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I’m baaaccck ;D
Just in case any of you here don’t read Gold Digger and don’t know the sitch yet, basically... my aunty did pass away that night, but I’ve spent the last week (two weeks?... Week? Man I don’t know) just getting my shit together and grieving a little and now I’m ready to move on and shower you all with man smut until my imagination bleeds ^.^ Also, I want you guys to see my new tattoo cos’ I told my (gorgeous) tattoo artist I wanted a steampunk sparrow and let his imagination go wild and this is what he came up with - I really love it and I hope you guys do too :DD Also, there’s a rather graphic frerard drawing of mine directly under it so... if you for whatever reason don’t wanna see that kinda thing then... don’t scroll down that far.
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Frank had been right about the bed. It was divine.

Being swamped in all the silk and pillows and velvet felt like nothing he had ever experienced before. Such luxury was not exactly something someone of his social class ever got to feel and whilst Gerard was busy shimmying out of his clothes Frank got busy rolling his naked form all over the bed, sweeping his hands across the different fabrics and wriggling his back to feel it against every inch of skin he could.

He wasn’t entirely sure how he had come to be naked in the first place, one second he had been kissing Gerard like it was the only chance he would ever get to do so and the next he was in nothing but his own skin and waiting patiently for Gerard to join him. He could remember vaguely, somewhere in the back of his mind, that he had been warned about this sort of thing but then he had known all along he wouldn’t resist, really. Who could resist someone like Gerard? Especially when it included a bed like this...

“What are you doing Frankie?” Gerard smirked as he finished stripping of his clothes and stood at the end of the bed, hands on hips and legs slightly apart so that his erection could stand proudly for Frank’s inspection.

The young mechanic felt his mouth water as he stopped wriggling around and leant up on his elbows, staring in stunned silence at the ringmaster’s engorged length and wondering how badly it would hurt when it was pushed inside him.

“I... I was just... this bed is really... really...” Frank trailed off, lost for words as his eyes grew wider and wider, Gerard slowly crawling onto the bed with a devilish smirk.

“Something else?” He finished his sentence for him, Frank nodding mutely as the ringmaster settled himself above him and laid his weight over their hips so that their erections pressed tight together. Frank could feel Gerard’s pulsing and his own twitched in response, their bodies having a conversation all their own as Frank slowly slid his hand down Gerard’s bicep.

“I... I’ve never done this before...” He reminded him softly, Gerard grinning and leaning down to kiss him gently a moment.

“I know.” He purred, though it was clear that didn’t put him off.

Gerard was not a man who waited for things he wanted. Patience wasn’t all of it; it was also because he only ever used the men he slept with. Silver, Cain, even Pierre from time to time were all puppets on his strings and when he decided he wanted a man to push inside and not a woman, they were all there, ready and willing for him whenever he called. Frank, he decided, was going to be the same. He had never wanted a man quite as much as he wanted Frankie and he was not going to wait around and make sure Frank was ready to have a man touch him in the most private of places.

“You’ll enjoy yourself, don’t worry.” He smirked, leaning down and capturing Frank’s lips in another kiss before the younger man could think of anything else to say.

For a moment Frank was uncertain, knowing he should be afraid and tense, but instead feeling relaxed and giddy as he melted into the silk sheets, his body propped up in a variety of places from where he had fallen against randomly placed cushions.

Gerard’s lips were warm and enticing as they suckled against his, slowly forcing his mouth to open before a hot, wet tongue snaked inside and explored his teeth and the roof of his mouth.

Frank groaned softly and tangled his hands into Gerard’s hair, pulling gently and opening his legs wide so that their bodies slotted together, their erections rubbing as Gerard moved his hips back and forth in slow, lazy circles.

Above them thousands of fake gems set into the roof glittered in the light from the lantern on the table at the other end of the wagon, casting both men in shadows that danced and flickered over their skin along with patches of colours all the shades of the rainbow.

