Review for Calling You

Calling You

(#) andreajp 2011-07-13

Okie dokie I'm back lol. Let's me just say thank jebus nothing like this happen to me when I was dating Precious, for one thing her mom never found out about us, all she knew was that we were best friends (awwwwe yea lol lots of sleep overs XD)

I thought this was going to be it, the first lemon of the story! But alas you pull the whole goddamn floor from under me! I am pretty much at a loss for words because the epicness of this chapter. I have no idea what's going to happen next and I love it!

2 thing before I pass out, 1. If you love me, could you try update either this or Beneath at least by the 21, I'm getting my tonsils taken out and I would love to read something you wrote so I can calm the hell down and run out of there screaming I regret nothing!

And 2. If you get any reviews that look like this ghtrtrtrtfgfgfgfd14s just ignore that until the meds wear off lol

Author's response

i'm really, happy that this didn't happen to you. Sometimes parents just don't understand, :(

Aww, thank you, bb:D That means so much. I'm glad that I could keep you on your feet. :D

Surely! I'm starting the next chapter of this today, and I'm planning out the next chapter of Beneath with my co-write, hopefully tonight. ;)

Haha, I will! Good luck with your surgery! :D