Review for Nuts and bolts

Nuts and bolts

(#) samxixam 2011-07-05

I'm so In love with this story i feel like its a cocane to my drug addicted self. I really really do love Cain, he seems genrally like a good person. But whats with Silver trying to comfort him with Cogs? I just have this feelng that Cogs might steal a wallet or two ( but that could just be my aniexty). Anyways, I love Cain deeply and can't wait for Frankie to move in with him ^^ but Peirre i think will be sad. And frenchmem frownie faces arent good at all! Peirre need a lady! Maybe Maria perhaps ( lol)

Author's response

Haha well thankee ;D I'm glad you like Cain, I really like him too xD
Cogs, a stealing tin monkey? Would I create such a thing :O
Yes... I would XD All I will say is Cogs isn't all he seems... but that wont come apparent for a while yet ;D
Ha! I should get Pierre and Maria together, that would be hilarious xD I'm sure Pierre will be just fine, he's an optimist ;)