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Glamorous Glue

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Where is the man you love and respect?

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Note to AdnarimSmada from all at Uploading Lorna's Stories Industries;welcome back,girl!Hope you had a good time in Florida,and hope yer sweet 16 was awesome!Can't wait for the update of Mother War!

Oh,and good MSI reference ;)

-Jen,Jane and Kath

Okay,so I'm really freaking pissed at the minute because my family decided to pay a little visit to my apartment.

Dad's just standing around peeking at magazines I have thrown around the place? this yours?holds up copy of Playboy

Lorna:No!No!Goodammit,my friend,Aisling,y'know?She's lesbian,she had it here the other night,oh shit-


Jane,my twelve-year-old sister,is doing that thing all younger siblings/relatives do when they come over to your house.

Jane:Oh my God,is this your make-up?Oh my God,is this a guitar?Oh my God,is their your very own fridge?!You bought your own fridge?!

Lorna:Yes.I live on my own.

Jane:Your shirt is so pretty!And so are your shoes!And your hair,will you do it like that for me?

Lorna:I'm wearing a dirty Radiohead tour shirt.These Vans are literally three years old and have cat shit on them.My hair is greasy and I haven't dyed it in two months.

Jane:Oooh,what's this?holds up copy of PlayboyAAAHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK AM I LOOKING AT

Lorna:That,Jane,is a vagina.

My stepmother is generally just ebing a bitch.


Lorna:Evil fat cunt who has ruined my life.Would you like some tea?
Top ten reasons I am currently considering stabbing you all in the face:

1.The reason I chose to buy an apartment at seventeen and move out is to avoid people like you.

2.You cannot yell at me in my own fucking place of residence.

3.Yeah,my lips is pierced,it has been for two years,you fricking IDIOT.

4.No,I don't know where Jane's pink shirt is,I do not live with you.

5.Oh,those designs on the table?They're for the tattoo sleeve I'm getting.

6.Yeah,I'm getting a tattoo sleeve.It's gonna be Dia de los Muertos.

7.No,I am not a drug dealer.

8.No,you may not pick that up and turn your nose up at it.

9.Yeah,I'm a smoker,obviously I will got to hell because that is such a sin.

10.Bitch,please.Dad'll probably dump your nasty ass pretty damn soon.


Yes,it's messy because I'm the only one who lives here,and because I know where everything is.

It's on the floor.


Don't touch that,it'll fall,don't fucking touch-

Oh my god my entire CD collection just fell to the floor.That's,what,like,3000 CD's?

Oh bitch,you did not just break What's the Story Morning Glory I will fucking cut you-

Sorry,sorry,just hope that this isn't shitty because I'm writing it as my stepmother is blundering around my flat,going "see this Lorna?See this CD I'm holding?It says parental advisory!"

See this?See how many fingers I'm holding up?Two.Exactly.Fuck off.

she fucking cracked Pablo Honey oh dear lord someone get me a bag to breathe into,

xo lorna

oh yeah,some kinda depressing stuff here,but I wrote it while listening to The Verve's The Drugs Don't Work-a really,really beautiful song everyone should know.If you don't now it,please open another tab and listen while you read.

I also changed the lyrics slightly to fit the summary.

First of the Gang to Die
Glamorous Glue

Frank instantly froze the moment he heard the voice from the other side of the room.He thought he was going to die.

Gerard simply sighed into Frank's mouth and squeezed his thigh in a calm reassurance,and then stood up.

"What are you doing here,"he boomed,intended as a statement as opposed to a question.

The man stooped out of the shadows,and Frank was surprised to see a man of about sixty,with small,beady eyes,a long,sharp nose and a firm,set jaw.Poetics aside,he was just as well dressed as Gerard,if not,better;he was wearing a black pin-stripe suit,Venice-styled loafers,his hair combed over into a neat,raven crop of hair.Frank figured him the sort of guy that gotta lotta action back in the day.

"Hello again to you too,Gerard,"the man muttered softly,his cigarette smoldering in the darkness,"such a nice demeanor,my boy."

Gerard growled,sitting on the edge of the bed.The tall man made his way to Frank,extending a hand.

"And you must be Frank,"was the next utterance,"how lovely to finally meet you.Hopefully you may be a good influence on my son."


"Yes,"the man chuckled lightly,"I am Gerard's father.My name is Donald,m'boy."

Gerard made a noise halfway between a growl and a scoff.

Frank held out his right hand,gasped at the sudden sight of blood,and instead offered his left hand,which Way shook gingerly.

"That's quite an injury,"Donald remarked,peering at it,"I hope my son is not responsible."

