords or anything. He says it’s unnecessary... it’s because he was attacked by highwaymen when he was younger and since then he’s despised all weapons.” Cain kept his voice low so others around wouldn’t hear him and Frank sighed, his heart skipping a beat at the revelation.

“He was attacked?” He whispered, Cain nodding with a grim expression. Deep down Frank felt that that gave him even more reason to buy a pistol, surely Gerard would want to be protected in case another attack happened? But then he supposed he should respect the ringmaster’s wishes and he reluctantly told the stall vender he was sorry before walking away with Cain.

Cain sighed and gently touched Frank’s shoulder, squeezing to show he was sorry. “I know you liked it Frank, but it was expensive anyway.” He shrugged, Frank nodding vaguely as he looked down at the floor. He knew it was ridiculous to be upset about not buying a pistol but it had been so pretty...


“It’s okay.” He sighed, looking up and forcing a smile. “So, Gerard was attacked by highwaymen? I never knew...” He mumbled, Cain biting his lip and looking away as they looked around at the other stalls, but the excitement had gone.

“Yeah he... He doesn’t really talk about it. All I know is it was five years ago.” Cain shrugged, saying that it had been before he had created the circus and that since the attack the ringmaster had been against all weapons. When Frank asked if he had been hurt much Cain only shrugged.

“He’s alive isn’t he?” He pointed out, offering a playful smirk though it seemed contrived. As though he was worried Frank wouldn’t return it, but after a moment of considering his words Frank had decided Cain was right and that clearly when Gerard had been attacked it hadn’t been serious, only making him want the pistol more but he grinned softly back and shrugged.

“I guess so...”

“Come on, let’s go look round some more.” Cain beamed, leaving the square with Frank and trying to lighten the mood again as he led the way back through some more streets, Frank still thinking of the beautiful pistol.


Silver was waiting for the two men when they returned, laughing and chatting as they stumbled into the circus grounds. They had their arms wrapped around each other and were talking brightly about the wonderful day they’d had.

In the end they had had a wonderful time, exploring the town and finding where everything was. They had gone to a tavern and sipped ale by an open fire, listening to the old men around them tell stories of their childhood. Cain had been offered a try on one of the men’s pipes, which had left him a coughing, spluttering mess which had amused Frank greatly.

They had then gone by a bakery where the smell of fresh bread had tempted them inside and they bought a currant bun each, which they ate on a wall beside a mill, watching the large wooden wheel turning slowly and listening to the crunching of the stone wheels inside.

The town was quaint and picturesque and Frank liked it a lot. It being so small meant it wasn’t yet touched by the factories and steam engines Frank had grown up around, the air clean and fresh rather than filled with acrid smoke and dirt. Frank hadn’t been anywhere so beautiful before and he hoped they stayed here a long time, though Cain told him it would only be for two days, maybe three.

When they reached Silver he seemed a little disappointed that they hadn’t invited him and Frank was hit by a smack of guilt. He pulled the older man into his arms and hugged him tight, Cogs biting Frank’s ear as if to scold him before scampering over to Cain to give him the same treatment.

“I’m sorry Silv – ow! Silver.” Cain giggled softly and rubbed his ear, holding Cogs up between two fingers and glaring at him in some amusement. “No biting you horrid monkey, I even brought you back a gift.” He scoffed, Cogs chirping and his eyes rolled in their sockets before blinking, waiting for the promised gift which Cain produced from a tiny paper bag. He had bought himself some cherries but he pulled on out and offered it to the tin monkey.

Frank watched as he released Silver and they both smiled as Cog’s snatched the cherry from Cain’s hands and bit it off the stem. The fruit was almost too big for his mouth but he stuffed it inside and wriggled violently until Cain placed him down on Silver’s shoulder where he began chewing on the cherry until the juice ran down his chin.

“Oh, Cogs!” Silver groaned, laughing softly and wiping away the juice with his thumb. “Remember your manners please. And shouldn’t I get one of them? For not being invited and all.” He sighed, giving a sad expression until Cain rolled his eyes and handed him the bag. Silver beamed widely and pecked Cain’s lips before eating one of the cherries.

