Review for That Other Killjoy Story.

That Other Killjoy Story.

(#) WordsIdLikeToSay 2011-07-11

Name (DUH!) Cherry Explosion

Male/ female: F

Personality. Cherry is very well explosive, she will do anything for the ones she loves and if anyone tries to hurt them she will rip their heads off, she plays guitar and drums (and sings) she loves to read, smokes and drinks

Looks. Cherry has white blonde hair with neon blue stripes, she has light green eyes cherry is thin with large b00bs, she wears i light blue t-shirt with gray ripped skinny jean and black boots (two ray guns, both light green - the same colour as her eyes)

Killjoys for girlfriends/ Boyfriends for our boys!

Mikeys or Gee's :) xoxo