Review for First of the Gang to Die

First of the Gang to Die

(#) FlyingSmoke 2011-07-06

Lorna, I hope your stepmother sits in hell for calling Mikey ugly. I know, that's very rude, BUT NOBODY PUTS MIKEY DOWN. HE'S FECKIN' AWESOME, CERTAINLY MORE FECKIN' AWESOME THEN SOME HOUSEWIFE CUNT!
And then she breaks a Pablo cd? I don't even know who that is, but I love the name Pablo, and nobody breaks a Pablo. Just not possible.
Jane is pretty sweet. But annoying. Sorry Jane, but it's true.
Okay, now for the actual review bit. So... Gerard's biological father is a total ass. He no deserve proper english. But Frank does, and I'm glad Frank could at least comfort Gerard even just a little. It sucks that they're moving, but they'll at least get the wedding i-- shit. What year is this? Shitshitshitshit.
I was going to put 'I loled at 'France' cause I'm a fangirl like that', but no, now I have that little bomb planted in my head... :/
Gracias Jennifer and helpers at the Lorna Posting Facilities in Cork City, Ireland.

Author's response

Hahaha,very impressive,Rachel,she actually is a housewife.Well done on your accuracy.

And Pablo Honey is the debut CD by Radiohead,and possibly Lorna's most treasured item ever.

You're welcome.We aim to please here.