“Thanks Cain. By the way, Gerard wanted to talk to you, something about wanting to hear all about your day out with Frankie.” He shrugged, Cain nodding and walking away but when Frank went to follow Silver tugged him back. “Stay with me a while? I feel like you and Cain are getting all close all of a sudden and just forgetting me.” He whimpered softly and Frank could hardly refuse him.

He walked with him through the groups of wagons and asked him about his day, smiling when Silver hugged into his side and laid his head on his shoulder. He told Frank all about the meeting of the circus folk which he had missed that morning, filling him on the plans for that night’s show but it wasn’t like Frank had to do anything so it wasn’t important. He did feel excited about it though, especially when he heard Maria would be performing.

“What does she even do?” He wondered out loud and Silver laughed softly.

“Nothing much. She just wanders around and lets people touch her beard. She sometimes do exotic dancing too.” He shrugged, Frank scoffing.
“Is that all? I thought she’d do something like... I dunno. Can’t she cut her beard off and have it grow back real quick?” He asked and Silver smirked, even Cogs chirping as if he was laughing.

“No. No one can do that, can they?” He chuckled and Frank blushed, shrugging his shoulders.

“I thought I read about someone doing it once.” He lied, though of course, Frank never read anything unless he absolutely had to.

Silver shrugged and continued walking, his arms wound around one of Frank’s. “Well... Maria can’t do that. She can’t even cut her beard at all.” He said idly, Frank looking at him for more explanation and he smirked, showing his sharp little teeth. “Her beard used to be really long, but one day she wanted a change so she cut it into the short goatee thing she has now... and it’s been that way for three years.” He said eerily, Frank stopping and looking at him in shock.

“You mean...?”

“That’s right, if Maria shaved her beard away... it would never grow back.”

Frank gasped softly and raised his eyebrows in surprise, Cogs dashing across to Silver’s other shoulder as he chirped and clicked merrily away.


After that night’s show and once everyone had eaten Frank walked back to the wagon with Cain to get to sleep. They had spent their dinner with Silver and he seemed to be feeling much happier now they were giving him attention again. Though Frank had been slightly distracted, since all the time he was eating Gerard had been watching him from across the tent.

When he got back to the wagon things intensified when he found a little slip of parchment resting in the door handle, his name written on it in beautiful italic script.
“What’s this?” He mused, his heart hammering in his chest and Cain glanced at it with curious eyes, unlocking the door but not entering the wagon as Frank unfolded the paper.

“Is it from Gerard?” He asked, recognising the handwriting and Frank bit his lip.

“I... I don’t know...” He looked down at the signature and slowly nodded. “Yeah it is...”

“Well.... what does he want?” Cain asked, almost laughing when Frank didn’t read the parchment right away and the mechanic blushed, looking back at the words on the page and his head swam as the words seemed to wiggle and morph. He hated reading, he was bad enough at it without people watching him but it was worse when it was in such complicated script and with Cain’s icy blues staring intently at him.

“I err... it says erm...” The message was only small, but as Frank stared at it he had to carefully spell out each word in his head, his heart racing so much he could feel it in his throat, beads of sweat warming his forehead as he gazed at the words. “He wants me to... err... come see him... in his... his... wagon. Right away.” He breathed a sigh of relief as he finally decoded the words and Cain stared at him in surprise.

“Wow... I wonder what he wants...” He breathed, not mentioning the clear difficulty Frank had had at reading. Many in the circus couldn’t read at all so Cain was hardly judgemental. “You better go over there.” He said softly, Frank biting his lip and giving a small nod.

“I... I guess so. Do you think he’ll want me to... do anything?” He asked quietly and Cain laughed, hugging him gently for a moment before kissing his cheek.

“If he does, you can still say no. He isn’t your master Frankie.” He whispered softly and the mechanic nodded, but as he began to walk to Gerard’s wagon he couldn’t help but wonder if that was really true.