Gerard slowly reached out a hand to tug at the purple drape hooked against the wall so that it fell around the bed, shielding them in their own little majestic world and he smirked as he felt Frank relax even more beneath him. His tongue was still gently licking around his mouth, Frank not even trying to fight for dominance, only too happy to let Gerard have his way as he played with his hair.

The ringmaster soon moved his hand to tease Frank’s nipples, rubbing over them until they formed tiny peaks and he began pinching and rolling, soothing the pain with gentle rubs until Frank was leaking pre cum over his stomach. As Gerard rubbed his own member over him he felt some of the creamy fluid stick to the head of his penis and create tiny strings before they snapped as he moved his hips back, only to push forward again for the same thing to happen, over and over. He moaned huskily into Frank’s mouth, wanting him to know how good it felt, how filthily divine it was.

Frank mewled softly as Gerard broke the kiss, pulling back before slowly withdrawing his tongue, a string of saliva shining wetly between their mouths, half lidded eyes watching as it broke and Frank’s nails began to dig into Gerard’s shoulder blades as lust overpowered him. He was so desperate to feel more that his dick was starting to hurt with the teasing, his nipples straining for more attention as Gerard moved down to suck one into his mouth, that sinful tongue of his nudging and flicking against the nub before moving to the other.

“Mm... Nnghh...” Frank tipped his head back and rolled it to the side, the muscles in his neck visibly straining as he scratched lightly at Gerard’s back, beads of sweat appearing down the length of his neck and throat, his forehead and cheekbones beaded with perspiration and his penis smeared with his own pre cum as Gerard kissed his way down his body.

Gerard grinned mischievously as he kissed down to Frank’s engorged erection, licking his way from the balls all the way up to the tip before sucking just the head into his mouth. His eyes fluttered closed at the onslaught of taste and texture, his mouth sucking greedily to clean Frank of his cum so far before gazing up at him with dark eyes as he slowly let him slip from his mouth.

Frank watched with parted lips and he tensed slightly before relaxing once more as Gerard stopped sucking him just as he’d barely begun. Frank felt a little disappointed, cheated almost as his body screamed for release but he knew that the ringmaster had something much better planned and so he didn’t say anything as he waited as patiently as he could.

Gerard began the slow kissing back up Frank’s body, taking his time to explore the mechanic’s torso and seek out any sensitive spots he may have. He nibbled over his ribs, had another play with his nipples, licked right up his side and nipped down his bicep before sucking gently at the dip in his collarbone whilst Frankie slowly grew more and more crazy with desire.

By the times their lips met in another passionate kiss Frank felt like he would explode if he didn’t cum soon and he mewled and whimpered shamelessly as he spread his legs as wide as they would go and tilted is hips up.

Gerard caught the movement and slowly broke the kiss to smirk at the young mechanic, leaning across from him to grab some scented oil from beneath one of the pillows and he smeared it quickly over his fingers. His gaze locked with Frank’s as he spread his own legs, kneeling between Frank’s thighs with his erection curled up towards his stomach.

Frank watched with half lidded eyes as his heart went crazy in his chest, his body trembling slightly as Gerard began nudging a fingertip against his anus, rubbing in slow, tender circles to relax the sphincter muscles. He could see the ringmaster’s length pulsing every now and then as he grew more and more aroused and Frank grew even dizzier at the thought that it was him turning the ringmaster on.

He moved his gaze from Gerard’s cock and stared at the bronze door in his chest, wondering whether that hybrid heart of his was beating jut as fast inside the cavity. He longed to reach out and scratch his nails down the door, to sit up and bite on the bolts in his neck, but he could hardly move as a long finger slid into him and nudged against his prostate.

