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That Other Killjoy Story.

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Auditions/The First Chapter. Hurry ;)

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I raced south towards my old street. I turned a corner; I almost fell off my bike, but maneuvered and steadied again. I turned into an alleyway, and stopped my bike. I covered it with some old tarps and ran down the street.

147, Jenna’s house. I walked down the path, and hurried to the tree by her window. “J!” I whispered harshly, I was only 9. I leaped down and grabbed the railing on the roof, and swung into her bedroom, I saw her mom handing her pills. She walked into the room, not noticing me and her Mom left. I snatched the pills and covered her mouth.

“J, it’s me.” I whispered, she nodded. I let her go, she turned and hugged me. I pulled her ponytail out, her black hair fell at her shoulders.

“What are you doing here?!” She whispered, I smiled and grabbed my bag.

“I’m leaving battery city. You want to go with me?” I asked, fear went across her features.

“Honey-“ Her Mom called, I dived under her bed. “-do you want to go to bed early again?” She chirped, J nodded.

“Yes Ma’am I already brushed my teeth. I’m leaving the light on though.” She said, and she shut the door. She turned to me.

“I-Is it safe?” She asked. Dang pills.

“No. It never will be.” I said, she cringed. Her face turned to stone then into a smile.

“I’ll go. What do we need?” She said, I smiled.

After packing medications, food, camping supplies, candy, ETC. We hoped on our bikes and pedaled. We kept going until we were at the old subway tunnels. They aren’t in use anymore, and are forbidden.

“Are you crazy?!” J said, I giggled.

“Lets find out.” I said and rode in. She followed me, about5 minutes down, headlights flashed and a car came racing towards us, the drivers eyes went wide when he saw us. A second before it hit us, I jumped over the hood and tackled J to the ground, out of harms way.

The car stopped, I herd people get out. I stood in front of J, My uncle feels horrid, my arms and legs bleeding, there is a gash on my forehead, but I stood ready to fight, I had to find my father. My brown hair flying in the draft that floated from Battery City, and adults were around us.

“They’re kids!” The shortest one exclaimed, I thought quickly. I grabbed the red haired guy’s and the short guy’s guns, I had them in my hands, and they took a step back.

The one with yellow hair stepped forward. His face concrete. “I’m looking for Michael Way, any of you know ‘em?” I said, the guns going to go off if needed.

“What do you know about this Michael Way?” The short one asked.

“I know I’m his daughter, he’s wanted by them, he’s in a band with my Uncle, I look up to everyone in that band. He escaped Battery City, leaving me and Mom for safety, as he looked for somewhere out of the city limits.” I said, there shoulders tensed.

“He’s dead, kid.” The red haired guy said. “Now give me my blaster, I’m sure Kobra would shoot a kid for me.” He said snottily.

The tall one with yellow hair snarled and grabbed his gun, I aimed at him. But he turned towards the red head.

“Don’t you ever say that Party, will I shoot you over her?” He growled out, hlf question, half threat. J was shaking.

“Can we go home now?” She whispered, I glanced back and took her bag.

“Go home J, I can fend for myself.” I said, she ran down the tunnel, I took off the other way, towards freedom.

“WAIT UP KID!” The one with weird hair yelled, the short one came running.

I ducked behind something, he came running and I tripped him.

“Oomph!” He said, I jumped over him and ran. The one with yellow hair came running.

“CIARA WAY!” He yelled, I stopped, along with my heart.

I never said my name.

I took a deep breathe realizing I didn’t have my bag, I had J’s, he probably saw something. I took off again.

“PLEASE WAIT!” He shouted. “We’ll set down our weapons.” He said, it echoed down the tunnel.

I stopped for about a second, then herd his footsteps stop. “Ciara, I’m Michael, I’m Mikey!” Yeah right.

“Get away, GO away, the redhead blew your cover!” I said, almost snarling.

“I’ll do anything! Here, take my ray gun!” He said, sliding it to me, I now have 3 guns. The guy with the weird hair set his down.

“I’m the bassist for My Chemical Romance.” He said, making the red haired guy go red, “I’m wanted by them, your uncle is that stupid clown with the red hair! I escaped Battery City looking for a place for you and your Mother! I miss Alicia, I miss her honey brown eyes, I miss your Uncle’s wife, Lindsey, I miss Christa and even Jamia! Please…just believe me!” He begged. I stared at him for a minute. I looked at the guns in my hand.

I glanced around, the guy with the weird hair slid his gun over. “R-Ray?” I asked, he nodded.

“F-Frankie?!” I asked, he nodded, looking sad.

“Uncle Gerard?!” I asked, his face was emotionless. He shook his head.

“No kid. I’m not Gerard. I’m Party.” He whispered, Ray’s face looked as sad as Frank’s.

“Gee!” The tall one that says he’s my Dad begs. The red haired one scowled, and cringed at the name.

I walked to him and set the blaster down in front of him. I set the green one in front of the short guy, the other two were they belonged. I grabbed my bag from where the short one was standing and threw it over my shoulder.

“Michael?!” I called out, the last ray of sunlight eliminated us out of the light, with the two bags on either side of me, the straps criss crossed on my chest.

“Yes?!” He asked.

“Thanks’ for screwing with my emotions and lying to me, you worthless bastard.” I whisper harshly, it echoes down the tunnel as I ran towards the end. They didn’tcall my name this time, they new there was reason.

Because I would never speak to any of them again.


It’s been 2 months, and I’m 10 now. I haven’t seen them since, some rumors going around that they’re looking for me.

But I’m not Ciara anymore, ohhh no.

Hello, Nice to meet you, I’m Raven

I’m doing another story? :O I know, but inspiration like this can’t go to waste, the other stuff will be up soon. Promises (Hearts)


Okay.Audition time, because I suck, I need help. I need killjoy names, 3, then I need KILLJOYS.

Sheets :~)

Bandit’s Killjoy Name-





Name (DUH!)




That’s it, wanna add something, go ahead!


Killjoys for girlfriends/ Boyfriends for our boys!

Gerard’s, Mikey’s, Frank’s, Ray’s,

Name (DUH!)




That’s it, wanna add something, go ahead!

Thx peoples, Love’s yalls. Dsn’t matter if auditions are over, d it anyway. *]
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