Review for That Other Killjoy Story.

That Other Killjoy Story.

(#) Apocalyto 2011-07-10

Name: Apocalyto (Chloe)

Age: 24

Personality: Slighty shy, cocky, intelligent, funny, kind, aggressive and daydreams a lot.

Looks: Average height and weight for age, long light brown hair and its fringe goes over one eye so always has to flick hair around (xD) blue eyes, has a flowery tattoo saying Chloe on bottom of back (dunno how to spell what its called) and is pale.

Wears: A black leather jacket with sign on each shoulder-radioactive sign with gas mask on it-, faded light blue skinny jeans, a random vest (couldn't think of a good shirt xD) and black converses.

Other: Best friends with Cyanide Killer and Northern Lights. Can I have a crush on Ray and we get together later in the story?

Thank you and good luck, I can't wait to read it xD