Gerard grinned as Frank gave a sharp inhale of breath, his eyes growing wide before falling shut and he whined softly, trying to spread his legs even more as he bucked his hips and whimpered with every thrust of the digit inside him. It didn’t hurt at all, not like he had expected. It felt strange, but only part unwelcome. It was a strange mixture of pleasure and just pure alien feeling.
Gerard leant down to kiss at Frank’s neck as he began working a second finger into him, waiting until the muscles were relaxed so that they stretched readily for his fingers as he scissored them. Frank was moaning quietly and breathing harshly, making Gerard’s cock ache with the need to be inside him. He always had this effect on people but for some reason it was all the more exciting when it was Frank panting for him, spreading his cheeks for him and practically inviting him inside.

“Mm... Aaah! G – Gerard!” Frank groaned, scratching at Gerard’s shoulders as he tugged him closer and closer, his hips starting to buck wildly as Gerard rubbed over his prostate again and again, relishing the rhythmic clenches around his fingers and knowing that the young mechanic was oh so ready for him.

“Mm?” He purred seductively, teasingly nibbling on Frank’s ear as he continued fingering his soft ass with no intentions of stopping. “Yes my dear Frankie?” He asked huskily, his low voice making Frank almost cum right then and there.

“G – God! Gerard... Please... Please... I wanna feel you inside me.” He mewled, not even able to feel embarrassed by how desperately he wanted this. He thought back to the way Cain had looked when he had fucked him, the way pleasure had contorted his features and Frank wanted to feel that too. He had no doubt Gerard would be better at sex than he ever could be and the curiosity to know how it must feel to have him drive him to completion was almost too much.

Gerard purred softly at Frank’s words and gently withdrew his fingers, pouring the scented oil into his hand so he could rub it down his length and he gazed steadily at Frank.

“Really?” He growled, Frank watching and panting softly as he stared through half lidded eyes at Gerard’s hand smearing the oil over his erection. His dick was soon glistening slickly in the rainbow light created by the gems and the half light from the lantern outside the curtain, the tip leaking pre cum which began to run down the underside of the shaft. Frank groaned softly just from the sight and he nodded desperately, barely able to get any words out as he tipped his head back.

“Y – Yes, ooh... please Gerard... please don’t tease me anymore. I can’t stand it.” He all but sobbed, Gerard hushing him gently and slowly pressing the tip of his erection to his anus. He kept it steady there a moment, just letting Frank feel it and brace himself before he began to slowly push his hips forward, his teeth clenching as he forced himself to remain slow.

He could feel Frank’s muscles slowly relaxing, his body opening up for him and with just a little resistance and force he managed to get the head inside, Frank gasping sharply at the sudden pop and his nails dug harshly into Gerard’s back. The ringmaster though was undeterred and once he’d forced the head past the first ring of muscle and waited a moment the rest of his length slid in mostly without force.

By the time he was fully seated inside Frank his erection was pulsing so much inside him it felt like it was jolting, and Frank’s body was trembling lightly as he kept his eyes squeezed tight shut. The pain was incredible, the stretch making his ass burn and sting. He felt like he would tear at any moment and yet he didn’t dare ask Gerard to pull out, the feeling of having him inside him too intimate to pass up. He knew it would get better too and so for a long while both men were perfectly still, Frank’s body slowly adjusting and the pain numbed as his clenching muscles slowed down.

“Mmph... O – Okay...” He whispered quietly as soon as he felt ready to proceed and Gerard kissed him deeply but tenderly to help him relax some more before he began slowly rocking his hips.

At first Gerard pulled out barely an inch each time before thrusting back in, just keeping the movement slow and gentle so that Frank could adjust and grow used to the sensation. Gerard did not want to hurt him, he lived to please people just as much as he used them and he purred quiet words of praise as Frank relaxed and melted under him, soon moaning keenly again.

