Review for Calling You

Calling You

(#) andreajp 2011-07-03

Now see I fell like this was perfect speed! As long as they don't jump each others bones we're cool. I've had a relationship like this before. We knew each other from work, new her for 4 days and we clicked like magic, I kissed her, she didn't bug out, (about to tell maybe to much info but idk) we made love after 3 months of dating. We were together for about a year and a half before she to move to Michigan, we tried long distance, me driving up there and vise versa, but not holding each other for sometimes weeks was to heartbreaking for both of us. She still my bff and I love her to bits!

And ummmmm to the ACTUAL review, I could see the sketch so vividly it was amazing! I giggled at the fact that Gee was so self consiunious. About his car, while Frank was like.....Ehh...whatever. There is a shit ton more, but I've been up for over 24 so I'm taping out!

I can't wait to read there first real date :)

Author's response

Haha, I try to prolong the sex scenes for as long as possible. lol.

Aww, bb, that's a beautiful romance. I'm realllly sorry it didn't work out. It's so hard when that happens. :( But it's really amazing that you guys are still friends, y'know? And who knows, maybe it'll work out later on! :D (I'm a bit f an optimist. )

Thank you, bb! :D Frank's a really laid back guy. lol.

That's fine! Bb, go to sleep! :D

I'm actually writing that now! Or the part that leads up to that. We'll see how much I put in the next chapter.