"Oh,no,no,"gabbled Frank,taking his hand back,"no,that was...that was all my fault."

"Nervousness and defensiveness,"noted the elder,"classic signs of spousal abuse."

Frank was not aware of what that meant,but he presumed it was negative,and most likely aimed at Gerard.

"You'd fucking know,wouldn't you?"Gerard spat,glaring at his father.Then he turned to Frank,eyes lightening."Frank,c'mere,baby."

Frank obediently made his way over,with Gerard pulling him onto his lap.Frank could feel the steady thumping of Gerard's heart against his spine,with odd eroticism.It didn't help that Gerard crossed his arms around his waist and lightly brushed his lips against the nape of Frank's neck.

"Quite the jealous type,aren't we?"

"Quite the cunt type,aren't we?"

"You just act like I'm going to rape him or something,"the man shrugged.

"Wouldn't put it past you,"mumbled Gerard.

"Let's not get obscene,Gerard,I came here to help you."

"I'm not getting obscene,I'm just saying I would not be surprised if-"

"Do you want my help or don't you?"

Gerard sighed,causing hot breath to wash down Frank's shirt and back,making him bite his lip and squirm in pleasure."What did you break into and enter my house to tell me of?Apart from imply I beat my-"

"Alright."Frank physically froze as the man barked the command,only relaxing when Gerard lightly kissed the back of his head."I came here to discuss tactics,not to fight."

Gerard nodded."Just don't be too goddamn graphic.Frank damn near cut off his own hand just now."

"Should I speak in Italian?"

He hesitated.


"Fine."He seemed to be taking the endeavor seriously,carefully choosing his words."Do you remember the Betelli murders?Summer of twenty-nine?"

"How could I forget?I shot the whole family dead."

Frank suddenly felt a lot less comfortable in Gerard's arms.

"Apparently not.The son has now come forward."

Iero felt Gerard stiffen against his back,and took the hint,sliding off his lap.Way didn't seem to notice.

"You're not fucking serious,"he spat,"I don't fucking believe it."

"I am and you must,"Donald replied smoothly."My my Gerard;failing the task set to you-you could be shot dead.What if your men found out?"

Gerard's head was in his hands,dragging his hands through his hair.

"I musta shot that motherfucker eight times,"he whispered more to himself than anyone else,"how the fuck did he survive?"

"Don't know,but you're fucked now,"announced Donald,"because this is the first time in fifty four years of existence that our family has failed in such a manner."He cleared his throat in an superior air."You are a disgrace to your surname."

The slap that Donald Way laid across his son's cheek rang throughout the room,and only brought surprise to Frank.He had never seen a parent hit their kid,even if their kid was twenty-eight.

"You are a defamation to the Way name,do you know that?You're meant to be the fucking Don,and you can't even manage to kill some worthless teenager."

Frank swore he could see tears tracing the bottom lid of Gerard's glorious green eyes,shining in the hazy light.His father still looked as calm as if he were addressing the weather.

"You know what you must do."

"Yes."His voice sounded strained;forced."Leave now."

"I will leave you to discuss it with your...better half.I will return tomorrow night.I cannot promise you that the boy will not identify you within the time limit between now and when you leave."

He was turning to go when he stopped and said;

"I always thought you were a great killer,Gerard.I was proud of you.Now there is nothing to be proud of."

He left,and slammed the door,making the artwork on the walls and a glass of water on the dresser shake with impact.Frank heard chatter downstairs-Italian-and then the slow drag of feet as the elderly gangsters left the house.

Soft snuffles and sniffs were coming from Gerard's edge of the bed,his hands rammed through his raven hair,head bent,legs spread.His elbows were leaning on his knees and his shoulders would dip and rise every so often.

"Gerard?"Frank whispered."Gee?"

He didn't know where that came from;it had just slipped out.Gerard hadn't seemed to have minded.

Iero moved himself across the bed and linked his arms around the older's shoulders,pressing his nose in between Gerard's shoulder blades,unaware if he should initiate affection.All other predilection had been triggered by Way,whose arms were now down by his sides,thanks to Frank.

Frank decided to fuck it all.He lifted his lips to Gerard's neck and pressed himself against the clothed back of the gangster.

"I'm sorry your dad is so mean,"Frank muttered,"you should just ignore him."

"Can't believe he's fucking alive,"Gerard whispered back,"we're so fucked."

"What did he mean back there?"Frank planted butterfly kisses behind Gerard's ear,nipping at the skin softly and letting out deep breathy sighs of pleasure."What do we have to do now?"

"For the moment,lay low.In a few months,we will have to move."

"Houses?Like we did already?"

