Review for Nuts and bolts

Nuts and bolts

(#) dying_halo9 2011-07-15

Your writing and ideas are marvellous!!! Wish I was as good as you! and I love the idea for Cogs! I grew up in Indonesia and spent time in Bali with monkeys and find them adorable! The idea for a SteamPunk themed fic is just mindblowing! I'm into the SteamPunk Goth thing and I basically fell in love with all your stories. If I need a few tips for my fics just review with constructive feedback por favor? Gracias :3 I like Silver and Cain, honest and trustworthy lads. Reminds me of my friends. And I would like to see the plot get more darker, twisted humor and more sinister. It would create a climaxing effect and drop it back down and slowly build the climax again making readers anxious.
But other that that, AMAZING AND SO ARE YOU!

Author's response

Why thank you :D I'm glad you like it ^^ Everyone seems to love Cogs which makes me very happy xD That's so cool about you getting chance to spend time with monkey's, my brother is studying to be a zoologist so I keep picking his brains for my monkey characteristics... he mostly just tells me to bugger off XD
Silver and Cain, honest and trustworthy lads? I could pretend they're not but.. nope. You're right, they are xD The plot might get a little sinister but it's mostly just gonna be... pervy xD