“Mmm... That’s it... Mmph... Such a good boy... Like that, don’t you?” Gerard growled softly, Frank only able to nod his head like an idiot as his mind grew thick with a lust induced haze and he couldn’t think straight let alone form a legible sentence. Now that the pain had mostly gone the feeling of Gerard rocking into him was intense, the tip of his erection rubbing against something Frank had now dubbed his ‘special spot’ and he was leaking cum like the virgin he was. None of the women he had slept with had made him feel like this, not even having sex with Cain had made him feel this good and he moaned hotly for more as Gerard began lengthening his thrusts.

The ringmaster’s erection was pulsing with blood as cum leaked from the tip and further lubricated his movements. He began to pull out more and more with each thrust until he was finally slamming his hips back and forth into Frank without holding back. He drew right out until just the tip was inside the mechanic before pushing back in, his thrusts fast and relentless as Frank’s ass hugged his cock tightly. It was only too clear how new to this he was, Gerard had forgotten how good it felt to be inside someone so tight and he moaned huskily into Frank’s mouth as they shared hungry, slightly sloppy kisses.

Frank soon drew his legs up to wrap around Gerard’s hips as he let himself go and just moaned loudly for all the world to hear. Luckily Gerard knew that his wagon was fairly soundproof so he let Frank be vocal, wanting to hear him himself and he started sucking on his Adam’s apple to feel it vibrating as he pushed into him over and over again.

Frank could feel that he wasn’t going to last much longer, a strange tugging sensation making his stomach quiver and his balls to tighten, his ass was clenching erratically around the thick length filling him, stretching him so deliciously and he tried to warn Gerard of his approaching climax but by now he couldn’t form any words at all, too busy panting and moaning with reckless abandonment. Gerard though could of course feel how close Frank was just from the way his body was reacting, his stomach quivering visibly and every now and then his body would seem to spasm as his muscles shivered. His nails were digging so hard into Gerard’s shoulder blades that blood was starting to run, but the ringmaster only got more turned on from it and he made sure to knock against Frank’s prostate with each erratic thrust.

“Ah! Ah! Aaah!” Frank was desperately bucking his hips as his hair stuck to his sweaty forehead, his breathing hot and heavy as his erection grew harder and harder, lifting a little off his stomach with his pre cum sticking to the underside and making thin lines attaching it to his stomach. He squeezed his eyes shut and turned his face to the side as Gerard leant over him, their chests touching and Frank could feel that the metal in Gerard’s chest had grown warm as it pressed against him. The new closeness allowed his erection to get trapped between their stomachs, providing extra friction that tipped him over the edge.

“Oh – Oh God!” He screamed, arching his back as high as it would go and dragging his nails down Gerard’s back as he exploded over both their stomachs, cum shooting from his tip and splashing over his skin in a hot, sticky mess.

Gerard moaned loudly at the feeling of Frank cumming hard over them both and he slammed his hips into him barely two more times before he too spilt his release deep inside the younger man. Frank moaned helplessly at the feeling of Gerard’s erection filling him, pressing tight to his prostate so that each spurt of cum provided even more sensation and his quivering body could barely stand it.

As Gerard came Frank slowly slumped under him, panting harshly as he felt the ringmaster’s cum filling him and slowly dripping onto the sheets and by the time Gerard had rode through his orgasm and felt enough strength to slowly pull out of the younger man Frank was already a sticky, boneless mess on the sheets.

Gerard chuckled breathlessly and collapsed down beside Frank, staring at him through half lidded eyes as he grinned drunkenly at him. Frank slowly rolled onto his side to face him and giggled quietly, smiling as Gerard pulled him to gently rest in his arms and tenderly kissed his forehead.

For a long while neither men said anything, just came down from their orgasms together as they tangled their limbs and closed their eyes. Frank felt incredible, his ass tingling and aching a little but he knew it would only feel worse in the morning so for now he pushed it out of mind. He felt incredibly filthy, both covered in and dripping cum and he longed to wash off, but at the same time he felt almost proud. He liked that his body was currently covered in the evidence of their lust fuelled sex and he grinned sheepishly up at Gerard.

“Mm... That was amazing...” He purred, smiling when Gerard tenderly pecked his lips.