That was a shame.Frank liked this house.Or mansion.


That hit Frank like a brick.Not houses,not cities,not even states but countries.

Sorry but she just called Mikey Way ugly.Must take several moments to comprehend.




Alrighty then.

"Countries?"Frank whimpered."Where?"

"I don't know,"Gerard replied gruffly,his face still buried in his hands."This is the first fucking time I've ever failed any mission.Shit,"he gulped,his voice breaking,fresh tears running down his face.

Frank was unaware of how to proceed.He knew what it was like to get called useless,fat,worthless,waste of skin-James could be very imaginative when he wanted to be,especially when it came to insults.He figured this had been one of the first times Gerard had ever been put down in his life,that he had truly failed his best talent.And whether the talent is playing piano or killing people,it hurts when someone shoots you down on it.

So he decided to use a tactic his mother used to apply when distressing situations arose.

If you're not listening to the song,do it now.Even if someone else is in the room,they'll be impressed with your awesome taste in music.It's one of the best songs ever,swear to God.

"Do you...want a hug?"

Gerard flinched,and for a moment Frank thought he would refuse in a fit of manly fury,no,why the fuck would he want that?

But instead Gerard sniffed loudly and muttered:

"Yes please."

Iero sneaked (yes,that is the real word,I thought for the longest time it was "snuck" but Google was like "nuh-uh,bitch") an arm across Gerard's chest and the other draped down his neck,pressing his nose to Gerard's neck,kissing him softly.Way shuddered from grief and made a small choked noise from his pulmonary cavity.

Ooh look at me and my fancy medical termage

"Please do not tell anyone about this,"he said in a tone that suggested he had a cold,"it would worsen my reputation."

"Of course not, I won't tell anyone."The boy was very good at comforting,talking in a soft,maternal timbre that suggested heavy experience in the past."You don't have to act all manly and strong in front of me,"he said tenderly into Gerard's ear,"I don't mind."

" not...weak,"Gerard spat,his voice full of rage and malice,shaping each word with effort,"it is not an act."

"I'm not saying that,"Frank replied,"it's just that you shouldn't be so afraid to show your emotions sometimes.You can be really...scary."

He wasn't sure if that would please or piss off Gerard,who was still shaking.Nonetheless,he waited patiently for an answer.

"It's my job to be scary.I fucking kill for a living."

"Gerard,you killed your own brother,"Frank whispered,"so I know you're not weak.And the cancer,"he continued,forgetting the complex word Raymond had used to describe it just a few hours before,"and the way you just got amputated to be loyal to the gang-that's amazing.And how protective you are,and clever,and smooth,and calm-you're the best gangster I've ever heard of,"he spoke earnestly."Better than Al Capone."

You should really know who that is.If you don't,you really shouldn't be reading this story.

I'm not even kidding.

Gerard chuckled lightly."Thanks,Frankie."Frank felt soft pressure applied to his knuckles as Way kissed them.

"So...where will we have to move?"

Prepare yourselves for a bit of historical ranting here.If you don't like history,probability is I don't like you.

"I'm thinking France.Everywhere else is looking pretty shit at the moment because Stalin and his ten magic armies are scavenging eastern and mid Europe.Great Britain is out because of the threat of armed attack by the Germans,the Russians,the French and pretty much anyone else who can afford it.MacDonald ain't gonna like it but that's the way it goes.Ireland is too poor,and there's too much violence there because of the division and their new found Republicanism.France is nice.The language is nice,the food is good,plenty of wine-"he nodded his head in content-"I like France."

"Not Italy?"

"Fuck no.Where do you think my family came from?I ain't fucking going back there."

Frank giggled,and Gerard raised a questioning eyebrow."What?"

"You swear all the time when you get mad.Your fancy sentences just disappear and you start talking like me."

"Because that's such a tragedy."

Got this from Family Guy,too epic not to put in

"You said Europe's gonna go to War."

"It may,"he said,Frank leaning against his back in a very comfortable manner,"I most likely think it will."

"But why don't we help?"

"Pardon me?"

"Why doesn't America go in there and kick their asses?Y'know,straighten shit out?"

"Oh,I don't know,maybe because there's no oil."


Frank shifted,considering their circumstance.They would have to move from the US to a brand new country,a brand new language,brand new everything...

"When will we be leaving?"

"I don't know,"Gerard muttered softly, his brow furrowing, looking away from Frank.

Shortly afterwards the pair went to bed,with Frank falling asleep straight away,snuggled into Gerard's chest.

Gerard didn't sleep at all.

Next chapter:Will actually be slightly non-depressing,wow.Humour,what is this you speak of?
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