“Ah Frank, come in, come in.” Gerard smiled warmly at the young man and stood aside so that he could enter the ringmaster’s wagon, shyly taking a seat at the table he had sat at the first day they had met when Gerard nodded towards it. “You found my note okay then I trust?”

“Y – Yes sir...” Frank whispered, sitting down on the edge of the seat and biting his lip softly as Gerard found some of that delicious wine he had given Frank the day they had met and sat opposite him. He poured it into two glasses and handed one to Frank, the whole thing holding a strange air of déjà vu for the young mechanic.

“So, tell me, did you enjoy your day with young Cain?” Gerard asked brightly once he had put the wine bottle away and was happily sipping out of his cup.

Frank nodded and took a shaky sip of his own, looking anywhere but at the ringmaster. He knew there was no reason to be shy now after what he had done the night before but he couldn’t stop his heart from racing the way it was. Gerard had changed after the show and was now wearing tight black trousers and a loose, white gypsy shirt. The fabric was very thin and Frank knew if he looked hard enough he’d be able to see Gerard’s chest through it. Which, though tempting, would really not help his nerves at all.

“You look nervous Frank, is something the matter?” Gerard asked sweetly, swirling the wine in his glass around and peering at the mechanic over the rim.

Frank shook his head quickly and caught Gerard’s gaze, blushing a little beneath it.

“N – No, of course not I...” Frank stopped, blushing even more and he lowered gaze. Gerard smirked softly and reached out, pale fingers cupping beneath Frank’s chin and tilting his face up to look at him again.

“Then... perhaps you should keep eye contact with me? It’s awful rude not to you know...” He purred, leaning close over the table and Frank almost forgot to breathe for a second.

The wagon was warm and dimly lit by only a few candles, the bed at the other end looking so deliciously tempting with all those pillows and blankets and that purple velvet drape ready to be dropped at any moment. Providing total privacy for whoever was in the bed. Frank’s mouth watered just at the thought of being laid back in all that silk and driven crazy by the gorgeous ringmaster opposite him.

“Mmph...” Frank shifted uncomfortable as his dick twitched in his breeches. He moved his chin a little sharply away from Gerard’s hand, knocking him back and the ringmaster stared at him in slight surprise for a moment before he leaned back in his seat.

“Hm... Well, I’m sure you’re probably wondering why I asked you to come here.” He sighed, looking at the wine swirling around his cup with each gentle movement of his hand. His tone was once more serious and Frank bit his lip, terrified that he had offended him. He didn’t mean to be so skittish, he just wasn’t used to these sorts of situations and he panicked sometimes. He hadn’t expected to get caught up in such a strange game and he was still learning the rules.

“I... Yes... Yes, I am.” He said softly, looking at Gerard’s free hand resting on the table and feeling a sudden urge to reach forward and lay his own hand over it. But he didn’t know how such an intimate gesture would be taken. Obviously Gerard thought it was okay for him to make moves on people, but was it okay the other way round?

“Well Frankie, I actually called you here because I have something to show you.” Gerard slowly got to his feet, Frank’s eyes following him as he moved to stand in the middle of the floor where the roof curved to its highest point so that he could stand at his full height. He gazed steadily down at Frank and slowly offered him his hand. Frank hesitated for barely a second before he wrapped his fingers around Gerard’s and allowed him to pull him to his feet.

“What did you want to show me?” He asked softly, almost whispered, as he found himself lost in Gerard’s calm gaze. The ringmaster made no sign of recognising the want that flashed across Frank’s irises, for now he had something important to tell the mechanic. If anything else was to follow... which truthfully, Gerard was planning on... then he would worry about that later.

Gerard gazed steadily into Frank’s eyes as he slowly began to undo the strings holding the collar of his shirt together, Frank forcing his eyes down to watch. He felt his heart pick up in speed and he passed his tongue over his lips, wondering what the ringmaster was doing.


“I’m not what you assume I am Frankie.” Gerard’s voice was calm and steady, almost distant as he slid the folds of his shirt apart and moved his hands down to take hold of the hem. “And you are not just a simple cannon mechanic either. You are something much more important...”