“No, you were amazing.” He corrected with a playful grin, chuckling as he shared another soft kiss with the mechanic before just cuddling him to his tired body.

Frank lay with his forehead against the metal door in Gerard’s chest and he could feel the frantic beating of his heart behind it and it made him smile. He knew enough from Cain and Silver’s warnings that Gerard was not doing this because he particularly cared for him, it was all just a primal thing. He was attracted to him and so he wanted him, but for now... Frank simply didn’t care. He didn’t care if he was some sort of a pet, or just a toy. As long as he got to feel this good again then it was all fine by him.


Frank awoke that morning to find the space where Gerard had been empty. He knew instantly where he was and what had happened that night since he had woken in the mound of cushions and blankets, cum now dry on his stomach and down the backs of his legs and over his perineum. He wondered for a fleeting moment if he should feel guilty, or even worried that the bed was now empty. But one look through a gap in the curtains showed that the circus folk were all busy outside and Frank guessed he had simply slept in late. Gerard, being ringmaster, couldn’t have that luxury and so Frank knew he hadn’t just abandoned him.

His assumptions were further confirmed when he eventually dragged his body out of the bed to find some cinnamon rolls and a small jug of milk sat on the little table waiting for him. He grinned to himself and sighed, getting unsteadily to his feet and stretching his arms above his head. His ass was throbbing with pain but he had expected as much so he first turned to the little washbowl on one of the cabinets, a fresh cloth laid out for him also. He mentally thanked Gerard for being so thoughtful and cleaned himself of the cum and grime quickly, yawning and smiling giddily to himself as he did.

Once he had finished washing he turned to get his clothes off the floor only to find a new set of his clothes waiting for him, neatly folded. He stared at them stupidly for a moment before blushing, knowing Gerard would have seen Cain when he went to collect them from his wagon that morning and so the clown would already know of his antics in the night... not that the fact he hadn’t gone back to the wagon hadn’t already given him away. He smiled guiltily and quickly got dressed, keeping the curtains closed as he sat down to eat his breakfast as he wondered how Gerard was feeling that morning. He hoped he was feeling as happy as he was, though probably less achy – it taking Frank a full five minutes to carefully lower himself down onto the cushioned bench without seriously hurting his ass.

Once he was as comfortable as he could be he began digging into the cinnamon rolls, smiling to himself as he chewed and poured a cup of milk, swinging his legs happily before something shiny caught his eye. He slowly put down the half of cinnamon roll he was holding and moved the milk jug to the side, sliding it ever so slowly so it wouldn’t spill and his eyes grew wide as he saw what was behind it.

Resting on the table as if it belonged there was a gun. But not just any gun. A beautiful, polished, double barrelled flintlock pistol made of bronze and wood. It was instantly recognisable, those spiral hammers, the swirls and spirals pattern engraving... it was the most beautiful weapon Frank had ever seen and he was hardly likely to have forgotten about it.

His hands trembled as he slowly reached out to take it, a red ribbon tied around the handle with a little card attached. It had on it only three words, beautifully written in the italic script he now knew as Gerard’s and it did not take him to long to decipher the lettering.

’For you, Frankie’.


“Hey! Frankie!”

Frank turned and waved slowly at Cain and Silver who were both waving frantically at him with matching grins. They were stood beside the back of the big top, clearing having what was a secret conversation and Frank hesitated a little before obediently walking over to them.

Cain grinned as Frank approached and Silver was the first to dive on him, hugging him tight and kissing his cheek as Cogs chirped brightly on his shoulder as always.

“Hey Frankie! We were wondering when you’d show your face.” He giggled, Frank blushing deeply and biting his lip as Cain hugged him too, resting his hands on his waist when he pulled back so that Frank remained close.

“Gerard’s been up for ages, I was starting to worry about you.” He smiled, touching Frank’s pink cheeks and gazing into his guilty eyes. “So... what was it like?” He asked softly when the mechanic remained silent and Frank shrugged, biting his lip nervously.

