Review for I'm Not Sure If This Matters

I'm Not Sure If This Matters

(#) patrickdance4me 2006-10-07

AHHHHHH!!!! I FUCKING LOVE THIS STORY IT IS AWESOME AND MAKES ME ALL EXCITED AND WARM INSIDE AND I DONT REALLY WRITE IN PARAGRAPHS BUT THIS WILL BE LONG AND.... oh shit sorry i hit caps lock hehe. but um...yeah this kicks ass and should keep on kicking ass for a hundred chapters because if it ends i will cry unless there is a sequel because then i will be happy. i suck at writing reviews... hehe. but um... yeah. patrick rocks. he so cute i love his smile! and ok is this long enough because i dunno how long a paragraph is but this is prety long but i will keep on writing if you want me to because this story is fucking awesome and rocks harder than... um... rock? haha i suck at doing metaphors too. ok i'm done i love it and please write more :)