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Nuts and bolts

(#) andreajp 2011-07-05

I always get a sad face when I reach the end of the chapters with all your stories, it's like they both make and ruin my day. Sorry I'm such a fucking nerd lol.

Oooooookay I'll admit that even if Cain did have creepy clown makeup I think I'll still like him. I like him and Silver a lot, and somehow, come hell or high water, Cog will be mine! I see Cain more as a possible love interest for Frank, and Silver as his best friend. I mean what could make Gerard more pissed then if he was the cause for Frank and Cain fooling around. Okay maybe I just want some buttsex, but come on you know I'm right, he wouldn't just be a green eyed monster, he would turn into the fucking Hulk!

I wonder if Gerard will pull that "Oh I'm so sorry I thought you were Cain" shit when he most likely tries to do something with Frank in the dead of night.

Gaaah! My brain is going a mile a minute! Don't you know my brain is a 56 year old morbidly obese man, it shouldn't even attempt to power walk!!!

Thank you for updating this, have fun camping, watch out for rhinos and elephants, I hear they are very aggressive this time of year in Wales.

Author's response

Ahh well I always get a sad face when I reach the end of your reviews XD Seriously, they're the best ;D
Ah well I'm glad :D And hey, at least Cain doesn't wear any make up so not creepy yes? :D I totally want Cogs too, if only it were possible D:I love the idea of Frank and Cain making Gerard jealous... or maybe I just love the idea of Frank and Cain getting it on ;D Either way, I have a plan for the next chapter and I hope you'll like it xD
I shall try not to kill your obese man brain D: And luckily we just about survived a run in with a rhino whilst I was away xD