“What was what like?” He asked as innocently as he could and Silver, Cain and Cogs all rolled their eyes perfectly in sync. Frank was stunned for a moment but then he pulled gently out of Cain’s hold and tried not to laugh at their smirks. “What!?”

“Oh come Frank! You were gone all night, don’t try and tell us you were just drinking hot milk and telling each other your life stories.” Cain teased lightly, hugging him again to show it was okay if he really didn’t want to talk about it, but Cain and Silver were Frank’s best friends and he knew he shouldn’t hide it from them. It wasn’t as if they wouldn’t understand.

“Well...” He mewled, his cheeks once more flaming. “We...Well, he showed me his chest.” He said softly, Silver laughing and clapping a hand onto his shoulder.

“Of course, as is usual practice when having sex.” He said playfully but Cain’s face was serious.

“What did you think?” He asked quietly, Silver biting his lip as he realised what seeing Gerard naked actually meant and he gazed at Frank with wide, green eyes.

“Did he tell you the full story?” He asked, Frank nodding and chewing on the inside of his cheek a moment.

“Y – Yeah... He says he wants me to... to figure out how he works sorta thing so I can fix him if he gets broken.” He said softly, looking to the two boys for a form of explanation but Cain just looked stunned, Silver’s face split in half by the biggest, sharp toothed grin Frank had ever seen.

“Oooh!” Silver beamed, nudging Frank’s ribs with his elbow and winking. “Romantic.”

“Shut up Silver.” Cain scolded fondly, smiling a little at Frank. “So was that all he wanted?” He smirked and Frank shook his head, Cain nodding. “I didn’t think so.” He sighed, his face amused. “I knew you’d never say no.”

“Yeah well, I’m feeling the consequences of that decision, don’t worry about it.” He sighed, Silver laughing brightly and squeezing his ass playfully before pecking his lips again.

“It gets easier.” He promised, Cain opening his mouth to inform Frank that that didn’t mean he had to keep having sex with Gerard, but the mechanic cut him off before he could start.

“Anyway, have you guys seen Gerard? I need to talk to him.” He said softly, the two boys shaking their head but Cog’s scampered up to the top of Silver’s head and pointed to the left. They all turned to look and blushed when they saw Gerard chatting with Maria only a small distance away. They quickly turned to look at each other again, trying to look casual in case the bearded woman looked over.

“What do you want to talk to him about?”

“Yeah, Gerard isn’t exactly big on the whole post sex chats.” Silver chuckled quietly, Frank rolling his eyes and pulling the flintlock pistol out from inside his shirt.

“I wanted to ask him about –”

“Oh my God Frankie you did not go and buy that thing!” Cain gasped, Silver’s eyes wide with horror and Cogs gave a distraught little squeak before falling backwards off Silver’s shoulder as if he had been shot. Frank blushed and watched the little tin monkey lie still on the floor a moment before he climbed up Silver’s body and back up onto his shoulder when the brunette clicked his tongue at him. Cogs gave Frank a judgemental look – not an easy feat for a metal monkey with green beads for eyes, but he somehow managed it.

“Frank, Gerard is really against weapons in the circus.” Silver said softly, Cain nodding with a scowl.

“He knows, I’ve told him already.” He said coldly, clearly angry that Frank had apparently not listened to him and Frank felt himself growing defensive as he held the beautiful pistol.

“I didn’t buy it.” He snapped, his tone wounded. “Gerard left it for me on the table this morning. See?” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the little note that had been attached to the handle when he had found the weapon and Cain and Silver took it with stunned expressions.

For a long moment neither man spoke, too shocked to discover that the ringmaster, the man who was very strict about there being no weapons in the circus, had bought a pistol for the newest person here. A lowly mechanic.

