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I walked through the market place for the first time since was 10, I’m now 15 and hot.

I walked through with my food I steal, and some old camping supplies in my bag. I need parts for a blaster, but, I’m creating it my self.

I walked up to the first booth I saw, a handsome guy behind the counter winked at me, more friendly than coming onto me though, I lent up to the counter.

“Hi, I’m Raven, what can I get for a pack off Skittles?!” I asked, his eyes went wide.

“A LOT!” He said and smiled. “What are you looking for?” He asked, I smirked.

“I need broken blasters. Paint. Metal, and a hammer. Were can I find this stuff at?” I asked. He smiled and put a box on the table.

“That is all I have.” He said, I looked in it. Perfect!!

“That was easy, so a packet of skittles eh?” I asked, he shook his head.

“I’m an honest guy, the packet of skittles is way more than that box.” He said, glumly. I smiled, his eyebrows went up, his fringe lifted and I saw his eyes.

“Your eyes are beautiful!” I complemented. He smiled.

“Sorry, I’m taken-“ I cut him off.

“I’m not coming onto you! I was, well, they are!” I said, we both laughed.

“I’m Cyanide.” He said and winked. I winked back, we giggled more.

“FAG!” Someone yelled. I stopped laughing; Cyanide got a dark look in his beautiful green eyes.

“Who said that?” I growled out, turning on my heel.

“Hi miss perfect!” A voice said, and then a tall, muscular person came out.

“Raven-“Cyanide started, but I stepped up to his guy.

“Ooooh…Raven, you feisty Raven?” This guy said. I smirked.

“Want to find out?!” I growled lowly and brought my fist back, but someone tackled me.

The tall guy laughed, “You got owned by the fags brother!” He said, I pushed this guy off and stood my ground.

“You got a problem with gays?!” I growled, we were being circled.

“Please Raven-“ Cyanide begged, holding back his brother. His paint splattered t-shirt looking baggy over his small, ripped red skinny jeans.

“Ohh…can’t stop her faggot?!” the guy laughed.

I brought my fist up again.

“CIARA! I FOUND YOU!” Someone yelled, I brought my fist down on this guys face.

“PARTY! BABY! HELP HER!” Cyanide screamed, sounding worried and terrified, but when that red headed guy walked up, I punched him and pushed him into the crowd. I tackled big guy to the ground and threw punches.

We were rolling on the ground, the crowd cheering and red hair guy comforting a shocked looking Cyanide, I was furious. Furious at the guy throwing punches, or at ‘Party’ I have no idea, I gave I blow to the stomach and the guy was out. I moved him from on top of me.

“You just took down the devil, kid.” A red headed chick said infront of me. She looked awed. Cyanide ran up to me, with his brother.

I felt the blood run down my face. I had a nose bleed, some gashes on my forehead, my lip was busted in two faces, but I smiled.

“Hey Cyanide!” I said, before everything went fuzzy.

I herd Cyanide yelp, then kept saying Raven, the red haired dude shook his head slowly, but then-

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