Review for First of the Gang to Die

First of the Gang to Die

(#) AdnarimSmada 2011-07-06

Ah, history. My favorite subject and pastime. So no, I don't mind the historical ranting.

As for the oil joke:
"Ah, clap, clap, clap!"

Moving on. That was a lot less disturbing than the last three chapters I must say. I'm not sure if France is a good idea at this point in history, considering later on in the second world war they tend to become Germany's bitch. (Not that I'm putting down the brave souls in the French Allied forces and resistance.)

As for Gerard killing his brother, I wouldn't classify that as strength. I'd classify it as...evil. Then again what part of the fucked up mafia life isn't evil? Nada. I'm sorry but that still has me shaken.

Can I just say your stepmother sounds like a complete and total bitch. I now understand Jane's broom handle comments a bit more.

Jennifer, Jane, Katherine: Thank you for the birthday wishes, I had a fantastic time in St. Augustine and am now back in Orlando, Florida. As for the MSI ref., I know! I seriously had to fight for over six and a half hours not to scream "YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER!" :)

-Adnarim Smada