“He... He... Wow. Why did he do that?” Silver breathed quietly, holding his hand out for the pistol and turning it over in his palms when Frank gave it to him. “I mean... it’s a gorgeous piece of machinery but... why?” He frowned in confusion and Cogs scampered down his arms, clicking and whirring away as he opened his mouth and tried to chew on the muzzle. He squeaked in dislike when it turned out to be quite solid and ran back up to Silver’s shoulder, hiding in his hair.

“I don’t know.” Frank sighed, looking to see Gerard still in the distance with Maria. “That’s why I want to talk to him. I mean... how did he even know I wanted it?” He breathed, so shocked himself but thrilled at the same time. It was an expensive weapon, and it was incredibly kind of the ringmaster to just give it to him for no reason. Still, that didn’t explain how he had known about it in the first place.

“I told him about it.” Cain said softly after a moment, turning his wide, blue eyes on Frank. “When he wanted to speak to me about our day. I mentioned you’d seen this gun and described it to him, he didn’t seem interested at all when I told him.” He breathed, Frank taking the gun back from Silver and seeing Maria stroll away from Gerard with a flick of her long hair.

“Well, I’m gonna go ask him about it anyway.” He decided, hugging the two men quickly before rushing across the grass to get to Gerard before he walked away.

Cain turned to watch him go before looking at Silver, biting his lip as he cuddled into his side and Cogs nuzzled his face against his pale cheek.

“What do you think Silver?”

“I dunno...” The taller boy sighed softly, glancing over his shoulder. “Gerard never buys gifts for anyone, let alone things like that.”

“I think he must like him.” Cain whispered softly, giving an uncertain smile which faded as Silver shook his head.

“I don’t think so. Gerard doesn’t like anyone.”


Gerard grinned when he saw Frank and brightly clapped a hand onto his shoulder, squeezing softly but doing nothing more as there were still many people around, Maria included, hiding in the background somewhere he knew.

“Good morning Frankie! You slept in late I see.” He chuckled brightly, Frank blushing and glancing about. He understood that he couldn’t make it known that he had spent the night with Gerard so he simply nodded and gave a small excuse about sitting up late with Cain before he slowly produced the pistol. Gerard looked at it lying flat on Frank’s palms and bit his lip, Frank gazing up at him with innocent eyes.

“I erm... I got this...”

“I heard you liked it, I wanted to buy it for you.” Gerard shrugged, letting everyone in ear shot know that Frank’s gun had been bought by him and therefore allowed in the circus, he knew the news would spread quickly, it was a big deal in this place. But at least then no one would give Frank trouble for owning it.

“Yes... I... I wanted to thank you.” Frank said softly, blushing at the curious stares he was receiving. “But I... I thought you didn’t like pistols...” He mumbled lamely, Gerard chuckling and ruffling his hair fondly.

“I don’t. But it is a beautiful weapon, I’m sure you agree.” He smiled, Frank nodding instantly. “And I see no harm in you carrying it around as a form of decoration. I bought no powder or shot for it, and rest assured, if I am given in the tiniest hint that you have bought some then I will take the pistol back off you. It must not be used for its primary function, ever.” He said sternly and Frank blushed, his hands shaking a little as he nodded. Of course he had never planned to use it to shoot anything or anyone, but Gerard’s tone still made him feel guilty, as if that had been in his intentions.

“I understand.” He said softly, Gerard beaming at him and squeezing his shoulder again.

“Wonderful, then let’s not worry anymore about it. I’m glad to see you’re feeling okay this morning.” He purred softly, his tone laced with hidden meaning and Frank’s cheeks flamed as Gerard flashed a wide grin at him and touched Frank’s hands, curling the mechanics fingers back around the gun before sauntering away to deal with some more business.

Frank sighed and watched him go with a slightly drunken smile, his fingers wrapped tight around the pistol that was no his and his heart fluttered with happiness. He turned and walked away with a spring in his step, unaware of Maria watching him from afar with eyes churning with rage.

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