Review for Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day

(#) cup-full-of-blood 2011-07-12

i think the exact same as you :) i love green day soo much and i agree green day have alwasy been just that and it does seem as though it is billie joe and green day now, but it is alwasy like that with bands. All the good looking band members get all the credit, like frank and gerard from mcr...they have gone downhill...and pete wentz from fob cuz he is the 'good looking' one though i soo disagree he looks like a chinease ugly rat who has been face palmed by a shovel, and jared leto from 30stm and hayley williams cuz they are all teh fronts and good looking bla bla bla they have more to offer, eye candy i tyhink it is really unfair, and in a way learning to play an instrument and write the songs is just as hard as singing, but thats showbizz it will just get worse sorry to say, but bands are getting shit lately, paramore, mcr, 30stm,good charlotte...all downhill :/
still as long as the fans know and trully love every member of green day and all the other bands not just the front men then thats all we need, as long as they saty true to their colours and are pure in it for teh music and respect that then i'm happy, and even though billie might get all the attenchion it isnt his fault, green day are still awesome :)
at the end of the day every member of a band make the band and is people dont see that its their fault.
sorry about this lonng review XD but i just fully inderstand and agree with you