Frank was given hardly any time to ponder what this could mean before Gerard was slowly pulling his shirt up and over his head, revealing the taught muscles of his flat stomach and then the first signs of his pectoral muscles. Frank felt his abdomen clench a little and he stared in awe as the ringmaster’s body was slowly revealed to him. But it wasn’t all he had been expecting...

The first thing Frank noticed was the bronze square just left of centre of Gerard’s chest. He stared with wide eyes at its little keyhole for a long moment, wondering what on earth he was looking at. Was it a... door? In Gerard’s chest?

Before he could really think about it Frank noticed the tiny green orb set beside it, a green, viscous fluid swirling about in it, sloshing against the side of the glass it was encased in every time Gerard moved. The orb was about half full, but what the liquid was Frank did not know.

Next he noticed the long, perfectly straight scar all down the left side of Gerard’s torso. It was a nasty looking scar, despite its neatness, and the only reason Frank hadn’t noticed it first was due to the bronze plate being so much more shocking to see.

Gerard gave Frank a long while to get used to what he was seeing, letting him think about it and practically hearing as all the cogs clicked into place.

“Y – You... You’re a cyborg?” He breathed, stepping slowly closer and raising his hands as if to touch the metal. He hesitated, remembering himself last minute and he blushed deeply as he went to step back but Gerard suddenly took his hand, gently drawing him closer again.

“Yes... It’s okay... you can touch it...” He whispered, Frank looking into his face for a moment to make sure he meant it before he slowly touched his fingertips to the bronze door.

Frank gasped softly as he felt gentle movement from behind the metal, laying his hand flat over it to feel more and he swore he could feel vibrating and whirring as if some great machine was alive behind it. He glanced up at Gerard again before gazing back at the door, so many questions forming in his head he didn’t know what to ask first.

“Were you... born like this?” He finally decided on, Gerard’s soft laugh making him blush deeply and look up at him again, though he didn’t move his hand away from the bronze door. Amidst the other movement he could feel a soft thump thump which he guessed must be Gerard’s heart.

“No. I was born a normal man, just like you.” Gerard smiled warmly, resting his hand over Frank’s and touching his other hand to a key that hung around his neck. “I was attacked by highwaymen when I was twenty one, but I was saved by a scientist and he made me what I am now.” He said softly, watching Frank curiously as the mechanic stared back at the door, and then back at the key.

“That key...”

“Opens this.” Gerard smiled, tapping the bronze and chuckling at Frank’s dumbfounded look. “Please, sit down; I must explain everything to you for it to make sense.”

Frank obediently dropped down onto the edge of the bed when Gerard sat down and patted the space beside him. Frank couldn’t take his eyes off the ringmaster’s chest as Gerard gently told him the full story of the attack and the injuries he had sustained. He went into detail about what the scientist had did to him, the changes he had made and how they needed to be checked and maintained regularly.

“I’m just like those cannons or the trains you worked with. If my machinery isn’t up to scratch I simply don’t work.” Gerard flashed a grin at Frank and slipped the key from around his neck. “I don’t get sick often, the only times I’ve been ill since the attack is whenever I let my potion get too low.” Gerard tapped the green orb, Frank nodding slowly. Gerard had explained what every element to his new body did, and he knew now what his insides looked like without having to look through the door, but when Gerard pressed the key into his hand he knew he was being invited to see for himself anyway.

“I... You want me to... to look?” He whispered, just confirming and Gerard smirked softly.

“You don’t have to, but I would like you to. You see Frankie... Your ability to work out how the cannons worked without ever being trained in the area truly impressed me and I feel if anyone will be able to work out my machinery then it’s you.” He smiled, taking the key again when Frank just looked dumbfounded and he unlocked the door himself.

“What I’m trying to tell you Frankie, is that I want you to try and work out how I work, and then if anything ever does go wrong, you can hopefully fix me.” Gerard flashed a sweet smile and Frank blinked stupidly for a long moment, going to answer but then getting distracted when Gerard slowly swung open the bronze door to reveal the insides of his chest.

