Review for But Would Anyone Notice

But Would Anyone Notice

(#) andreajp 2011-07-22

Yay for happy chapter! Matt has turned into M.Shadows in my head for this story too lmao!

Everything with the surgery went well...until I went into the recovery room. I was only meant to be there for a hour, ended up having to stay there for 4+. I had a life threatening reaction to the anesthesia called Malignant Hyperthermia, look it up on Wikipedia if you would like to, it sucks as much as it sounds. Everything happen except brown pee (yay for the little things). Most people when they wake up from it are cold, I kept scream "I'm on fire!" They striped (not as sexy as it sounds) me of my thick gown for a flimsy cotton on and took off all my blankets and even my little sock things and put ice packs on my chest. But thank god I had wonderful doctors and nurses that recognized what was going on, and they gave me the drug through my IV and I could breathe and finally cool down my fever was I think they said 104f I really couldn't hear them over my screaming and crying. But after the drug kicked in my temp was 95f because of all the ice, shit felt like heaven. So yea fun day lol. Not all bad LOST of hot nurse especially one named Andy lol

Author's response

i told you the surgery would be ok xD

and im glad to hear that there are decent nurses and doctors out there-the world in not exactly like scrubs xD