Review for But Would Anyone Notice

But Would Anyone Notice

(#) andreajp 2011-07-20

If I could pull off rainbow hair, trust me that shit would be done NOW! Dude your Nan seriously needs to hobble out the door and go for a walk and get lost.

Whhhhhhhhhhhhy did I have to read about motherfucking pizza on a night when I can't eat anything after 10 pm!!!! I'm leaving for the surgery in like 5 hours so I'm starting to freak the fuck out....pretty much how I did in this story. I know Charlie just got stab but goddamn my mind can't get off the pizza! Onward my trusty stead!!!! I shall name you Sugar Butt!

Author's response

omg im gonna buy a horse and call it sugar butt now xD

and im sure the surgery will go fine, stop panicing they are professionals (or they should be)