Frank’s eyes went wide and he leaned forward to get a closer look, his jaw dropping at everything he could see. Although Gerard had already told him about everything it was still a shock to actually see it and he gazed in awe at the ringmasters heart, beating steadily, half of it made of metal tubing. He could also see one of his lungs, half of it, just like Gerard had said, now half machine. The entire left side of his rib cage was also made of metal, and Frank knew that if he could see the bones of Gerard’s arm and left hand they too would be the same metal. Titanium, Gerard had said.

Gerard kept very still and silent as Frank slowly gazed into his chest, the feeling of having someone look inside him very strange. Gerard had never let anyone except Axis do this, but it was important Frank saw it all.

Once Frank had seen his fill he nodded at Gerard and the ringmaster closed the door and locked it up again, slipping the key back around his neck. Frank looked into his eyes and bit his lip, his heart thudding erratically in his chest. He felt almost dizzy, the moment so strange.

“Erm... So, are things... likely to need fixing?” He asked eventually, Gerard shaking his head with a soft smile.

“Not likely. I can change the potion and tighten my screws myself.” He smiled, tilting his head to the side so that Frank could see the line of screws down his neck. “I’d just want to know that you’re on standby if anything ever does happen. It’s like the security the circus folk feel knowing that one of the acrobats is also a doctor.” He explained softly, Frank nodding vaguely as he stared at the screws in Gerard’s neck.

He knew it was wrong of him but... he found them strangely sexy...

Gerard smirked softly as he saw Frank gazing at the screws and he slowly moved his head straight again so that his hair covered them and his smirk grew when disappointment showed in Frank’s eyes.

“So... do you have any more questions?” He asked softly, Frank slowly shaking his head and Gerard smiled, leaning forward and delicately stroking his fingers up Frank thigh. Frank looked at him with some surprise, biting his lip and leaning a little closer to show he didn’t mind.

His heart was hammering but deep down he had been hoping for this. He knew that Silver and Cain had warned him not to get caught up in anything but it was a bit late for that anyway, and in that moment he couldn’t remember what the warnings had really been anyway.

“So... How many other people know..?” Frank asked softly, nodding at the bronze door and Gerard smirked, leaning ever closer still and gently laying his hand over Frank’s cheek.

“Almost everyone in the circus. I’ve only formally told Maria, Cain and Silver. But it isn’t a secret.” He shrugged, leaning so close now that Frank had no choice but to slowly lean back in response, his heart missing beats when it wasn’t beating insanely fast and his dick was already twitching as Gerard laid his body over him.

“But let’s not talk about this anymore. We have all the time in the world to discuss and Frankie... you really impressed me last night. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it...” He purred, Frank swallowing thickly and struggling to form a response.

“Oh... Oh well... erm.... Mmph!” Frank gasped softly when Gerard’s lips suddenly touched his own, the ringmaster smirking softly against his lips and tangling his hand into Frank’s hair.

Gerard’s touch was gentle, surprising Frank though he wasn’t sure why. He hadn’t ever really thought that the ringmaster would be rough but... he wasn’t expecting him to be tender. His fingers weaved ever so softly into Frank’s hair and tugged gently, his other hand cupping Frank’s hip as he pressed their bodies together.

“Mm....” Frank wrapped his arms slowly around Gerard’s neck and trailed his fingertips down the line of screws, bucking his hips up a little as their lips worked softly together. Frank felt like his head was going to explode it was spinning so much, his lips pressed against Gerard’s and working frantically to taste him.

Gerard smirked softly at the desperate way Frank was kissing him, his own body heating up and his abdomen tingling as he thought of all the delicious things he wanted to do to the mechanic. He supposed he shouldn’t do too much just yet, but... he was making no promises...

“Frankie, you’ll be staying with me tonight...” He purred into Frank’s ear and Frank thought briefly of all the warnings he had been given before he shoved them out of mind and nodded, grabbing Gerard by the hair and kissing him eagerly once more.

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