Review for Summertime.


(#) YouCanRunAwayWithMe 2011-07-07

hi im just gunna say WOW!!!!!! seriously thi story is AMAZING!! i also wanted to let you kno that i always lol so hard at you ramblings. awesome story omgomg nomnom xD
lina xoxo

Author's response

Why, thank you :3

I do enjoy my little ramblings, they do keep me entertained. And, as it turns out other people too :D Yayyyy

I wasn't actually expecting to get so many luffleh readers on this story, but it just seems i got luckeh!

and don't eat mah storeh! I need it for other people to read D: Other wise it'll just be a jumble of words with bites in it Sobs at the thought

:3 Thankie for reading